What do to with the clown chests

Sorry for lack of entries lately, I'm traveling to Paris for a week, and need a lot of preparation. I will be more active when I'm back, I promise :)

I think there is one thing I owe to my readers: what do to with all the clown stuff. I already wrote an analysis of the clown mask, but not the rest. So here is what I did and will do:

1. Clown masks. My original suggestion was to open all, because of high expected value from coin of ancestries. But the vulcan exchange is no longer available, and multiple people reported that the coins became more rare (or, we as a community, became unlucky). So I will exchange my masks for crystal shards.

2. Clown Bowtie. Change all for good luck luck charms, don't even think about it. It's far the best deal.

3. Clown Smile. Of course if you can get 150, go for the mount. I wasted some of these on divinity souls because I did not have enough for the event, but the vulcan pack is a bit better exchange.

4. Clown Cake. I got a lot of chests from clothing sysntheis, so I decided to buy some more for 4k balens so I can get the +50 mount for 100 of these. If you have extra, I do not recommend getting advanced mahra / sepu, they are just a super-expensive version of normal mahra or sepu, but nothing better. Rather, open them, divinity soul as common drop is a nice loot.

That's it, I hope helped some. Cya soon!


Wartune banning players

Lately, I have seen many forum topics on R2 forum about people getting banned from Wartune. In these cases, people say they did nothing wrong. So far this seemed just a distant noise of war, but yesterday one top player from our server got banned too. We can't be sure of the reason - R2 gives out no information - but it seems the ban is based on just something told on a public chat.

So let's walk around this topic: you play this game, for let's say, 2 years, several hours a day. You also spend a large amount of money, several thousands of dollars. Then one day, you say something on a public chat, a gm sees that, and bamm, you are banned. You begin a long and painful process of communicating via the customer service. We know how that works - you get an polite refusal first, you respond, no answer for weeks, you give ticket number on forum, or open a new ticket, then they answer something etc... In best case, the ban is lifted after a few weeks and you get no compensation. 

I am the only one who feels this is... just not right? Wartune is not a game which you played for a few days, spent a few bucks on it, if you get banned, you just look for a different game. Wartune is the hobby, the life for many of us. It's still a cool game which I like to play, and willing to spend money on. But what if I know it can get lose all in any moment?

I know ToS states that they can ban you anytime, for any reason. But still... there is too much at stake here. Anyone lives in a coutry where you can be headshot on the spot without trial just for stealing a candy or complaining about the government loudly?

I understand where this comes from. There are constant complaints on the forum from people who think that everyone else above their BR is a cheater. Complaints about hacks, cheats, scripts and R2's inability to do anything. But let's face the truth. There are no hacks. (Any site which offers you one is a scam and will put malware on your computer instead.) The game is fairly built and protected. There are no real exploits either, if a major one pops up, they correct it relatively quick. There are scripts around which automatize some parts of the gameplay, but this can be solved on serverside as well, by making these humanly (and only humanly) doable. 

So the situation is, when you see someone with a high BR, he is not cheating - he just spends an incredible amount of time (and prolly a lot of money) on the game. These are the people who keep this game going, so hunting them down is like putting a knife into your own heart.

And not going into details about collateral damage: when you ban someone, you effectively banned his teammates too, helped dig his guilds grave as well. And people will begin accusing each other for reporting him, the issue comes up who cheated and who didn't, envy and hatred builds which results in more people quitting.

I think players must see that people breaking the ToS can be penalized, but at the same time unjust or too severe punishments are not good. If there is problem with someone, give a warning to them first. I remember the wild shop bug - when someone did it, a gm warned him if he does it again, he will be banned. The guy was scared like hell, never did it again, and told this everyone - which withheld others from doing it until it was corrected. There is just too much at stake, we invested to much into this game. A warning will usually do. If not, go as far as do TEMPORAL ban like they do it in Doomlord. But a permanent one? Show the player the evidence, and give him the chance to defend at least.

Please R2 understand, the players are NOT enemies. They just behave like players while continue loving and upkeeping your game. Control them, but DO NOT shot them.


Cloth synthesis advanced guide

I already wrote a guide about cloth synthesis a half year ago. I will try to make a more detailed one now, which can help you go as high as level 9 – with using minimal balens, or none at all.

