Clothing synthesis warning

Some time ago I wrote a very detailed guide about clothing synthesis here. One of the advices I gave was about making combines without good luck charms at lower levels, since good luck charms are still rare, and even without them, your success chance was still 80-90%.

Well, not anymore. I already had a very high fail rate during last cloth synth event, but I didn't have much to combine anyway, I just thought it was bad luck. Now I had more materials - like 50 cloth and 80 fashion cores - and I could make a grand total of 2 x lvl 5 cloth! So yes, now it is without doubt, that the chance for success without good luck charm has been nerfed. Even for items of lvl 3-5. I burned the 80 fashion cores, and a lot of cloth, including 8 wings just to fail repeatedly. Since the rewards were nerfed too earlier, now cloth synth became a pointless event - you need to use 4+ times more resource than you get as reward!

Nerfing - sorry, "optimizing" - something is one thing; but doing it to chances, without informing the players and letting them suffer significant losses is an entirely different one. To be honest, this was the first time when I really considered to quit the game right on the spot. Not for the clothes cores etc lost - but for the hopelessness to fight the senseless, pointless, dumb hatred the Wartune publishers have against their own loyal customers. 

Earlier, I played another Chinese game, Business Tycoon online, and besides the sheer number of bugs, one of the ugliest aspect of that game was that they were changing chances all the time. I would say, Wartune was clean of this so far, but not anymore. Just look at mount drop rate from chest. It was 1 in 1000 for a loooong time, and it was rare enough. But since a few months, this have been tweaked, now its like, 1 in 5000? Or 1 in 10000? No one knows, because the spread is too much to get a good statistics. All I see, in the past 3 months, with like 4000 total chests opened, I haven't seen a mount. And even in world chat, I see like 3 mounts opened during an entire event. Anyway, opening chest is no longer an option, don't even consider it; just always exchange.

In the other game I play, Doomlord, gambles are rare, and the chances are public. And what I like most, they never nerf. Well, actually, they had a nerf not long ago, on the original server: but when players complained, they simply undone it, and promised to add extra reward to counterbalance it. It would be so easy here as well:

The gamble I hated in cloth synth anyway, it feels very bad to fail synth. Simply remove entirely the gamble, do not allow combines without good luck charm. But, in exchange, add back to the game the free good luck charm (wild shop, before nerf, anyone remember?), and also reduce the price for cashers significantly, and even reduce the number of luck charms required. I need like, 640 good luck charm for a level 10 wing, not to mention the previous combines? To get +1% stat? What would be reasonable price for a good luck charm? 150-300 balens certainly not, maybe 10. About the mounts from chest, instead of making it even more rare, put back the old system where you get a shard from opening each chest, and make it possible to exchange the mount for it. Also, it would be time to reduce the 39 balens price for chests, since the expected value decreased a lot with this nerf.


Balen lode - LOL?

Usually I do not post a summary of events coming to Wartune the next day - because anyone can check them by registering a character on the oceanic servers, and some other blogs do it anyway. But now, I can't leave this without a comment:
It looks familiar, right? Since there was a balen lode event already once. But something is different... something is not right... Okay, I help you:

This balen lode event was cool. Having the same now would be great for the morale. But no.

The current one is different, it gives award for recharging, not for buying the lode. So its just yet another recharge, and get bound balens too promotion. You just get +10% balens, but you have the risk of forgetting to claim reward. I don't think this is gonna make recharge anyone, unless they add the usual extra bound balens too.

And unfortunately, the flow of nerfs never stop. Today was a patch, and it brings even more nerfs, yeah! Now the sylph expedition skills duration is reduced further. If you had any hope to catch the whales on the map where you can get adv. mahra, now you lost all hope.

