Crit heal and guardian angel

This is one of the Wartune's mysteries, does the guardian angel astral affect your chance to critical heal? And if yes, by how much? I mentioned a few months ago that I did some tests on crit heal with a critical of 3600, but had zero crit heal out of 100. Since that, the world has changed a lot, now I could test with a critical of 11383, and the result was:

So yes, the rumor is true, guardian angel is bugged. It reduces your crit heal rate too, not only your opponent's crit rate.

Please note that even without guardian angel, the chance for crit heal is much lower than chance for crit damage: with this crit, I had the maximum 80% crit rate even vs lvl 80 opponents.

Conclusion: Mages should use guardian angel only where the opponent criticals are a bigger problem than not having critical heals. This is mostly player-vs-player, where a guardian angel can mean a 15-20% damage reduction. Do not use it vs world boss, sky trial and other pve opponents where you need the critheal to survive, and critical hits don't happen often. Knights and archers can use this astral all the time of course. Although crit chance caps at 80%, higher critical is still good to counter an opponent's guardian angel in pvp, and for a mage, to have more crit heals in pve.

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  1. Great stuff, Miklos! Thanks!

    BTW: I have a link to your blog in my character's profile, and I almost always mention the blog when players bring up Wartune related questions. Trying to spread the word. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that! I

  2. This bug will hopefully be fixed tonight with the update.