October big spender analysis

Here is a short analysis of the October big spender event. It's almost identical to the previous one, so nothing really great here.

Item values:
mount whip = 2 balens, hoof = 10 balens, mahra = 5 balen, sepulcrum = 10 balens, SC = 0.5 balen, S quality cloth = 600 balens, lvl 6 gem = 122 balens, atoll pack = 30 balens.
Prices are based on recent blog posts and this article.
I consider insignia, dragon souls, gold, daru and legend stones zero value (you can get too many for free to assign any balen value to these).

52 balens (5% bonus)

185 + 52 (previous pack) = 237 balens (12%)

1070 + 237 (prev. pack) = 1307 balens (26%)

1750 + 1307 = 3057 balens (30%)

2944 + 3057 = 6001 balens (30%)

6076 + 6001 = 12077 balens (40%)

6564 + 12077 = 18641 balens (37%)

Please also note that last gem events, we got a truckload of lvl 8 gems, so I have doubts that gems worth anything anymore. Let's see if there is anything of value for sale:
mahra 25 balens each: 5x realistic price
sepulcrum 20 balens each: 2x realistic price
atoll pack 39 balens each: 1,3x realistic price

So the best thing you can do is buy atoll packs for at least 10k balens, and claim the 30% bonus, then you get the +1 BR per 10 balens spent value. Effectively, you get no bonus, you just get stuff for the expected price. We have seen much, much better promotions in the past 2 months. 
Please consider Wartune's current situation. They are unable to correct the lags, bugs, and exploits added to the game since patch 3.1, that's like 6 weeks. Their customer service is paralyzed, they are no longer able to resolve problems, they get too many tickets (I have an 1 month old unresolved ticket). The community's frustration grows, and they respond only with more sales as usual. So expect bigger sales, bigger discounts soon, and skip suboptimal promotions like this one. If you still think you need to spend a large amount of money on Wartune, wait, there will be much better opportunities.

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