Which is the best sylph?

Imho the best games are where you have to make decisions, and your decision has a weight. In my other favorite game, Doomlord, you have to make many decisions, about skills, ability and AA build. And if you make any bad decision, you still have the option to change, but at a cost.

When I started playing Wartune, my only problem was with the game that it was a "tube-game". You could do nothing just go forward in a "tube". There were only 2 mistakes you could do: start a mage or knight instead of an archer, and spend your resources instead of hoarding them. 

Sylphs brought a real change: they cost a lot to develop, both in time and money, so if you make a mistake there, there is only one way to correct it: by spending a ridiculous amount of money. Instead of going into deep mathematical analysis, this time I just tell you my story of sylphs, and you tell me where I made mistakes, and you try not to do the same ones.

When the first Apollo sale came out, it was obvious that it is much better than Pan and Iris. This was the first time I ever entered Wartune's chest-gamble. I bought 200 chests. Together with all the free ones I could get, I had enough shard to exchange for one Apollo. I had no luck opening one from a chest, though. Some opened 3, and dominated the sylph arena for the next months, earning an extra 1000 sepulcrum for free.

I kept developing my Apollo, and only him, until the new generation of sylphs came out. I remember I spent a horrible amount of time farming Gaia's until I got a blue one - just to save 150 mahra. 

Meanwhile, the Hades chest event started. I know that Hades was the best for mage CW. But the forums were full of people who bought 600 box and didn't get a Hades. So I said, thanks, but I don't need it for 400 USD. I spent the 1k sepu and the mahra I saved up on Gaia to make him 4-star blue and even bought her skills. And yes she was nice damage at world boss.

I was top10 in sylph arena, but wanted to be in top3. I like to play differently than others, so I thought the only way to beat those triple Apollo teams is if I keep healing my sylph. So I started developing an Iris. 

There came the second Hades box-gamble. Every mage had a Hades, so I said, I give it a go. Bought 200 chest, but got nothing, so I gave up. My Apollo was decent,  over the months, I got stronger and stronger, and was ranked 4 in sylph arena with the healer strategy. Then came a merge, we got 3 monster sylph teams, which I can't beat ever. So sylph arena (along with having an Iris) lost it's importance.

In CW, I decided to use Apollo. My logic was that no one has light resist, so Apollo will work good. The next 2 CW, I went 9-6 in the finals with Apollo, and I already spent a total of 4k sepulcrum on him, so I decided I don't need a Hades at all.

And then came sylph evolution. This was the third (and hopefully last) chest-gamble I entered in Wartune's history. I knew that again, getting the 500 divinity shard cost too much, but I hoped to win Apollo/Hades. I bought 400 chests (this was the limit I set to myself). And found one Hades. I had a dilemma there: exchange it for divshards and evolve my Apollo, or get a Hades. What would you have done?

Finally, I choose to keep the Hades. It would have been more logical to make my already strong Apollo even stronger by evolving it. But Hades is a real rarity still, and I told myself, I can always get more divinity shards later, it's just +10% strength to my Apollo.

I started developing Hades, and dumped Gaia from my sylph team. I also wanted to evolve something badly: so I made a Triton from my Iris. I was thinking for long if I made some bad mistakes. My friend has only one big super-strong Hercules, it's great in WB, Sky Trials and everywhere else. But when I make a decision, I like to stick to it.

Since that, I use Hades in CW, he is as good as Apollo was (but no better yet). Hades is my favorite now in PVE, his heal is awesome in passing Necropolis, Sky trial and God's descent levels. Strangely enough, in PVP it did not shine as great as I expected. 

On guild battles, I use Triton since I'm the healer of the team. Last guild battle, in the chaos I meet alone 4 strong characters several times, and I could defeat them, and the key was Triton. We were talking about how this is possible. Triton's healing capacity, it's AE stun and mini-delphic are better than you would think, also no one has water resist so my damage has 20% bonus granted. Since that, I tried Triton in battleground as well, and was as good as Hades...

Apollo. Although I spent a lot of effort on developing Apollo, I don't use it anywhere outside sylph arena. In every event, there is a sylph which is better for that task. His heal is weaker than Hades and Triton's, his damage is weaker than Hercules and Hades. If I wouldn't be team healer in guild battle and arena, I would use Apollo there, but now I use Triton.