And if we are at tomorrow's events, there is one more: resist crystal synthesis. Only 2 problems with that. Those who lost the rewards during the previous one, still did not get their compensation, and as such, probably don't have enough material to participate in the current one. Also, I would bet the event is still bugged, so they will have more tickets and complaints :(

I keep finding more and more proof that the events are designed by ppl who have no clue of Wartune :(

Finally, a true pearl from them from tomorrow's "black friday sales" (and this is the best one by far!):
Average shop price for chest + adv.mahra + adv.sepulcrum is 69 balens, so giving 100 for 6999 is not a black friday sale for me. Especially since a 7k purchase is a very, very bad combo with the 2k coupons... I tell you, they have no clue :(


How to save Wartune, aka undo the nerfs

The player community is united in their opinion that patch 5.1, the "optimized" nerf-fest, where "R2 always puts players first", actually ruined Wartune. The situation is, all the critical problems could be solved really easily. You would say, yes, but they won't listen, so why bother. But there are some facts:

  • They still spend a lot of time developing the game. A ton of new changes arrive with each major patch.
  • They do have the capacity to react and correct things fast. Good example are: advanced sepu awarded instead of normal sepu in sylph enchant event; wild shop exploit; jewel hunt exploit; shadow soul exploit. When these became public, they corrected them in a matter of hours.
  • They do have some people who possess significant intelligence. When I wrote a ticket about not getting reward for making resist crystals, a GM replied me, telling that they are checking the logs, and they will send everything I miss. The reply had everything I wanted to hear, so whoever wrote it, is a person with a potential to listen to the players.
  • There is no human on Earth who is an enemy of his own wallet. True, stupidity is a widespread hobby these days, but just one highly ranked manager with some intelligence can be enough to turn the tide.

I know, lately a lot of people have quit, but I still believe there is a hope. I also believe there is at least one person from Wartune staff who reads my blog (if not, I will link it for them). So I will do a listing now what they need to fix to make the game playable again.

Tower of Kings
This was a good, challenging event with good rewards. Now it's completely unplayable, takes an hour to finish, and eudaemons are bugged like hell. Whenever I do it, I ask myself, why do I play this game? 
Solution: Remove the eudaemons from the opposing party. Simple, and easy to do.

Sylph Arena
A good rewarding event, nerfed into something insanely frustrating. Getting random opponents is one thing, but LOSING points for playing, and robbed of the previous reward is very frustrating.
Solution: Simply restore the old sylph arena module! With opponent selection, daily rewards, advanced sepulcrum reward. If thats not possible, at least put back adv.sepu reward, and give some +points for even losing.

Undo hot event nerfs
When the devs raised minimum reward from lvl 3 to 5 for cloth events and all the various gem events, they effectively finished off all players who started in the past 6-10 months, as well those who returned or had a pause. I don't know if there are any, but the goal of the game is to have some, right? Buffed up with some additional nerfs (cloth event awards reward only for current level, not previous ones; gem event gives each gem only once per day) these events are dead fish. The particularly bad thing is that the events were around for so long in their previous form, veteran players could use them for a long time. Nerfing these events were totally pointless.
Solution: Restore reward for lvl 3 and lvl 4 synths in hot events. Restore the unlimited gem reward for gem synthesis events. Restore giving rewards for previous levels in cloth, or increase the reward, because right now you lose more than you gain.

Recovery system
Simple, give back the old recovery system. Right now, the time required to play the game is a reason to quit. Recovery did one important thing: it saved players 20 minutes each day (ie. Dragon Invasion recovery). Now its either you play +20 minutes, or lose 12M gold.
Solution: Restore previous recovery system.

Gold for Atoll Boss
I don't mind the current Atoll Boss change, because AB simply took too much time. That I have to do it only once per day is better. But I do lack the gold reward. Together with the recovery nerf, and the gold requirement of mythic upgrades and holy forge, we have too much gold problem.
Solution: Reward gold for killing the sylphs and the boss. Previous AB gave 6-15M gold, per run. 200k per sylph, 2M per boss would be still much less, but it would be more than nothing.

Bound balens
The methods to gather bound balens in the game have been consistlently removed. The only thing we have remaining is the ultra-rare balen mine. Dimensions had so many nerfs, its not undone even with the last detect change (although it was a big positive step).
Solution: Either make balen mines more common, or make them visible objects.

