Counter attack kit analysis

Here is my usual analysis of the current chest gamble on my Wartune blog. They did not make it very complicated, so I won't make it complicated either.

I recommend it to two types of players to get these chests:
1.) You want a purple amazon / pan / iris / eve. Since the chance to get one shard is approx. 50% from a chest, you need 400 chests (15600 balens) to get  If you have a green sylph, and use mahra to make it purple, you need approx. 1400 mahra to do so. You certainly can't get 1400 mahra for 15600 balens (espcially since here you got some extra goodies too), but you can collect it for free: problem is, it takes an awfully long time. So if you play on some S500+ and still dont have your purple sylph, prolly this is a good opportunity to buy one.

2.) You want divinity shards. Divinity shard were unavailable for almost 3 months, for a good reason: that the divshard-hungry masses now throw themselves at these packs. Prolly it will work :) But you have to know, 500 divinity shards might cost you 400 (four hundred!) USD (unless you are lucky and find a Hades/Apollo or two and exchange it back for shard).

If you want just a Hades/Apollo now (no divinity shards yet) it's a very expensive deal. If you are unlucky, you need 700 chests (273 USD!).and then you still need the mahra to upgrade them (they are only blue!) If you are a low spender, it's prolly better to wait for one for free, from sylph atoll boss last hit reward, or even better, go with a purple eve / amazon, they don't cost a fortune to evolve.

This time, I do not make a calculation of the chest's expected value. If you are waiting for those divinity shards for 3 months, you will buy regardless. For the purple sylph, I already calculated (above) that it's an okay deal. You should be aware that the Divinity Shard x 10 is not rare, it's an ultra-rare drop. So the only divinty shards you gonna get are those you exchange for the kit's supplements.

But here is a very important warning: DO NOT BUY YET!
Wait for a big spender event. And who knows, they might even add a gem synthetiser event with hundreds of free chests like last time. So wait until the last moment, but don't forget, you can only buy 200 chest per day. So if you wait until the last day, then you can't have 400 shards. If you need 600, you have to start buying 2 days before the final day, etc.

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