Marriage system in wartune

You can have wedding only for balens, and it cost a LOT. There is no free wedding. What a pity.

You can choose between 3 weddings:

  • Common Wedding for 4600 balens. Both of you get a lvl 1 wedding ring (equivalent of a lvl 1 mount worth 2000 balens, total worth 4000).
  • Noble Wedding for 9600 balens. Both of you get a lvl 2 wedding ring (equivalent of a lvl 2 mount) and 2 cloth (helm and armor). Total worth is 2x (4000+600) = 9200 balens.
  • Thousand Year Love for 15600 balens. Level 3 wedding ring and the 2 cloth. Total value 2x (6000+600) = 13200 balens.

Please note that all costs are paid by one player, it is not shared by the two.

The process consist of the following steps:

  1. One of the player buys an engagement ring in the shop for 600 balens.
  2. Use the ring, name the other player, who have to be online and accept it.
  3. Go to the Wedding ceremony NPC in Cloud city, and choose a ceremony for 3999, 8999 or 14999 balens.

The ceremony itself lasts for 2 hours. During this time:

  • Cake and champagne is available. Anyone who visits the wedding can use them for a temporal buff.
  • Candies and flowers will be dropped, they can be gathered like the items during Tree in the guild chamber. They can be bound balens, soul crystals, roses and there are rare drops too.
  • Visitors can send gifts to the couple: gold (amount depend on ceremony), balens, and fireworks. The gifts are received only after the ceremony ends.

Please note that you can leave during the ceremony to do other things and can return later.

After the marriage, the pair will have the following benefits:

  1. A buff which gives experience bonus in dungeon if they party together. Amount depends on the level of the wedding ring.
  2. A skill which can be used once per battle if they are grouped together, restores HP and removes debuffs.
  3. The ring bonus mentioned above (+10/ring level to all stats).
  4. A mini-tree under tree of ancients which can be tended by both players and gives bonuses.

The Marriage Tree
The tree begins to grow by a player energizing it. At this point, the tree will have 50 training. After that, any of the pair can spend resources (insignia, crypt token, refinement shard, soul crystal) to max training to 800. Each time one resource counts double. I recommend using insignia, even if something else is double, since insignia is the most useless of these.
The tree takes 5 hours to grow. During this time, it's training might drop if you do not weed it.
When the tree is ready, both players must harvest. Harvest can be 1-5 chests, depending on the training state, and rose hazels (which give satisfaction, see later).
After both players harvested, they can energize and harvest again. This can be done up to twice a day.
The chest contains common items like 10 runestones, 2 shadow crystals, lvl 1-3 gem pack. Uncommon loot is 2 fashion shard, rare is eternal heart.
So actually, you exchange 750 insignia to get 10 such chests. When insignia is useless to you, it's a pretty good deal - and this is what makes the marriage worth, not the ring in itself. See the analysis of this chest value here.

The Wedding Ring
The wedding ring can be upgraded. It's bonus will increase, and you will get more xp if you dungeon together (lvl 2 15%, lvl 3 30%). Upgrading the ring has 2 conditions:

1.) You need to collect enough "satisfaction". It's 3000 for level 2, 6000 for level 3. You can collect satisfaction 2 ways:
- from tree (see above) pretty easy, just a click.
- do 10 mind-numbing mini-quests similar to circuit quests. They are given by the same NPC wich did the marriage. These quests are easy, either run to an NPC in Cloud City, or run to an Atoll and kill a monster there or use a firework. But you must move together all the time. Can be done in 12-15 minutes.

2.) When you have enough satisfaction, you can upgrade the ring, but this needs eternal hearts. It's a rare drop from the marriage tree chests. You need approx. 500 eternal heart. After 6 days of marriage, I have 6 eternal heart. So you not gonna upgrade this ever for free. Eternal hearts can be also bought for balens - 25 apiece, its a very, very bad deal. You can also exchange them for event shards and no doubt there will be "sales". Since upgrading your ring is like getting a +10 mount (worth 2000 balens), one eternal heart worth no more than 4 balens. So don't buy it unless you get it for that price.

Conclusion: if you are a casher, I recommend marriage. Not for the ring - that alone won't worth it -, but for the option to exchange your insignia into useful stuff, and the exp bonus is useful too.


  1. By your calculation, isn't it still worth it to get married just for the rings if you do the common or noble marriage? You can "share" the cost by one person logging into the other person's account to recharge balens. Of course, only one person gets the vip points and/or the big spender bonus, but you can compromise and work out who pays how much. Just like a real marriage. :)

    Mages get extra perks because the wedding outfit is helm and armor. Helm gives intellect which is great for mages and not as great for archers and knights.

    1. My conclusion was that yes, I recommend marriage :) The total benefit make is worthwhile. I choose the noble wedding, but normal wedding is fine too. Thousand wedding is not a good choice (unless you are after a divorce and want to keep your ring). Marriage is best during big spender event (like now).

  2. can we split the cost like 2000 balens for i person?

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  4. Marriage quests, all 10 , usually take 45-50 min to finish. There are often a lot of 'kill monsters' or 'set off fireworks' in attol 4 during lag. If you are lucky and get a lot of 'deliver mail' it can be 20-25 min.

  5. Are buffs ONLY for playing together in dungeons or is there a permanent buff for playing without spouse?

    1. Only for playing together in dungeon, sadly.

  6. Then it does absolutely no good unless you play with that person all the time. That's expensive and stupid

    1. Yes, the marriage feature is primarily not for a male and female players who come to like each other in the game, but for people who have fix parties and play with the same characters all the time (usually 2 guys).

  7. can you pay for the wedding with bound balens or only balens?

  8. Only real balens, unfortunately.

    1. damn :/ the rings you can buy with bound bad it`s not the same for wedding...oh well...thank you anyway :)

  9. Can we use bound balens to do marriage??

    1. The answer is still no unfortunately (see above).

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