Ancient beast shard
This might seem a small issue to the Wartune devs, but as time passes, this gets more annoying. Ancient beast shard is an item which you could get only for balens, or as bonus to recharge. And then, one day, the option to use it disappeared, replaced by Mount shop. So this is a kind of situation where you sell something to customers and then tell them it's not useable. This is a reason itself to stop cashing.
Solution: Add an exchange (or permanent synth) where players can exchange 1 ancient beast shard to 3 beast souls.

Soul crystal event
This is a thousand year issue, but it's still around. Like 2 years ago, there was a monthly event where players could exchange soul crystals to mount whips and runestones. Back them, players could make a high level stable this way. This is not availble ever since, so later players have no chance to catch up.
Solution: Restore SC event where you can get mount whips and other goodies. Even so, add more such exchange, or just add it as a blacksmith synthesis, where players can synth useless stuff into useful one. 10 sepulcrum to 1 advanced, 10 mahra to 1 advanced etc.

Lag in general
If you have a strong hardware, you can get rid of the lag in many areas, but not where it would be the most important, team pvp. Because its a server lag, a combat with 16 participants is impossible to handle it seems. The problem is, these are also the most challenging events: arena, titan war, chaos war, guild battle, cross-server guild battle. All these events are completely unplayable. Whenever I enter one, I think about quitting the game. (And ofc you can't skip all, these give the best rewards and the goal of playing).
Solution: Remove eudaemons from all team PVP battles. This seems harsh, but this is the ONLY solution. Seriously. Eudaemons will be still useful in 1 vs 1 pvp and in pve, but when it's the survival of the game or seeing eudaemons everywhere, I vote the first.

Final sylph evolution
This is an odd issue in this list, but I think it is equally important. The strong part of Wartune is that it always gives goals. Requiring 600 USD for reaching a goal made it impossible for 99,9% of your players, which is insanely frustrating. Issuing a direct cash value to this advancement instead of using items was a dire mistake. If I can't reach my goals, then I better quit. So this must be addressed. A solution is needed where players who made the purchase don't get frustrated (although there are not many).
Solution: there are many good solutions. Allow bound balens for the purchase. Give balen reward to those who already have it (via Sylph Tamer), and reduce the price afterwards. Replace the balen cost with an item. I know that their "solution" will be probably a free Loki seal for an 500 or 1000 USD recharge, but I don't think it's a good solution.

I'm sure the list can go on, but if they do "just" these things, that would be a great Christmas gift in Wartune, and would keep me playing, and even spending. I'm sure these things can be implemented relatively quick.


Balen magic

The strongest magic in Balenor is the balen magic. Today I would like to share some thoughts about recharging and spending.

Right from the start, I summoned the aid of mathematics to optimize my gameplay. Both in helping to make gaming decisions, and to choose how to spend my very limited balens. When I saw many people around me literally waste balens, I decided to make this blog, hoping to help.

The 2 basics were always the same:
1.) Whenever you spend balens, make sure you get the maximum possible BR for it. 
2.) Be patient. The more you wait, the better rewards you get for the same balens.

