Resist calculator

Wartune resist calculator This Wartune resist calculator can help you determine the resistance of your opponent. You need to do one auto-attack, and note down 2 numbers which appear on the screen: damage dealt, and either "reduce damage res" (in case your opponents resisted some of the damage) or "resist reduce" (in case your resist reduce is higher than your opponent's resist). Fill in only one of these 2 boxes. If none of those texts appear, there was no resistance applied.

You also need to know your equipment modifiers, like "damage dealt" bonus and "ignore defense". The later one is relevant only if you use the same attack form. For example, "ignore 1000 MDEF" is irrelevant if you use Hades which is PATK. If this sounds complicated, just remove the equipment you wear and input zero.

The table also needs to know if you are in an awakened sylph (lvl 50+) or not since 50+ sylphs have a 110% damage multiplier.

reduce damage res:
if you saw text "reduce damage res" input
the number you saw next to that text
resist reduce:
if you saw text "resist reduce" input the
number you saw next to that text
input the damage you dealt with auto-attack
equipment modifier:
input here your equipments "damage dealt"
bonus + "ignore defense" /2. For example,
input 2500 if you wear a lvl 80 set.
will crystal:
input your "reduce res" bonus from your
character sheet, under "battle protection"
awakened sylph?
select yes if you fight in a lvl50+ awakened
press calculate to calculate your opponent's

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