Maximize Battle Rating

Battle rating is used to compare strength of players. It is derived from the total of your statistics. Whenever you upgrade your character - enchant equipment, improve gems, level, academy skills etc. your BR improves. It is similar to the Ability total in Doomlord.

How is BR calculated?
1 ATK, 1 DEF etc. worth 1 BR, and 5 HP worth 1 BR, so it's pretty simple. If you are a mage and gain +1 PATK, your BR will increase. But it will not make you any stronger. So if you have slightly higher BR than another player, it does not mean that you will be able to beat him. The BR itself is rather for "showoff", for being 1st in rankings, and winning rewards in BR events.

Which stat should I increase?
Sometimes you can make decision which stats to improve, like when spending mount training whips. When you spend whips on intelligence, you gain +20 ATK and +5 DEF (=25 BR) if you spend them on armor, you gain +20 PDEF and +20 MDEF (=40 BR). So it would seem improving armor is better, since you gain more BR. However, Wartune is based on offense. Attack is more valuable, since you get more multipliers on attack. Also, +1 ATK increases your dmg more than +1 DEF decreases it. (See my article on combat to learn why)
And don't forget that the main resource generator, World Boss takes into consideration only your attack power, your defense is irrelevant there (after reaching a minimal level).
So in general, you should go for ATK first, and when it's maxed or too costly, begin improving the other stats in stables, in academy, in guild skills etc.

Spending balens
When you spend balens, you actually buy BR. You have to make sure you get the maximum amount of +BR when spending balens, otherwise you are just burning money. See this article how to maximize the BR/balen gain.

Maxing out BR
Of course you still want a BR as high as possible, for being 1st in BR ranking, and to grab the occassional nice rewards for BR events. There are some things you can achieve this:

  • In Academy, improve PATK for mage (and MATK for knight/archer). Although it is a useless stat for you, you can get a good BR increase for a minimum amount of kyanite. 
  • You can improve the other attack as well in stables. When you need to use 200 whips to gain +5 intellect, it's okay to spend 30 to gain +5 strength. It not only gives some pdef, it helps you in BR events.
  • In guild skills, max out every skill.  Even charisma.  Those all give some BR, and in the long term, the gold cost will be insignificant.
  • An archer should use crit gems - but before BR reward events, convert them to mdef of pdef, since they give more BR.
  • A sylph's only stat which is added to yours in HP. So when a BR event is coming, reset your main sylph's attribute points and spend all on HP to gain extra BR.
  • Some astrals are nice, but don't give BR at all. Such are will destroyer, determination, goddess blessings etc. Before you log off, equip the brilliance, charisma astral you otherwise not using to improve your BR. With a good reward event, you might even consider converting one non-BR astral into a PATK/MATK astral as well, then convert back later.
  • Potions/scrolls no longer work in BR event and rankings so don't waste them. But if you log off in a dungeon, your card bonus will count.


  1. On the flip side, getting BR for the stuff you don't need (like patk for mages) can hurt you in BG. If you loose a battle and you have higher BR than your opponent, you loose like 200 honors.

    1. Ignore what Tracy said in the comment above as it is simply not true. Br has no relation to honor loss

  2. It would be nice to add that your passive bonuses apply to this "BR gains". For example, if you have some +15% pattk bonuses, +20% pdef and +20% hp (such as knight). Then lets say a 2% wings (L1) and 2% Soul Dragon (L4, basic one), you would get +19% pattak bonus (therefore gaining 119 BR per 100 pattk increase), and same for hp (+24%, in this example), and 24% for pdef.
    Mdef and Mattk would be just +4% but still make up numbers over big ammounts..
    These apply to anything that adds stats (from mount to items), except Fate bonuses which seem plain (added at the end, therefore not modified by passives of any type : +1 level in the defensive aura, is +400 BR, always, regardless of classes , soul dragon or wings. (200 from 1k hp, and 100 from each of both pdef and mdef).

    Lastly, i disagree with the +1 attack gives more damage than the +1 def reduces. If the damage if figured out by a Base damage (attack -defense /2), and then modified by a myriad multipliers (and very few added fix values), a +1 affects it the same ammount as -1 does. (With the only exception of 10% attack > (Attack - Def) , but assuming we are not still that heavily armoured as to trigger the "minimum base damage" ). Am I missing something?


    1. The above article is about how to get the highest BR rating, and what you can do to improve it. I did not list passive bonuses like wing bonus as I did not say "buy more mouns to increase your BR" either. This is only about BR increase where you have to make decisions (without spending extra balens).
      Please note that I wrote this article in June. There were no dragon soul around there, and we just began to reverse-engineer the games combat mechanics them. At that time, I believed that multipliers are applied to ATK before DEF is subtracted (which was wrong). So you are arguing 4 month old discoveries which I updated since long :) What I wrote is still true, though: ATK >>>> DEF, for other reasons. There are many areas in the game where attack is important, but defense is not so (most pve features, for example).

    2. Alright, based on previous "theory" of "attack x skill bonus - def", definetely make defense quite worthless. Regarding the BR part, just wanted to address that BR increase is only based on your class aswell. And of course, just based on purely BR gain, forgeting the fact that attack brings best results in this game anyways (starting from WB to anything i can think of.. ).

      Oh, btw, awesome job (should i have not mentioned it before in previous posts). So, when will be getting a full list of resistances and stats of bosses for things like sky trails ? :P or whether our skills are bugged... for some reason im starting to think ST does not inflict the 195% it says (does roughly same damage than my US with just 1 talent point in it... even with QTE bonus, there should be a huge diference... ). I remember you mentioning some mage skill that didnt do what it was supposed to do... was it thunderer? So wondering what else is bugged ... probably many other skills :P


    3. That you read my blog is alone a a compliment, thank you :) I don't think I can list more sky trial bosses resists, since I killed the rest to S so can't retry them :( But I will post a simple method which can help you determine the opponent's resist based on the damage you deal and the resist text appears, ok? I didnt test knight skills, but all mage and archer QTE seemed to be ok except for Thunderer, prolly some late nerf to mages :)

  3. And QTE bonus is added to skill base modifier, or just another extra modifier?
    a or b?
    a) Ultimate Slasher : 150 % + 25 % QTE ... *1.5*1.25 (two modifiers)
    b) US : *1.75 (added into single modifier)

    1. a.) QTE is just like other multiplier modifiers, the (ATK-DEF)/2 value is multiplied with it.