Get the most BR for your balens
When I started this blog, I made an article about the general value of items. My suggestion was that do not pay more than 10 balens for +1 BR. This has inflated a lot, now +1 BR worth 2 balens at most. (And yeah, I should update this article). This is not because items got cheaper - actually, new stuff is more and more expensive. But now, whenever you spend, you get 3 spender packs. And also now you got a lot of multiplier to the BR you gain: like wing, eudaemon etc. So whether you should buy or not, is not really dependent on what you buy, but what are the actual bonuses. Some spender rewards really suck:
As you see, all items in this list are completely and utterly useless, except for the chest. But spending 2000 balen to get 270 balen value is very bad. Or look at this one:
Completely useless as well. Whoever spends balens, have eudaemon and mount refining maxed out a thousand years ago, and we get too many of these items for free anyway. Usually only the third "consumer" pack has useful items only, but the one active right not doesn't worth a cent:
I told you that earlier I was spending an average of 150 USD per month, but lately, my financials are not so great, and also, I have little motivation to spend anyway. There are so many nerfs lately, and so many people quitting, you never know if the game will be around in 6 months. Right now, I recommend spending only in a very special case:
1.) Spender pack includes adv. mahra and sepulcrum - these items are still rare and badly needed.
2.) "Gift pack" is active, where you get coupons for your purchase.
3.) You are in a very bad need of event chests, ie. to get the mount or finish cloth set.
In this case, you can grab a 2k coupon from your mail, buy 129 chests for 3k balens, get back the coupon, and claim the 2k balen rewards. If needed, you can repeat this for a second pack (and claim rewards for up to 5k), or even 3 times (and buy lord of time/power of healing to round it up to 10k rewards).
In the past 6 months, I did not see any other reason to spend balens. Some people are still buying adv. sepu and mahra, but I bet these items will be inflated eventually like mahra, vulcans etc.

Be patient
Recharge packs are bigger and bigger every time. Just look at this:
Tenacity mark, cloth shard, divinity soul - this pack contains tons of useful items, unlike the spender packs. There is a good reason for this: They must motivate people to recharge at all cost. Once you have the balen, you will spend it anyway, so no need to give good bonus there. 
Sometimes you get this recharge pack, the big recharge packs, and the 1:1 bound balen for your balens recharge as well. 
When you think, wee, these offers are awesome, consider 2 things:
1.) Do you really need those balens? If you recharged earlier and still got balens, spend those first (and better spend slow, only in optimal cases). The longer you wait, the better packs will come.
2.) Christmas is soon. Every Christmas, they have really awesome deals. My guess is a recharge event including even a Loki seal. So wait for that, and then test your willpower if you can resist even those.

I remember I was fool enough to do the big recharge back in February. They gave a ton of resist crystals, moon rock/dust/divinity stones, and also as a secondary bonus truckload of mahra and glint/moonlight and some other stuff. Since that, ALL of these items are completely obsolete, they don't worth a cent. And although I did only an occassional 5 x 5 consecutive since that, I still have 30% of the balens I recharged. If I recharged only small amounts, more often, I could have gotten much better deals.

Some people suggest on the forum that people should stop recharging, to force Wartune to fix problems. I suggest something better. Recharge only when you are happy with the game, and when you got a deal which is really awesome, much better than the ones you get daily.


Pumpkin Pie pack analysis

I just realized it was 9 days since I last wrote a blog entry. One main reason was, I traveled with my wife to a salsa weekend to a hotel. More than 150 people, dancing all day, for several days. I can't explain how much positive energy it gives. And then, when I came home, I heard about the terrorist attacks. and I was completely shocked. To me, this sounded like the casus belli for the 3rd World War. I know if all people on Earth would dance, things like this would never happen. 

But I guess thats no the introduction you wanted to read. Also you don't want to read about my ranting how many good friends have left Wartune lately. If I could have a Wartune-related WISH one day, it would be a chat with the game manager, to ask him, WHY? Why increase the required time to play the game with each patch (removal of DI recovery)? Why increase the lag with each patch (eudaemons added to ToK teams)? Why nerf, remove rewards with each patch? Why things which worked previously are not working anymore? I just made a TON of resist crystals - and can't claim any rewards under hot events. How they defect even things which always worked?

When we are unhappy with the negative things, always try to be happy with the positive ones. Late events award a lot of free chests. I collected 579 free pumpkin pie chests, and the question is the same as always, what to do with them?
This mount comes with title again, so it's a nice BR boost. You need 800 pumpkin chests for that. The only way to get so much is spending balens: Buy 2 x 129 chests for 3k balens (using 2x 2k coupon), claim the rewards for the 3 spender events. Thats a very good BR for your balens - that is, if you still want to spend balens and already have your main sylph's equipment enchanted to max.
If your main sylph still lacks orange equipment, I recommend going for the gift of gods instead (even blessings, if you don't even have purples). Again: only if your MAIN sylph lacks them. Getting better equipment for a secondary sylph, which you use only in CW and sylph arena (both with irrelevant rewards) does not worth expending chests.
If your main sylph has orange equipment already, and you don't want to spend balens on getting the mount, then I recommend getting the cloth set. Hope you have at least 210 pies. Exchange 120 for a wing, and then open those which are in excess to 90. If you lucky, you get some cloth from there. If not, exchange them.


