How combat works

How combat works in Wartune

I updated this article recently, thanks to Tihh! I was wrong at many things, but now getting closer to find the philopher's stone :)

The basic combat figure for Wartune is:

(ATK - DEF) /2.

There is also a spread, to make the combat a bit more random. So the damage can be 1, 2, 3, ... 10% less or more (but only these precise values). Brutal edge aura can alter this, more on it later.

So if you have no other modifiers, have an MATK of 10.000 and your opponent 8.000, most of the time you will deal 900-1100 damage with your auto-attack.

Of course, there are modifiers. Let's see how these work.

Skill modifier. Skill have a set formulae. Like Ligthning bolt: 110% + 95:

(ATK - DEF)/2.* 1,1+95

Intensity. It's +damage versus players, from your pvp medal. Like +40% for lord divine:

(ATK  - DEF)/2.* skill modifier * intensity item

Some items reduce the opponent's defense. No multipliers apply to this, so it's just:

(ATK  - DEF)/2.* skill modifier * intensity item + defense reduction/2

Some items just give a plain damage increase, like 70 set +1000 damage:

(ATK  - DEF)/2.* skill modifier * intensity item + defense reduction/2 + item bonus

The goddess blessing astral reduce damage much more efficiently than other astrals: 

(ATK  - DEF)/2.* skill mod * intensity * goddess blessing + def reduction/2 + it.bonus

Resistances and will crystals decrease / increase damage, every 10 point by 1.2%. The opponent's resist always check for your sylph type, even if it's not awakened. So if you have an apollo, your opponen'ts light resist is applied:

(ATK  - DEF)/2.* skill mod * intensity * goddess blessing (1 + (your resist reduce - opponent's resist)/833)+ def reduction/2 + it.bonus

Please note the bonus you can get this way is capped at 1.2x. So if your opponent has no resistance, your resist reduce past 167 will do nothing.

Finally, there are two more multiplierm one depending on time passed (50% after 1st minute, 100% after 2nd, etc), and the other coming from the will destroyer astral:

(ATK  - DEF)/2.* skill mod * intensity * goddess blessing * (1 + (your resist reduce - opponent's resist)/833) (time multiplier) * (will destroyer) + def reduction/2 + it.bonus

And if it weren't enough, crit and block also apply a multiplier as well :) Crit gives a base 1.5 multiplier, each level of your determination astral increase this by 0.05. Block reduces the damage by approx. 25%. Also when brutal edge triggers, a value is added at the end depending on your brutal edge level.

Ok, the above might have been boring, but there are a few facts you can use when developing your character:

  • goddess blessing is a very good astral, it reduces the damage by a much greater amount than by other defensive astrals, like defense, illusion or block.
  • if you can choose between increasing ATK or DEF (with mount whips, for example) ATK is a better deal, since there are multipliers which increase it for you.
  • resist reduce is very powerful, no wonder you have to cough up about 1000-1680 balens to be able to get a will crystal from horns for sure. Every 10 resist reduce worth about +1.2% damage, so if you have a 40.000 MATK, it equals +480 MATK.
  • resist is also a pretty good stat, directly decrease damage, so using orange maps worth until you have lvl 4 resist crystals inserted.
  • block can happen during a critical, even when it's not displayed. Still, a block astral decreases the overall damage you take only by 5-8%.

Some extra notes about critical:
Your crit damage multiplier is not affected by your crit rating, it's a plain 1.5 multiplier, modified only by determination. Your crit chance is affected by your crit rating, but not by your opponent's crit rating. (Opponent's level might count, however, have to confirm yet).

will destroyer or critical?

(of course this question is for mages and knights)
If you are lucky, crit deals more damage than will destroyer. If you are unlucky, it deals less. So crit shines in sitations where you can repeatedly retry a fight to win eventually. Sky trial, necropolis are good examples. Also it simply deals more damage during WB in overall - prolly because the WB is low level and you crit more often vs him. I also used crit build in god's descent until the opponent's were lower levels.

In other situations, you best do the math.

Enchanted will destroyer is +50% damage, plain and simple.