Hades. I think Hades was overvalued for a long time. It's heal-reduction is not so great, by the time you use it, usually not much healing happens. His damage is pretty weak compared to Hercules or Amazon. It has one big strength, its heal, and that you can use it twice in a quick succession. The real turning point was when they corrected a bug with last patch. Previously, in PVE, your highest resist was counted, so Hercules was superior everywhere. Now they use the correct resist, so Hades is good vs dark opponents. Also the best sylph in mage CW.

Triton. Triton is undervalued. If it would have 3 good attack skills, it would be a great sylph. But it has only 2, with long cooldown. It's good for team situations, but due to its low damage capacity, weak in single PVE. In single PVP, it's better than you would think.

Gaia/Hercules. 98% of the Wartune community thinks this is the best sylph, and I think they are right. Best damage capacity, the mdef debuff, ability to slow. It's a one-man army with everything but heal and good aoe. I still use my lame Gaia for world boss. You would think it's not so good in sylph arena since it does not have aoe, but the +50% dmg buff and the mdef debuff makes up for that. If I could convert all the sepu and mahra in my Apollo into my Gaia, I would do it without hesitation. An archer or knight don't need anything else.

Amazon: I don't have it, it's a good sylph, it replaces both Hades and Gaia for a mage. But it is slightly worse than each. I remember when I gave up on Hades, I tried to farm a blue amazon. Spent weeks, but had no luck so I gave up on this. 

Pan: Don't have it either, some people say it's good after evolve, and yes, no one has wind resist :) Not gonna try it unless some day they add the option I wish for (convert one sylph to another).

Conclusion: Of my current sylph team (Apollo, Hades, Triton) I always have doubt if regret taking Hades or Triton. But now I only regret having Apollo, happy with the other two :)


  1. nice post keep them coming

  2. which is the best? this question has no answer. you should ask yourself if you want one strong sylph or 2 good.
    - if you want only 1, take hades (or amazon for free players): good damage and not only single target skills
    - if you want 2 good sylph, one must be gaia for single target events. The second sylph you should choose one with good area attack: apollo, pan, iris, hades. Here is your choice: a mage doesn't need iris (heal) or apollo (magic area attacks), a knight doesn't need pan (defence). hades is similar to an archer (can debuff enemies, hit&heal).
    i chosed to have 2 good sylph (gaia and pan, i'm a mage), because it gives more flexibility in various situations and makes the game more funny.

    about gaia: in 4vs4 events is really bad. it has all random single target skills, you must be lucky to no waste your delphic on an enemy with few hp. and too many players have gaia, too many players will have hercules: his mdef debuff isn't cumulative, so 1 hercules is enough for a team.
    about iris: to kill an iris in 1vs1 you need only a good chaos rune. you must use chaos when iris needs to heal herself, usually after 2 rounds of attacks. if iris will cast heal, she heal you and iris dies. if iris cast attack, she does less damage than you and iris dies :)

    1. Thanks for your comments! Very good obervation that Iris/Triton is very vulnerable to chaos, I experienced that too :)

    2. well didnt know chaos could cause opponent's iris heal u, but well if u have eve/hercules, u will win anyway

  3. best is amazon have almost same skill than hades, heal, aoe, and big dmg, just passive skill are based in % what is bad. but is he best in my opinion, few ppl have decent fire resistance

  4. 1 to 2% mages use fire skills sono resist at all thats how i roll in cw

  5. Hey, I am knight.. And thinking to grow up my eve in to Hercules.. How good I'm going to be fight with mages and archers?;) thanks.. Or I need better sylph for them!?....

  6. dark is good for aoe and heal only , but for pure dmg electro is still the best, triton is good for heal mostly, and now ppl have bi-element sylph wich is bad if u don't wanna spend 600$ to fuse 2 sylphs togheder . out of bi-element sylphs light-dark sylphs would compete for best dmg but once again electro-fire this time will have the best output of total dmg , i checked skills and on single target electro will allways be batter than dark , and electro-fire will kill dark-light on the same br

    1. Single target damage is good only for WB, all other places, the heal and aoe capacity of dark is more useful :(