Tower of Kings shadow soul exploit

A player posted a complaint on R2Games Wartune forum yesterday, explaining the following:

There is an exploit which can get players an unlimited amount of shadow souls from Tower of Kings. These soul seals can be used to synth an unlimited amount of Netherwing dragons, which, since the last patch, can be sacrificed for an unlimited amount of beast souls. And as such, players who are aware of this exploit, can get ALL mounts for FREE. 

This is (was) the biggest exploit in Wartune's history so far. Most mounts you can get only for real money, and they are very expensive. I know, most of the time I spent balens, I did it to get a new mount. And now, some players could get these for free. How many knew this exploit? 10? 100? 1000s? Only the Wartune devs know.

When they added the ability to turn mounts into beast souls, I told myself, o-o, this is a dangerous thing, I smell potential exploit here. And I also congratulated to the genious solution they found to prevent exploit: you can't buy a permanent mount you already have. When I read in the last patch message that this limitation is no longer, I knew this can go wrong.

The Wartune devs acted quite fast. Servers went down today afternoon to cure this patch. So it seems, when it is IMPORTANT, R2Games CAN contact the developers, who can act fast. But then there is another question: when there is a very serious problem, which could be corrected similarly fast, but it is negative to the playing experience, why does it take months to correct it? Lord of Time ring a bell? Ancient Beast shards sold for balens and non-exchangeable since 6 months? The list goes on.

I'm really curious how the exploit worked. I'm also very, very curious what they will gonna do now. My guess would be they won't do anything, but you never know. Every game has bugs, and as such, some exploits, but this one is really large scale. And yeah, I can bang my head into the wall again, because when my mail expired, there was some 5k shadow soul in it...


Wartune patch 5.1 good vs bad

Here is the new Wartune patch, and as usual, I would like to go through the changes, to see what's good and what's bad.

The good changes


After not one, but three nerfs, finally something good happened to dimensions! You can spend 10 energy to find the next post or the exit on the given level. This change is really great, I think the developers never came so happy to guess what would make players happy. Lately I hated dimensions with true passions, taking so much time, and so monotonic. But now, with this change, you can do dimensions really quick. Saves a ton of playing time, thanks, devs!

Sylph expedition
Now you can blitz sylph expedition to the last level you reached. Also, skill CDs reset for every ecounter, and some cooldowns have been shortened. In addition to that, rewards have been improved, you now get about twice as much divine souls as before. 
All in all, this is a fabolous change, if I had the opportunity to ask changes in sylph expedition, I would have asked for less. There is only one small issue with rewards: although the divine soul amount has been doubled, the new divine soul event gives reward only for lvl 5+ divine souls. This is a big nerf, it means with even double expedition rewards, players will get a loss less per month. But all in all, I'm satisfied, because this change saves me a lot of playing time as well each day.

Guild boss changes
I'm not sure what was the original goal with these changes. I think the boss was supposed to be unkillable until you do the mini-quests, but we just went there and killed it. The reward was a lot more fangs than before, so I consider this a positive change :)

Golden road changes
Golden road didn't worth using for cloth shards even before, and the loot is worse now. There are only 1s and 2s on the board now, while previously there were two 5s. Why I put it on the positive list then? Because the current form is much more honest. Now you can see clearly that you can't win anything, and as such, you will not do it. Much, much more honest than before. If they would reduce dice roll cost to 20 balens, and add some squares with 3s and 5s, this would be an okay casher feature.