Critical is +50% +5% for each level of determination IF it triggers. Trigger rate depends on your criticial, on the opponent's crit effect reducers (like guardian angel), and (maybe) on opponent's level.
I show you on an example how to calculate your average crit damage.
Let's say I have a 6500 crit, and my experience shows I crit 66% of my attacks in a given situation. I also have a lvl 9 determination. So my damage bonus:
0.66 x 1.95 (2/3 of the time I deal 195% dmg) + 0.33 x 1 (1/3 of the time I deal 100% dmg) = 1.61
So I will deal 61% more damage in overall.

There are 2 factors you have to consider when using critical:
You must give up some stats in your gems and refinement, so you will take 10% more damage.
If your critical is really high, you might sometimes crit heal as well.

Conclusion. In general, I recommend the following:
If you can make a crit less than 6000, and your determination is lower than lvl 8, use will destroyer everywhere except for world boss.
If you can make a 6000+ crit, and have a lvl 8-9 determination, use crit in pve situations like necropolis, sky trial, etc. For pvp, still use EWD.
If you can have a really high crit, 8000+ and determination 10, use crit as your main build, you can even kill your will destroyer. For CW - and only for that - convert determination back to EWD and the crit gems back to whatever they were.
2014-08-04 Update

I received a lot of help from Tihh, who not only pointed out some errors in my calculations, but did much more precise testings than I did. Soon we will have the exact formulae of all combat mechanism, and can answer all important questions of the universe, besides which is better, crit or ewd, enshieldment astral or illusion, gaia or hades :)

Please comment, share etc. if you find this post useful.


  1. you wrote "block happens only when your opponent does not crit. So if your opponent is using a lot of crit (like an archer) a block astral can be pretty useless for a mage or arche"
    But it s not true, you can have block on a crit hit. I check 1 more time today, and saw it often in spire.

    btw, do you know if crit dmg are applied like wd bonus? a multiplicater at the end of the chain?

    Thank you for your new blog, and good luck with it;

    1. block=dodge as well:

      Block gives you a chance to "dodge" an incoming attack, physical or magical.

  2. I assume you play a knight, and sometimes heal from even a crit, right? Since I play a mage, and I just got a red crit message, I can't say if it was actually a block as well. I could rely only on my numbers, and when I complied crit damages, they were all in line, except for a few low ones which I assumed were from a greater spread, but could be blocks as well. I will do some testings with a knight as well so I can correct this, thank you!
    Where crit is applied in the chain - still not sure about this one, that's why I didn't put it in the formulae :) Need to do a bit more testing to figure out. But I got slightly different crit damage increase after 1 minute, and with different skills, so it seems it's not at the end of the chain. Will try to figure out, though :)

  3. I m an archer, lvl 74, 5500crit :) I didn't collect data's like you did, it s just visual: I saw crit dmg + dodge on same hit

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  5. Okay, it never happen to me, or I just didn't pay enough attention. So you see both the crit and dodge message at once?

    1. You see the red splattered crit number with the blue word "Dodge" below it. It's a little rare to see, but does happen.

    2. Thanks! Meanwhile I did a lot of testing with a knight. Dodge was easy to see, since he healed each time :) Now I have precise data of how dodge works.

  6. I'm really curious about the Ruthlessness astral anymore. I've been using it for over a month now. I just decided to use it for fun, since i'm camped at lvl 59 (so thought no real harm) and to look at it in a different light. How well it compliments EWD. From lvl 4 Ruthlessness up Lvl 8 I made, due to it working so well. My WB fights alone from the get go of using a lvl 4 Ruth, I saw a dramatic increase in gains. From a rough median of 600k to 800k. And as the higher the level of the astral the gains increased as well. PvP as well was a noticable change. After the first 1 week, I began taking screenshots, reviewing about 1200 (800 est. were PvP) captures, all with lvl 6 Ruth it was not a maintained average damage. Yes there are those weak attacks and strong ones but with the astral my average dmg climbed about 20%. Now overall it is a small cross section of what a test needs to be. But, there is more to the astral I think, and since it has been discounted for so long, I'm sure it will always be overlooked as a compliment to EWD just as Determination has its synergy with Crit. But, I dunno I just did it to help pass time while I'm camped.

    1. I never did extensive testing on Ruthlesness, I believed posts which said it just increases maximum and minimum damage, and as such, it does not increase overall damage. Actually, once I made a lvl 9 Ruthlessness just to try to pass sky trial 2.10, hoping to get lucky, but it did not help me. When I will have the time, I will do some testing.

