Which is the worst feature of Wartune?

Today we were waiting for 1 hour on sylph atoll boss (since no one knew exactly when it died during the night), and spent another full hour killing it. Along with the additional features of this event (only the 1st team gets good reward, computer speed is more important here than BR, and some annoying bugs like if you have a farm ready, you have to constantly click off the warning, or sometmes you can't awaken for the entire fight) I was wondering if this is the worst event in Wartune, or if there is anything even worse.

But then cross-server guild battle came into my mind. It does not only have a record amount of bugs and lag (people having dark screen for entire xGB, people fighting their own team members, not being able to click on grab tower button etc). The complete design is bad, imho,lLasers killing people regardless of their BR, teams can't fight together etc, I think they should have saved a lot of work for themselves and a lot of frustration for us players if they should have just used the good old guild battle code.

Also here is the new arena. Before patch 3.1, the 3-player team arena was fast, furious and fun. The only reason why we didn't do it because the reward suck. Now there is great reward - but it's lagged, and insanely bugged. We hate it as hell but still do it :(

But I can mention tank too: it's one thing that tanks has nothing to do with a fantasy game. But, to make it worse, your stats, and the time you invested makes very little difference. It's just a damn stupid video game. Which, if you unlucky, have to play for a looong time for some minimal rewards.

There are many more mind-numbing, boring events which people do only for the rewards, not for the fun: maps, spire, mpd, fishing, circuit etc. With all the new things added to the game and time needed increasing and increasing, I would love to see the possibility to blitz more features. I know recovery is there, but it gives no items at the moment. If I were a Wartune developer, I would do this: if you did an event at least 100 times succcessfully - like be first in tank 100 times, or win nirvana nm 100 times, or complete 100 orange maps etc. then I would add an "Improved Recovery" button, where you could claim FULL reward.

So what is your opinion, which is the worst feature of Wartune now?


  1. Worse event for me is Group Arena but only for lag... rewards are awesome...

    1. Yeah, we do it for the rewards too. But it's not fun when you do a lot of events only for the rewards :(

  2. Golden route replacing underground palace has been the worst event so far.. I mean cmon, it was so rewarding and they removed it?? Or is it under maintenance?

  3. I need the balens from underground palace, because I am a non casher and can't log in everyday,now the new feature golden route is totally junk, I think Wartune shouldn't make non cashers want to quit because when we get strong cashers will cash more.
    lv64 74k br class: mage, non-casher