Old leather exchange analysis

There was a great chest event at the end of August, „Old time event”, where the chests contained cloth packs, fashion shards, luck charms, and old leathers which you could exchange for additional cloth packs. That was a very good event, see my analysis here. Now we got the same event again: but things has changed since.

1.) Now you can get plenty of free fashion cores and luck charms for free in the wild shop. I'm always less willing to pay for something what I can get for free as well :)

2.) The cloth you can get for old leathers are exactly the same like last time. So if you participated in the event then and got the boxes, this event is useless for you: just for the fashion cores and luck charms, and maybe the 1-2 new rare cloth drops it's not a good deal.

So without going into the numbers, my advice is this:

If you didn't do the old leather event in August, and still need a lot of cloth you can get here, this event is good for you. See the exact calculation here first! I still recommend that you wait with buying until the very last moment. We are not in a hurry, you will get some free boxes, maybe there will be a big spender event, maybe they give out a lot of chests for free...

If you have the majority of the cloth, skip this entirely.

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