  7. very interesting post, but you completely understimate the crit-heal rate!!
    it depends a lot by target's level: higher the level of the target of your heal, more crit you need for see a crit-heal on him.
    I'm lvl63, with templarslvl63 and 5943crit.
    casted 20 blessed light in atoll (team heal for me and templars)
    3 of them had no crit-heals
    11 of them had 1 crit-heal
    5 of them had 2 crit-heals
    1 of them had 3 crit-heals
    ((11x1 + 5x2 + 1x3) / (20x3))x100 = 40% to do a crit-heal
    casted 11 regeneration (always on my templar)
    had 5 crit-heal (5/11)x100= 45,4% to do crit-heal

    i think that crit-heal on templars is very easier to see than on players
    i don't want to collect data during team arena, but i think to have about 30% to crit-heal in arena. it was lowered a lot when i lvlup, i remember very funny arenas when i was lvl59 with 5700crit
    now my target is to have crit=my lvl x100, so i want 6300crit

    and about the amount of hp healed: it depends a lot by the target. I can heal about 60k hp to a knight , 45k hp to myself and 38k hp to templars.. probably it depends by max hp of target

    1. This is very possible. Against World Boss, crit is the optimal strategy - probably because it is only level 50. But, if crit heal works weaker at higher level, it doesn't help the majority of us: more and more people are level 80 lately. Also, my blessed light usually heals the party to max hp even without crit, I would benefit from crit only when casting restoration on a target of less than 50% hp. Anyway, I made a 6k crit build recently, but forgot to test healing... will do it again when I have time, and get back to you with the results.

    2. now i'm lvl64 with 7386crit. crit-heal rate in arena is crazy: blessed light usually does 2 or 3 crit-heals.
      i can really revive my team when close to die :)
      i click on blessed light when team is near to 60% of hp life. after some seconds, team is about 20-30% of life, and we return to 100%.
      a mage of my lvl and br can heal about 25k hp. i can heal 65k hp. my max hp is 75k :)
      i won some fights in class wars for time out, thanks to crit-heal: if you have more hp, you win.
      a crit mage usually lose against a no-critmage of same lvl. but if crit-mage cast a crit-heal, he win easy.
      for lvl80 don't know how much crit you need, i think about 8-9000, not so hard to get if you have maxed soul cristals. but if your allies are lvl70+, maybe they have guardian angel astral. it reduce crit-heal rate i think.
      my advice: crit way for mage is wonderful, but you need about crit=your lvl x 100, to cast crit-heals and be better than no-critmages of same br.
      ciao ciao

    3. At level 80, heal - and especially blessed light - is not so important in pvp. I usually do arena with 2 archers. First turn we use rage rune, second turn all 3 of us big delphic (unless someone got chaosed), and opponent is usually dead. If not, and wasted time on healing, then the sylph finish him off :) In CW, you don't need much healing before awakening. And the fight goes very rarely past sylph form. Also in pvp, and especially CW, a lot of people use guardian angel.
      There is a different reason why crit is becoming more and more important for a mage, and it is not pvp. Crit really shines in some pve situations: in necropolis, sky trial you keep trying until you score an exceptional critial run; in GD you can be lucky with a few early crits and claim first kills; in WB you need crit since the beginning.
      Lastly, I got a lot of help in the past month to make the above formulaes more precise, now we know exactly how the critical works. And it's better than I thought :)
      So crit is good in pve, but I still use EWD in pvp.

    4. have you discovered how crit probability is calculated?

      i noticed that in arena i need more crit when i lvl up
      i noticed that in treasure hunt it's very rare for me to crit on a lvl80 boss, but it's easy against lower lvls.
      so i think that the formula can be something like:
      Crit% = (your crit stat / (X1 * your level)) + ((your level - taget level) * X2) - lvl of guardian angel of target * 5
      with X1 and X2 are unknown, and Crit% can be between 10% and 90%. it can't be 0% or 100%.

