Wartune Patch 4.0 information

There are already some forums with information about the coming patch, now R2Games posted an official summary as well:

I try not to make a similar listing of features here. Rather, just a simple to-do and how-to-do list for the optimizer players like me so we don't miss anything. Unfortunately, I do not have a high level character on S1, so I have only what I collected from forums and heard from others. Please feel free to correct if I'm wrong about something.

New multi-player dungeon, Elemental Forest
It seems the nightmare version is a real challenge. The first boss is a pair, one is immune to magic, the other is immune to physical damage. You have to kill them within 1 turn otherwise they revive. The strategy here is that you keep dealing about the same damage to them, and when they are low on health, you finish them off together.
You can achieve this best by using 2 magic and 2 physical damage based sylph, with AoEs. The best setup is 2 Hades and 2 Apollo. Hercules is not so great, since it have only single target damages, and you can't control which boss you hit. Continue AoEing the bosses - if one is dieing faster, those 2 players must hold back - and when they are on like half bar, release the Delphic AoEs.
The second boss is one of 3 random bosses. It seems there is no special trick here, they are just though, you need a decent BR, deal a lot of damage spiced with heals, and pay attention to chaos/amnesia/bleed.
The main reward here is getting the 2 new equipments, crest and halidom.

Looks like to be fun, will need to toy around with it a bit too see what's the optimal play there. You can make items from what you grow on the farm, like Vulcan Packs, mahra, whip, eudaemon stuff and tea which gives temporal boost. I will definitely try to make the vulcan packs here.

One of the few features in Wartune which I like as it is and wouldn't change is Dimensions. Exploration, loot, main rewards, some tactic and strategy all included. It was nerfed once, which was a really bad move, now it seems the whole thing will be messed up even more. There is really little information about the new features, one thing which catched my eye is now that you can attack other players dimensions and as a result, they can lose it. I know Wartune was always a partially PVP game, but the best PVP is where the loser does not lose anything he worked hard for. I remember the early days when just a simple plunder created so much hate. Then came amethyst mine, and in a few weeks the whole server set into a silent non-attack agreement. Prolly the same is gonna happen with dimension war pvp, but this depends on the reward as well. People will either farm their alts, or leave this altogether. And maybe farm some old enemies :)

The kid system, kind of 2nd sylph, brings us more lag and more BR. There is an excellent guide about the Chinese version on Cosmos blog, I think what we get is about the same, just without the period of growing the baby. You can develop, equip, refine etc. this new „sylph” like your previous ones. Initially, you have to make a decision if you want a make, knight or archer eudaemon. It seems they have the same skills as the main Wartune classes. So for me, an archer is an obvious choice - I always envied their incendiary shot, and deep freeze can be helpful in Purgatory Maze still. Besides that, this game is always about damage, and archers are supposed to be top damage dealers :) Knight kids can rage steal which is not so good since the combat is decided in the awaken phase. They have apollo's shield which can be good if your regular daily party does not have a knight. Achers and knights will prolly take the mage eudaemon for its healing skills.

Other features and changes
Goodies link: I like jewel hunt, so I guess I will like this mini-game as well.

New mount in arena shop: Save up 3000 league insignia to buy a green leopard.

Free purgatory and necropolis: Now I have to pay attention to do these each day as well for the free loot. Especially since the Purgatory is now dropping 2nd sylph evolve materials.

New items in mystery shop. Just check all shops imho, crypt shop, arena shop, guild shop etc. to see what's new.

Last resist slot: I read that now the last resist slot is available, for 1000 balens. Will be a nice boost.

Resist and will crystals can go up to lvl 12: This poses many questions. Prolly this will mean an inflation of resist crystals on the long term (I was a fool to buy 2 x lvl5 for 6-6 coins of ancestry). I doubt that will crystals can keep up with resist crystals, so with dimensions, people will be able to build a high resist vs a specific element. You remember when I defeated R4GE in BG (and many others complained too that people with 200k less BR beating them). Now this is gonna happen again.

Clothes can go up to lvl 12: Good luck charms need a serious inflation to keep up with this, but I guess that will happen :)

Divinity souls go up to lvl12: I still not recommend doing these unless there is a hot event reward for it.

5th inventory page for balens. (If you opened the previous ones.) Let's hope it's not more expensive than the 4th page.

Tank mount. Tank now awards mount shards which you can exchange for a 30-day temporal mount. A lot of people don't do tank lately, but now maybe it worth it again.

Astral. Now there is button do to a lot of astral once for 
VIP6+. (But still possible that it is bugged like the previous version, will need testing).

Daily devotion. Some items are changed, like mahra instead of luck stone. Also you get more dimension chests for daily log ins (4 basic per month + 1 intermediate), so stop doing battles for basic dimension shards in basic dimensions (if you didn't do so yet).

Guild wheel. Can give now mahra, sepulcrum and runestone. So if you don't bother doing this, now it's time to do again.

ToK chest. Should have saved up these, but I didn't. Now they will give eudaemon stuff.


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  2. I don't know if this is a bug. If you are like me and can't afford a casher sylph, but have their dimensions. Then rest your active sylph and use the right crystal and you'll get reduced energy per step even if normally you would get 50, then you can get 30 with any rest crystal and no sylph active.

    1. Nice hint, thx! BUt please note that white Hades and Apollo was available for free lately, and with those you can easily reach an energy cost of 10-15, much better than 30.

  3. You're welcome. I was at too low of a level to get Hades and Apollo when they were given out and I have low level resist crystal.

  4. Should you still only do intermediate with movement of 10, now that they are kinda common?

    1. Yes, I do intermediate dimensions mostly. They expire very fast, so I have 2-3 explored only to level 9, so they expire slower, and finish last level when th situation has improved.

  5. er how can upgrade my sylph pan to orange lvl and refine it to medusa and goddess of prosperity