Currently, I have lvl 9 helm and weapon, and lvl 8 armor and wing. I would love to say I never spent balen on clothing. But I did buy the 900 balen cloth packs a few times, and I spent about 4k balen on the old leather packs. But thats it.

I see many people doing the cloth synthesis the wrong way. When the event comes, they use all of their resources: try to go as high as they can. This is not how you have to do it. The goal of cloth synthesis is NOT getting better clothes. The bonus you get from higher level cloth is neglectable. The goal is to get the REWARD for the synthesis. And in that term, only one thing matters: you must get more than spent. A LOT more, preferably.

Cloth synthesis reward usually include cloth, fashion core, good luck charm, and event chest. The cloth, the core and the charm you can use to make more cloth. So the only real gain here is the event chest.

To put it simple, your goal should be to start each cloth synthesis event with at least the same number of cloth, core and charm as the previous one. This will ensure you have a steady income of free event chests.

The key aspect of cloth synthesis is that when you make a high level cloth, you can claim the reward for making all the lower ones too. This means you have to go as slow as possible. Let me show you an example.

Let's suppose you already have a level 7 cloth, and enough material to make another level 7 – so you can end up upgrading your cloth to level 8. If you do it, you can claim all rewards from lvl 4 to lvl 8. However, you can do this differently. You can make only a level 6 cloth, and claim rewards 4-6. The next cloth event, you can make another level 6, and claim rewards 4-6 again. On the third cloth event, you can simply combine the two lvl 6, and claim rewards 4-7. And on the 4th, make the lvl 8 cloth, and claim rewards 4-8. So using the same components, you could get at least twice more reward – but it took some time.

There is a cloth event once every 2-3 weeks, but sometimes, it happens even more often. I think in the past year, there was, like 25-30 cloth event. So if you did only a level 5 or 6 cloth each time, you can have a level 9 easily now. And you get 20 times more reward as the whale who made his lvl 9 cloth on the first occasion.

Of course you have to find the balance, and that's why I don't give exact numbers what to do each event. It heavily depends on how much fashion core and good luck charm you have. At start, you can make only level 3-4 clothes, but as the combo begins to work, you can go further. There is one main principle: at the end of each event, you must have at least as much core/charm/cloth as much you started with. If you have less, you did something wrong, and you will have trouble during the next synthesis event.

There are 2 more not-so-public-but-legal tricks I wanna show you about cloth synthesis.

With the first one, you can save a lot of good luck charms. Please note when you make a combine, you can choose to use good luck charm or not. If you decide not to, the chance will be „Fair” - even for high level clothing. In this case, fair really means fair – like 80-90%. I have seen people gamble and succeed even with combining lvl 7-8 clothes without charm, but I advise against this. Because if you fail, you lose a lot. You should risk it only if there is no chance to collect the required number of charms. But, otherwise, feel free to use this trick for medium level combines. It is especially useful for wings, where it requires an astronomical amount of charms. I do not use good luck charms when I combine lvl 2 and lvl 3 wings. When I have a lot of wings, I don't use either for lvl 4. For cloth, the 2-4 luck charm cost is so cheap at lower levels, it is cheaper than losing the clothes/cores I used. So for cloth, I usually skip good luck charm only at lvl 4-5 combines (and only if I have lot of cloth/cores).

The second trick is the „abysmal” chance when you try to ugprade cloth by using fashion cores. Actually, it seems the abymsal chance is not going lower than 1%. I don't go into the math, but when you want to upgrade a lvl 7 or 8 cloth, it is cheaper to gamble with fashion cores than going the old fashioned way (even with not using charms for some combines). I even have some statistics: when upgrading from lvl 7 or 8, out of 964 attempts, 7 was successful. So the 1% seems accurate. But be warned: this is a real gamble. It is possible that you get an upgrade after 5 tries. It is possible that you won't get it after 400. For this reason, I recommend the following strategy: try the upgrade until you have only 50-60 fashion cores left. That's still enough to make an item the old, safe way, and claim some of the prizes. And don't forget, they can change this anytime. Already the chance lately seemed to be less than before.


Sylph evolution patch

I was looking forward to this patch, since it listed some nice additions to the game. However, when it went live, I was very disappointed.

Purgatory maze. At first try, I got to level 16. The total loot I acquired included some gold, crystalloids, legendary stones (these items represent no value), and some lvl 1 crystals and crystal shards (totalling 320 crystal shard, worth 320 x 0,15 = 48 balens). So yes, I spent 150 bound balens on the purgatory keys, and I got a grand loot of 48 balens value in exchange. That was my last run until they change the loot.

