Recent events and changes

Dear Readers, today I write a quick summary of recent events and changes in Wartune.

1.) Big Spender. The same as previous big spenders, it's less and less appealing. It mostly gives stuff which is useless / can get a lot for free / almost maxed. For me, nothing interesting there besides sepulcrum and mahra. And they also fail to combine it with some good sale. So without detailed analysis, big spender is a NO BUY imho.

2.) Cloth synthesis. We accumulated a lot of free fashion cores and luck charms from wild shop in the past months, it's time to spend them! Don't forget, that you can claim the lvl 3 and lvl 4 reward too if you make a lvl 5 cloth. So best strat is not to use all ingredients and make a lvl 6 cloth now, just make a lvl 4 or 5, make one a month later etc. You earn more rewards this way. See more on cloth synthesis here.

3.) World boss final attack cannot be survived anymore. The worst part about this is that it came "unannounced". What did they think, that we wont notice? I remember when I played some Final Fantasy episode, which had some nice challenges even after I won the game. Some 1-million HP super boss which was a good opponent still. In Wartune, surviving the boss, then surviving it multiple times was a goal we could work to achieve. Building guardian rune, making high level HP gems etc. They take it away because they hope we shall now spend balen on WB revive now. Well, I won't, I never did. WB was fun, now it's damn boring again.

4.) Mars will working correctly now. Again not a word about this. As you all knew, Mars will was supposed to spread damage equally between members of the team. It shouldn't have done much with an AoE. Well, it was bugged, and reduced AoE damages (and heals) by 75% so it was really great help in Tower of Kings, and helped knights survive WB. Well, this bug is no more. We knew it will be gone eventually.

The game is changing constantly. Things get nerfed, and sometimes we get unexpected awesome rewards (like gem synthesis). The Wartune game designer's concept is that surprise is a good element. To some extent, I agree, but we had too much surprise lately....


  1. last Gem event made me disappointed, the one before not only give a same level gem but also gives sc and event boxes,and world boss final attack is 100k*4 +world boss current hp.

  2. in wartune forum, some people over 400k said they tried and failed
    so it seems world boss is now instant kill the same way ward from GB does

  3. Mars seems do same thing with AoE... spread damage from 1 single target only. I saw that in arena today :(