How much did you spend on Wartune?

There is something very important you should be always aware: how much money you spent on Wartune. You keep spending 10, 20, 50, 100 USD here and there on balens, who knows how much in total. Well, do know it, and you will think twice before recharging next time :)

A lot of people have no clue how much they spent on Wartune. Do you?
Okay, first, take a paper and write down how much you think you spent. Then:

    1. Open the VIP panel. Note down your VIP xp.
    2. Calculate for how many days you were VIP. If you are VIP since the first day, then just check when you started playing, and calculate how many days has passed since that. If you started VIP later, you have to know when you subscribed first.
    3. From your VIP xp, subtract 10 x number of VIP days.
    4. The result is the number of dollars you have spent. But also, don't forget to add to this sum 8 USD x VIP months played (cost of VIP).

    Well, did you guess accurately?
    How much you spent in total is one thing: it's more important how much you spend per month. One of my friends climbs wall, and spends like 100 USD on that per month. Another of my friend saves each month about 150 USD so he can go to ski once a year. Everyone needs a hobby, and if you enjoy it, don't worry about spending money on it, just be consistent. I set myself a limit of max 150 USD per month in Wartune, but I already spent the December budget as well, so I'm holding back now :)

    To figure out your monthly spending, just divide the total spendings by the months you played.

    Please also be aware if you spent more than you are willing to admit, or you can't hold to your limit, then you are a game addict. Yes, the same way as someone can be a game addict in a casino, for example. The realistic amount depends on your country and your monthly income, of course. 

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    1. not sure everyone wanna know how much they spent in that game :D