Mythic sylph evolution. Emma's post on R2 forum promised that we get the evolution components from purgatory maze - but as you see, those items don't drop. I understand why: because they also put up a 1000 USD recharge promotion, where you can get those components - if you cough up this „little” sum. Do not do the recharge, these items will be available in the game!
Also I dare to bet that the divinity stones - required for Hades and Apollo mythic evolution - will be real hard to get. So again, Hercules will evolve months earlier, and for free (cheers to knights and archers :)).
If the evolution being impossible wouldn't be enough, advanced sepulcrum and mahra is not available in the game either. Like with the new pvp medal, they add something to the game without the resources to improve it.

Guild beast. Sounded like fun at first. But there are 2 huge problems with this „guild world boss”. First, it takes approx. 20 minute each day to kill. We keep complaining since a long time that the game already requies too much time, why increase it even further? Something should have been removed (like the infamous Atoll Boss) to give us time to do this. The second problem is even more serious. Instead of giving equal loot to all participants (or at least share depending on damage, like world boss), they set up a rank and give rewards based on those. Creating competition and envy among the guild members ranks is NOT a good idea, it's bad for the morale.

Legendary talents. I did not understand in the first place why they added completely useless new skills with advanced level. Now they top it up with completely useless talents as well? In a mere 5 minutes, I could come up with much better ideas. Just ask the players what they want. Add a talent which allows us to blitz tanks, mpds, talents which allow us to exchange soul crystals, dragon souls and other crap into something useful... I would even love a talent which lets flash display a green triangle instead of each mount, and a red circle instead of each sylph, to reduce lag.

New astral. A new astral is always nice, as long as we get a new astral slot as well. I don't know where you put this, guys, but I have no room for it - except if I replace my crit astral. Just a few words here about crit and penetration / block. Improving your crit beyond a certain level does not help you much, so the real value here is penetration. Penetration is supposed to reduce the opponent's block by 1:1. So 2000 penetration means your opponent has 2000 less block. This sounds good, but don't forget, block reaches it's max effect somewhere at 8-9k. So once everyone runs around with this new astral, you just have to increase your block by 2k to counter it completely. You can do that just by converting 2-3 mdef/pdef gems.

Silent nerfs. Each patch there are some „silent nerfs”. Unannounced changes which are usually bad for us :( Someone already posted on the forum that the good luck charm's insignia price have been increased from 150 to 3000! Another blunder, the correct price should be 1500. Other people complain that crit chance have been decreased. This is quite possible, they added an astral with +2k crit, and since crit has a cap, the only way to make it useful is decrease crit chance... But I will verify this during WB, even Wartune developers can't be that evil, or can they be? :)
Prolly we will find more things soon.

So I'm not happy with this patch at all. But at least, the new graphics is cool - too bad it increase lag further :)


Hoard or spend?

Wartune - and many other late-generation Chinese games - has an interesting features unseen in previous games. It's the „hoard and spend” concept. In Wartune, you do not simply increase your stats - you get resources, and spend them to increase stats. This have 2 benefits and 1 drawback:

benefit 1: The resources can be awarded freely in different events and can be also sold for real money.
benefit 2: Players can have the joy of collecting pretty colorful objects and hoard them.
drawback: When you max out a stat and keep receiving the resource as a reward, it becomes frustrating after a while.

Please note that the drawback could be easily counter by the Wartune developers, simply allowing maxed out resources to be exchanged for other resources - at a worse rate. Like they did with crystalloids, 10 level 3 crystalloids into one lvl 4, and 10 level 4 into one level 5. This system could be applied to everything else, fate stones to beads, soul crystals to soul seals etc.

This system has summoned another concept to the game: be rewarded for spending resources. From time to time, Wartune has „spender” events, where you can spend a specific resource to increase a stat, and receive bonus resources for doing so. This system has 2 benefit too, and one HUGE drawback:

benefit 1: Some people who are low on the specific resources are willing to spend real money on that resource during the sale which usually comes with the spender event.
benefit 2: Simply increasing your stat becomes and interesting game event, and people are excited to wait what comes next.
drawback: You never know what resource gets a spender event, and if this spender event will be better or worse than the previous one. Often you don't even know if it will get ever. So this makes it a huge gamble. Sometimes we have to sit on the reward we collected for months, instead of using it and enjoying the benefits. Some people lose their patience and spend - and this is a critical mistake.

