Class advancement

Class advancement gives a really huge boost to characters, so you should do it as soon as possible.

1.) level 80
2.) dragon soul (first stage) maxed out.

To reach these goals as soon as possible, you should stop collecting talent points (people are not using HS anyway) and go directly for 80. About dragon soul, you can maximize for free in a month if you can do nirvana nm (4 soul / day) and got far enough in Necropolis (lvl 5: 1/day, lvl 10: 3/day, lvl 15: 6/day, lvl 20: 10/day, lvl 25: 15/day). Do not buy crypt keys for this, just don't use them in Catacomb and save up the ones you get for free from blitz and from guild wheel.

Once you meet the prerequisites, you can do the class advancement quests at NPC … in Cloud city. Please note that the quests must be completed in this order.
1.) Clear lych lair nm (don't need to do with attempt)
2.) Win a tank battle
3.) Win 3 battlegrounds (it's not kill, your side must win 3 times)
4.) Clear Dragon king (it's just a special solo dungeon, it's very easy)

Once you completed these, the class advancement stuff opens up:

1.) Dragon lord experience. You will have an XP bar of different color where you can collect XP again and level up. There are 8 stages, each stage has 10 levels. The unused XP you had (800M usually) is used here, so I started off at stage 5, level 6. Before you hurry pump all your xp scrolls, books, and potions here, I suspect that we shall hit the roof before they add advanced talents...

2.) New skills. You get 12 new skill points and new skills. I assume you get skill points for each stage you completed. You can spend these skill points in both skill tree (if you opened the 2nd). I recommend using the points on the passives first (Sturdy, +10% HP and a class-specific). For my mage, I bought the mana shield too (16% dmg reduction for 3 rounds), the rest seems pretty useless :( Icebolt is much weaker single-target than Thunderer, can't slow and less damage, and Flame Tornado is real crap compared Delphic Hell Thunder, less damage on group, and can't stun. It's more damage on a single target, but 100 rage is too expensive, Thunderer beats it.

3.) Astral effect. You get an arrow for each astral slot, which you can refine like mahra, troop enlightenment etc. Each level gives 1% bonus to the astral you put in. And here is a trick! Percentage astrals, like determination, will desroyer etc. directly get the percentage. So if you have a level 3 astral effect, it will make your determination 50% into 53%. While you put there a holy mysticality with 2880 MATK, it will become only 2937. So put your percentage astrals in the slots you refine first (unless it's a BR event).

4.) Dragon invasion. This is fun! First, you have to make a party. Then enter the Dragon temple at NPC … You get bosses after each other you have to defeat. It's mostly a damage race, not much healing is needed for the first few. The third one requires purify, the 4th already requires some healing, and the 5th you have to scatter, and kill quick, or he wipes the group. We couldn't kill the 6th. Sometimes the boss kills a team member – regardless of hp – fortunately he can rejoin after about 15 seconds. The loot is awesome – we get like 40 dragon souls, mount hoof and 5-6M gold per session.

5.) Dragon soul. You can improve your dragon soul further. It gets very expensive soon, though. Stage 2 levels cost: 50, 120, 300, 820 (imagine the next!) but the bonus is really huge, 1000 defense, 1000 crit, 1000 block, 1000 penetration. But don't waste money on getting dragon souls, the one you get from Necropolis is insignificant compared to the free ones from Dragon invasion.

Summary: Class advancement is cool. You can collect xp again (wee, bought VIP!), you can spend gold again, astral effect give much better boost to your character than making your lvl 9 astral to 10; the new skills – especially the passive ones – help, and dragon invasion is awesome loot, like a free +10 mount each day, and dragon soul gives a big BR boost.


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