      if we suppose X1=2 and X2=2, with this formula:
      my crit% against 80 bosses is: Crit %=7386/(2*64)+(64-80)*2-0*5 = 26% looks realistic
      my crit% in arena (target lvl=average 62, nobody with guardian angel): Crit%=7386/(2*64)+(64-62)*2-0*5 = 62% a little low, i think is around 70%
      my crit% against world boss: Crit%=7386/(2*64)+(64-50)*2-0*5 = 86% a little high, i think around 80%
      crit% of a lvl80 player with 2000crit stat, against world boss: Crit%=2000/(2*80)+(80-50)*2-0*5 = 72% realistic?
      crit% of a lvl80 player with 4800crit stat, against world boss: Crit%=4800/(2*80)+(80-50)*2-0*5 = 90% realistic?
      crit% of a lvl80 player with 9000crit stat, against world boss: Crit%=9000/(2*80)+(80-50)*2-0*5 = 90% (can't be more than 90) realistic?

      Crit-heal formula should be very similar, with different X1 and X2
      maybe X1 and X2 aren't constant, maybe every skill has his own X1 and X2...
      maybe i wrong :)

    5. I collect crit data since a long, will publish it soon. But I would need so much data, can never give an exact formulae on crit rate.

  8. Thank you for this and outstanding work so far with the blog! Keep it up! I'll be checking in frequently:D

  9. How do you calculate your formulae? You wrote battle protection works as 1+(reduce resist-resist)/833 while other guides say 1+(reduce resist-resist)/10. It is a huge difference. Also why you say it is capped at 1.2?

    1. Every 10 resist you have reduces the damage by 1.2%. Every 10 reduce resist negates 10 resist. For example, if you have a reduce resist of 300, and your opponent has a dark resist of 400, you will get a damage multiplier of 1+(300-400)/833=0.88. The other info says about the same, they just say the percentage of damage reduction instead the actual multiplier. They wrong in one thing, 1.2% per 10 resist is the correct value, not 1%.
      The cap means that even if you have a resist reduce of 300 and your opponent a -100 resist, you will not deal him 48% more damage, you will deal only 20% more damage, this is the maximum you can reach. This is why will crystals are not so great at higher levels, a 300 resist reduction has advantage over a 150 resist reduction only if the opponent has a significant resistance. Sky trial 3-5 boss has a dark resistance of 400, so you need a resist reduce of 567+ to be able to deal maximum damage.

  10. This all sounds fine, I just dont understand where you get these data from. I have not seen anywhere that 3-5 sky trail boss has 400 dark resistance, and I dont know how you get the exact information of 1.2 instead of 1 %. Since the actual damage figures result from a huge number of factors, it was not possible for me to verify your calculations.

    1. You can verify these if you like. You need to log in to 2 characters at once. Enter both in the Altar of Enoblement, you can make duels there. One should be attacker, the other defender. To make it simpler, remove will destroyer, goddess blessing astrals, honor medal and will crystals from attacker, sylph and resist crystals from defender. You should even remove equipment which ignores 1000 def or increases attack by 1000. Note down the following informations: ATK, DEF. Do multiple fights, and note down all damages. Collect about 50-60 at least. Sort the numbers in excel. If you exclude criticals and dodges, you will get maximum 42 different numbers. 21 number is medium damage - 10%, medium damage - 9%, ... medium damage, ... medium damage +9%, medium damage +10%. You will get another 21 numbers, it's due to the fate aura, brutal edge. At max. brutal edge, these second numbers will be exactly the prev. numbers +2500.
      Now that you just have to check if you did everything right. Damage is as described in the above article: (ATK-DEF)/2 * multipliers. The calculated damage must be exactly the same as measured medium damage.
      Now equip resist crystals with defender, and you will see how the numbers change. Then add will crystal, and see how the numbers change. You will see that multiplier is 1.2 and there is a cap of 1.2. This is how we did it.
      When you see and understand how this works, you willl know everything just from a few damage numbers. For example, from one single damage and corresponding "resist reduce" number you can tell the opponents resist, liky sky trials bosses.

  11. Can you please give an overview on mage talents? Particularly, I'm curious about Misfortune - shortens Dammation cool down by x sec and increase damage by x%.

    I'm not sure how it works. I have Dammation Lvl 3 and Misfortune talent lvl 7. When it says increase damage by 70%, does it mean that the damage caused by Damation is increased by 70% or by the skills in the 5 rounds following Dammation. If the latter, it's a pretty powerful increase.

    Can you please comment?