This drawback could be countered to by giving the players advance schedules of events. The designers of Wartune think the surprise element is cool. But I can show you a different example. In Doomlord, all events are scheduled, players have all the info - and they love it!

So, the question is, when to hoard? When to spend? What's the best strategy?

You can put your resources into the following categories:

1.) Useless resources, where the stat is already maxed. For me, these are soul crystals, dragon souls, mount hoofs, fate stones, sepulcrum, star tear, star sand, sylph xp scroll, sylph equipment shards, crystalloids, legend stones. Strategy for these is easy: I store them (either in guild vault or in mailbox), and hope I can use them for something one day. Those which can be sold for gold (crystalloid, legend stones, sylph equip shards) I sell when I need gold.

2.) Resources where you know there is a regular spender event. For me, these are mount whips, mahra, vulcan hammers, divinity souls, glint of magic and magical moonlight, golden holy water, gems, crystals shards, will crystals, clothes, fashion cores. The strategy for these is the following: always hoard them, NEVER use them outside spender event (not even for a BR ranking event!) When a spender event comes, check carefully the rewards.
Some events are easy, the reward is always the same, like mahra or hammer event, so just use what you have.
Some are one per day (like gems, crystal shards, divinity souls). Here you are often low on resources (like gems, divinity souls, resist crystals). You should plan what combines get you the best reward. For example, if you can make only 4 lvl 6 gems, it is not a good idea to make all on the first day, better do one each day and make the lvl 7 only on the 3rd day.
Some unlimited events have a varying reward. For example, I remember when the whip event gave sylph equipment shards as rewards. It was pretty obvious that from the sylph arena alone you will max your sylph equipments soon, so it's better to wait for a different event. Or in case of a cloth event where you get chests as rewards, and you already have everything from that chest (cloths, mount) then it's better to save your combine for the next cloth event.

3.) Resources where there was no spender event yet. This is the hardest one. If you spend them, and lose a lot of reward, it's bad. If you sit on them forever and stay weaker, that's bad too. So here is my advice:
Check what is your gain if you spend the resource. If you gain a lot, consider spending at least part of what you have. If it won't make a big difference, keep hoarding. I show you a few examples:

Soul seals. Soul seals are in the game since 4 or 5 months, but there was no real spender event for them. (Ok, if you use them for „soul engrave” event, you get the 30 soul crystal + xp/gold, but that reward is neglectable.) So wait? Or spend? Here I did what investors call „portfolio diversification”. I keep 9-10k soul seal, but spend the rest. This way I steadily increase my BR, but also have enough stocks for a possible spender event.

Gems. I remember for a very long time, there were unlimited gem events for lvl 5-8 gems. After we made all our gems to lvl 8, and still had like 100 spare, the question came up: hoard, or wait for an event which rewards for higher rank gems? I remember we waited for like 3 months, while I finally decided to make the lvl 10 atk gems. It made a big difference, we could kill +1 boss in DI, get a lot of extra loot, and it helped in other places as well. By the time they added lvl 10 rewards, I had most of my gems up to lvl 10. I still had a lot of lvl 8 spare so I could make 10.000 soul seal in rewards. But if Im patient and wait a half year, I could have gotten some more. Still, I dont regret my decision, I had benefit from the higher BR. Now I made all my ATK gems to lvl12 - but only those.

Sepulcrum. Take almost a year for them to add a sepulcrum spender event after this resource was added to the game. I kept hoarding it for 3 months, then started spending. I don't regret it, it made a big difference, and you can't rely on waiting for a year anyway.

Coin of ancestry. Here, you have a trick. Make a character on an oceanic server (like S40). This way, you can see the events for the next day already after 16pm. So when a coin exchange is of the last day, check what's tomorrow, and decide whether to spend or keep. Always try to calculate how much balen you get per coin. There were some great deals (like 2k balen coupon or the 80 vulcan hammer) and some really bad ones. If you see a good deal, and you see you won't get a better one in the next coin exchange, don't hesitate. Don't save up, hoping for something even better. You can always get more coins if a mount or something comes up.

