Wartune resist calculator

I promised a while ago that I will make you a Wartune resist calculator. It's complete now, you can try it on tis link, or just click "Resist calculator" in the top menu.
 You don't need to collect a large amount of data and do tests. Just do one simple attack, write down the numbers, and you will know exactly how much is your opponent's resistance. Great for sky trials, God's descent, and any other place where you want to see how the combat works.

Some fun facts about resistance:

  • You need at least 167 more resist reduce than your opponent's resistance to have maximum damage.
  • Players can now increase their reduce resist faster than their resists, so for veteran players in pvp resist only matters when you fight your own element.
  • Looks like since patch 3.1, resist and resist reduce has changed seriously when you are not in awakened form. Play around with the resist calculator, and you will see.

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  1. nice, really appreciate your posts they are refreshing and useful, thanks for being apart of my wartune journey :)