Bug corrections and other small changes
Unfortunately, it's a rare joy when one of the numerous bugs get corrected. And it seems this patch was no exception, the few bugs the developers corrected were mostly beneficial to the players (see below, Exploit removal). However, it seems eudaemon finally counts in WB, which is a positive change (can't confirm it 100% yet, but looks like so).
There are also many small changes, like new items for weekly pack (couldn't check this yet), new items on VIP wheel, some extra comfort functions, these are of course good.

The bad changes

Tower of kings "optimization"

In Wartune's language, optimization means "brutally nerfed" so I was afraid when I saw ToK have been optimized. Fortunately, I had a pleasant surprise - at first. in Tok NM, they replaced the eudaemon junk with mount training whips - of which, we never have enough. And the quantity is really nice, I got 368 from the first run. Also, our HP has increased by 400K during run, which certainly helped. There was one suspicious happening, though: all opponents were in one row. With an empty row behind them. I'm afraid that 2nd row will be filled with eudaemons the next day... and my fear came true. ToK with eudaemons is worse than I thought. MUCH worse. Its not only insane lag (the run took us 35 minutes) but the kids are tougher than their masters - prolly some bug, they have medallions too it seems. So while I first thought ToK is a good change, actually, it is a bad one. Very bad one. Bad enough to counter sylph expedition :(

Atoll boss
The Defend sylph atoll event has been completely revampled. Now you have to kill 30 little sylph (each drops 1-2 glint of magic, magical moonlight and sylph crystalloid), also sometimes a boss spawns, which dropped for me 10 adv sepu, 10 mystery rune.
Well, the first thing you will notice about this change, you can no longer get gold. Previously, one could get 15-25M gold daily from Atoll Boss. This is a huge loss, especially since the game requires a lot of gold lately.
Second, killing the little ones is a really senseless grind, evokes the age of farming them for sepulcrum. It's equally boring - although killing the AB for 15-20 mins was boring as well.
Thirdly, when the boss spawns, you have to race for it, whoever gets there first can kill it. 
All in all, this event no longer worth the time spent on it. If you low on glint/moonlight, do it, otherwise feel free to skip it. 

Game box
The mini-games were already nerfed in the past: you could do them only for 7 days every month, and the rewards were reduced. Now the minigames got a huge, mindblasting multi-nerf.
First, you can do them even less times than before. 4 fishing, jewel hunt and cloud adventure per month. 
Second, all the advancement players have achieved so far is deleted, gone forever. You were proud reaching lvl 37 in fishing or jewel hunt, and getting more loot than a lvl 1? No longer the case. Cloud adventure is no longer fun, there are no bosses, and sometimes you will even move backwards. Also, you have to fight yourself which is particularly stupid.
Also, loot has been nerfed beyong recognition. Fishing is especially painful, no more fashion cores or vip cards. But the shadow crystal and bounty scroll is still there :( No more bound balens and golden tree branches from cloud adventure. You can get nickles, but my exchange panel shows 4 completely useless items. Fortunately, this refresh every day, so something useful might come up eventually.
This change has one positive effect, though. It reduces the time you have to spend playing, which is a positive thing.

Holy forge nerf?
This is unconfirmed yet, but previously, chances for holy forge were public. 50%, 40% etc. Now these numbers have disappeared, chance is not displayed. And this never means anything good... Maybe nothing changed, but you never know :)

Exploit removal
Every game has some "legal" exploits which everyone uses and the devs don't care about it. When they finally get corrected, we always understand, but it's also a sad thing. The most severe is the way the event resets has changed. Previously, events reset at 5am, but new events were added at midnight. So if you were awake at midnight, you could do once-per-day events once more. This is no longer possible. The good side is, we can finally have enough sleep :)
Another glitch we are sad to see go, is the arena relog trick. If you were losing in arena, you could relog, and retain attempt. This is no longer possible, you get rewards in mail.