And finally, if anyone didn't know, I call your attention to the event reset feature. Whenever Wartune adds a new event which can be completed once per day through several days, you can do it once between midnight and 5am, and once after 5am on the first day. So, for example, if there is a 3-day gem or resist crystal or divinity soul event, you can actually do it 4 times. Same for the „do 15 bounty quests a day” hot event. Don't do more than 5 bounties until 16pm. At that time, log into S40, check if there is a bounty event. If there is one, do the remaining 15 bounties using scroll only after midnight.  


Jewel hunt exploit

Since a few weeks our jewel hunt ranking looks pretty funny:

As you see, at the end of the week, I have 3770 points, by doing 500-700 points each day, and I can rank only 71th with this. While we have a bunch of people (most of them from the same guild) who score above 9-10k pts. First I thought all these people (many of them non cashers) went crazy and spend 5k+ balen each week on the Wartune Jewel hunt because they are in desperate need of refinement locks and level 1 gems. 

Then I found this topic:

So yeah, there is a nice exploit to jewel hunt, not corrected by Wartune since a very long time. Exploits are good only if they are corrected quickly, or are known publicly. Otherwise, things can get out of control easily.

So the question is, how does it work? Anyone knows? Anyone cares to share it? Do you think it will be corrected soon? How many people were banned for this?


Clown mask analysis

Here follows an analysis of the current event item in Wartune, clown mask.

First, here are some samples of what did we get so far by opening these:

As you can see, the expected value is pretty good. This is mostly because of the high value of coin of ancestry: you can exchange 4 for 80 vulcan packs, which is a decent deal.

Now let's see if you exchange directly, what can you get:

The best value exchanges are fashion core / good luck charm, and will crystal / crystal shard. 

Comparing the 2 tables, I would say, you should open the masks, not exchange them. There are some exceptions, though. 

The resist crystal synthesis event running now gives nice extra rewards. For this event, it is advised that you make at least one lvl 5 resist gem each day. But for that - unless you are a casher - you need a lot of crystal shards. In this case, you should get some crystal shards from the exchange. I do not recommend will crystals (although they are supposed to be the same value) - since resist crystals now have an extra use for reducing dimensions, and you can synthesis in the event much cheaper using crysal shards than will crystals.

And about fashion cores and good luck charms: if you can't make at least a level 5 of each cloth during each cloth event (ie., you have difficulty to launch the cloth synthesis machine because you lack resources) this is a good opportunity to stack up on munitions.

1.) If you are a free player who lack fashion cores / good luck charms, grab them so you can start harvesting more of these and event chests during cloth events.
2.) If you okay on clothing, but don't have 5+ lvl 7 resist crystals yet, jump into the crystal synthesise business and get crystal shards.
3.) If you are a veteran player, go for the coins and get vulcan packs.


Lucky rabbit analysis

Finished my lucky rabbit analysis. I know it's the last possible moment, I hope it is still useful for some :) I used the calculations of new item values I made here.

First of all, let's see the expected value IF you open these "chests". I was in a big trouble here. I had no statistics whatsoever :( So I had to make assumptions based on previous chest. So this data is not exact, just a guess: the best I could come up with.
As you see, it's pretty good value - but you can expect it since you need to open 4 chinese II chests to get one of these (hope you didn't spend balens to buy those!). As you can see, the value of coin of ancestry has skyrocketed: now you can exchange 4 for 80 vulcan packs, making one coin worth 600 balens! I think this is the best buy sincs the 2000 balen coupon. 

Now let's see what we can exchange for it:
The qty column is the required number of lucky rabbits, the value is how much balen the given item worth. As you can see, most exchanges are very poor :( If you have 200, you should go for the horse. But I think this is a quite unlikely situation. It can happen only if you bought a lot of chests (which could have been a very bad deal). The second best exchange is far the divinity souls. Please note that the expected value for opening chests and exchanging for divinity souls is the same. I recommend opening the chests - simply because you can get lucky and get the horse or a coin or two.

Some might consider getting blessing of light / gift of god. I do not recommend it, they are too expensive. I'm sure we shall be able to get these cheaper eventually. (Just remember the gem event where you could get 50 blesing of god each day!)


Sylph equipment component balen values

I wanted to write an analysis of the Lucky Rabbit to help you decide whether to open or exchange, and if exchange, for what – but first, I needed to determine the value of some new items. Below is a loooong boring analysis with numbers. If you don't want to read that (I wouldn't) here are just the balen values I came up with.
Golden holy water: 1 balen
Glint of magic, magical moonlight: 1 balen
Divinity soul: 50 balens
Blessing of god, gift of god: 10-12 balens
Will even try to add a few pictures later to make this post look nicer :) But now it's pretty late.

Based on this, I try to finish the analysis tomorrow (I hope it's still in time).

Gold value: Since a long time, I say 50k gold worth 1 balens. This is based on gold spent on astrals which increase BR. Since a while, I have astrals maxed out, so I checked if this value is still valid. Right now, I can use gold to refine the astral slot which I use for Determination. I need approx. 800M gold to get +1% determination, which is +0,8% ATK. I have 100k MATK so this will give me +800 ATK. 800M gold for 800 ATK means the gold value is rather 100k gold per 1 balens now.

Sylph equipment stats: When I started this blog, I said never pay balen for an item when you get +1 BR for more than 10 balens. With the late bigger and bigger promotions, we can safely say this limit has decreased, but for consistency, whenever I calculate BR into balens, I still use the 10 balen : 1 BR ratio. But! a sylph equipment stat does not always increase your BR directly. HP does, but ATK and DEF works only in awakened form. (which is still important, since battles are decided in this phase.) Also, a sylph equipment's value decreases greatly when you give it to a secondary or tertirary sylph. So in case of sylph equipment, I rather use the 5 balen : 1 BR ratio.

Sylph equipment shard: Although Wartune tries to sell you this item constantly, it worth NOTHING! Anyone will have enough in no time to fully equip 3 sylph. So the only value of these is when you sell it for 5000 gold (ie. 0,05 balens).

Golden holy water: The most convenient way to get these is during Cloud adventures. Usually, you need to buy a magic dice to reach a boss. It will yield you 45 golden holy water (or 30 + will crystal/crystal shard) and 3x glint of magic and magical moonlight. When you buy a magic dice for 180 bound balens, depending the roll you have to make the boss, you get 1-1.7 extra roll also at the end of the Cloud adventures, which worth 120-200 balens. Based on these 2 equations (cost of magic dice – value of final roll, and comparison with will crystals / crystal shard) we can say a golden holy water worth 1 balen at most, even when the +stats you can gain by them worth more.

Glint of magic and Magical moonlight: The best balen buy for these were the „buy 100 of each + 500 bound balens for 2k balens” was (which was still very expensive). Since you can use them to get some more, the average value in this sale was 5 balens. You need an average of 164 of these and some 20M gold to level up a blue equipment to lvl 10 and gain +753 stat (4,6 / stat). You need 344 more and 100M (?) gold to make it a maxed out purple with 1859 more stat (5,4 / stat), and 524 more and 300M (?) gold to make it epic increasing its stat by 1493 more (2,8 / stat). The gold cost is not so great (/stat) for blue and purple, but for orange, it is significant. Calculated from this data, a 1 balen is realistic price for each these items AS LONG as you use them to develop your main sylph, and increase your own BR. After you start using these for your 2nd and 3rd sylph, their value diminish greatly.

Divinity soul: Yet another item where determining the value is very difficult. Let's suppose you always make lvl 3+ divinity gems only during events. So a lvl 2 needs 4, a lvl 3 8, a lvl 4 16, and a lvl 5 32 divinity souls. A lvl 5 divinity soul +610 stats (or 3660 HP, which is about the same), so it's +19 stat / divinity soul. Unless this is HP, it applies only to your sylph, which works only in sylph form –based on this, it's value is approx 100 balens. Please note 2 factors: sometimes you will use more than 32 lvl 1 souls to make a lvl 5. And, after a while, you will make souls for your 2nd and 3rd sylph – then it will be much less useful. So I would say a 50 balen average value is more realistic.

Blessing of god: It's very hard to determine the value of this, since it does not increase BR directly, just let's you use additional resources. When you upgrade an item, the basic stat increase comes from using glint / moonlight, and the cost is already calculated there. The same is true for the additional divinity soul slot: there, you pay for the divinity souls to gain BR. So direct benefit of blessing of god can be the extra refine slot, the increased stat of all the refine slots. The stat gain here can vary greatly, but you will get at least +500 in refine stats, compared to a blue item. Of course, to refine you still need to spend bound balens and golden holy waters, so 10-12 balen is a realistic price for each blessing of god.

Gift of god: The average stat increase can be a bit higher here, like +600, but you will need more bound balen to for the refine. So in average, the value of this item is the same as of the blessing of god.