Spire NM
A harder version of something, with better loot, this can't go wrong, right? nah. It can go wrong every possible way.
1. The mobs have just too much hp. so it is insanely boring.
2. Eudaemons create a nice lag. So timing delphics to finish off debuffing bosses is very difficult.
3. The event is bugged, like you can't see boss buff, sometimes you can't use skills, sometimes you get 2 boss at once, etc.
4. The loot is not significantly better. Shadow crystals? c'mon.
So I will stick with choose-normal, start it, log off then finish it offline.

New eudaemon: Blood warrior
We really don't need more eudaemons, we have enough, thanks. It means only it takes ever more skill chests to max out the current ones.

New bugs
Sadly, we have a lot of new bugs. The most annoying is the reset problem: events don't reset, campfire don't reset, ToA don't reset, guildboss don't reset... Not to mention the bugs with the new "hide other object" feature. A patch is legal only if it wont make the game unplayable!


Although there are some really "bad changes", my overall experssion of this patch first was positive. Lately, my biggest problem with the game  was that it is taking too much time. The dimension and sylph expedition  changes save me a tremendous amount of time. Even some bad changes - I can play mini-games less often, and Atoll boss is so bad I wont do it anymore - save me more time. I also admit I had sleep problems: usually I like to go to sleep at 11:30-12pm, but because of the event reset, I often had to stay awake until 1am. Now I can sleep more :) 
But, as I said, only my first expression was the patch is positive. But when I realized how disgusting ToK became, and I saw no events are working due to reset problems (all because the developers wanted to take away things from us, to reduce reward, to nerf, and in their haste they again ruin many things), then it became clear this patch is BAD. The game would have stayed better if they don't add it. Or even better, if they add ONLY the good things.
You know, my other favorite, Doomlord does not nerf. They just add things. Don't take away. Don't reduce rewards. Why these Chinese do it? I will never understand. 


Wartune Broom exchange

Lately, box events have improved a lot in Wartune. First, we can get a lot of boxes for free. Second, the box itself often has valuable contents. And third, there are multiple exchanges under hot events, so you can always find something highly useful to trade your boxes for.

So, what to do with the current Broom boxes?

First, let's check the contents:

  • 150k gold - I always say gold is useless, but lately we need a lot of gold. 
  • Eudaemon stuff - these are kinda useless, don't make much difference in combat (I don't even use in eudaemon in pvp, to reduce lag, and to be immune to chaos rune), and you can get a lot in ToK and in Eud arena anyway. 
  • Hoof is useless.
  • But Pure refinement crystal, now that it no longer drops in mpd, thats a good item. 
  • Cloth are not so super-rare from chests lately, so if you open a few hundred you will prolly get a set. 
  • The mount, forget that, obviously the usual 0,1% chance have been reduced a lot lately. Beast souls are always cool, but you will get only 1 per 3-4 chests.

All in all, opening chests seems looks a good last-resort plan because of the beast souls, purify crystals, cloth and small chance for mount.

Now let's see the exchanges. We have 3 options. 

1.) you can exchange 200 chest for 300 specific skill chests. -5% chance of chaos or amnesia is a cool thing, but 200 chest seems too high price for me. I don't recomment this.
2.) Eudaemon advancement exchange. You can get here artifact / halidom components, and eudaemon stuff. I don't recommend these, because you need only a limited amount, and you can get enough for free. I have already orange artifact / halidom, which I can upgrade to red when I have the gold, and I never spent balen on it. About the ud resist stuffs, as I said, you get a lot for free, it wont do much in combat, and eventually it will be capped too.
3.) Exchange for cloth or mount. Cloth and mount is usually unique, even if you can get them later, they are still costly. Also, these cloth and mount comes with a title, which gives massive boost. So if you have 800 free chests (I got those from holy forge, resist gem event etc), grab the mount. If you have less, exchange 120 for the wing, and if you still have more than 90, start opening them. You will get some useful stuff (see above), and in worst case, exchange for the missing ones in the hot events exchange.

As usual, I do not recommend spending balens on the chests. If you did all events to max, you can have a free mount. If you have less, you surely have at least 210, so you can have a free set of cloth.