What do do while playing Wartune?

Haha, I know the subject is really weird. While you play Wartune, you are supposed to play Wartune, isn't it? Well, the core of the game is a large number of repetitive daily quests, which you have to do each day. Some of these - including dimensions, archeology, MPD, arena, DI (if you do it) - is just a mindless grind, and you can do something else on your second monitor/computer meanwhile.

Of course the best course is talk to your family, wife, kids etc. meanwhile :) But you can also watch films - think I burned thru a couple of seasons of several series while I did these grinds in the past half year. But lately, I play while I play. 

(That's me on the left)
I was always a fan of "trading card games". Back in the old times, I was national champion from Magic: the gathering, been even twice to Seattle, the world championships. And I am the proud co-designer of a unique trading card game, "Hatalom Kártyái" (Cards of Power), which is more poplular in Hungary than Magic. 
Also, I have big respect for Blizzard as game designing company, so I recently tried their card game, Hearthstone. It's as addictive as other Blizzard games, and it's also as simple (and kind of primitive) like those as well :) Poker is a pure mindgame compared to HS, HS is just like... rolling dice, and whoever rolls higher wins. Still, somehow it is fun (unless I lose :)) so perfectly completed the grinf of dimensions.

So guys, what are you doing while you wait in the Arena for the next opponent? Or grind dimensions, archeology etc? Or it's just I'm just hyperactive that I need to do something else meanwhile?

I know some of you expected a more scientific blog entry from me, but honestly, lately really nothing is happening in the game :( the events are very repetitive, and constantly nerfed, hard to analyze chests / rewards because it's the exact copy of the previous ones. Also, I am going for holidays tomorrow morning for a week, so not only I can't post another entry meanwhile, I will have only very limited internet access. And as Wartune is now (each time you log in, it downloads the complete game) prolly I can't play much either :( I wish you good, prosperous events while I'm back! And may Odin help you to resist the urge to recharge :)


Wartune character overview

This is something I promised earlier, an overview of my Wartune character, Fairlight. I play the game since 3 years, and I play it a lot daily, usually 4+ hours. Also I spent a significant amount of money on balens, 100-150 USD a month, sometimes even more, way too much for a game. I also tried to optimize my play whenever possible, both optimizing spendings (to get the most BR for my balens) and other strategies (like accumulating resources and trying to use them in the best moment, choosing the best rewards when multiple choices etc). 

I was drawn into the game by a friend of mine, who spent like 200 USD in total. He said, "I just want to spend an amount I won't regret when I stop." He stopped long ago, then restarted some month later on a new server, completely free. He was a top player even so, until a merge happened, when he stopped finally. I never forget another thing he said, actually the first thing he said about Wartune. "This game is really weird, you can spend ANY amount of money on it." Which would have chased away me at the start, but it didn't - actually, I thought it would be a real challenge to compete with heavy cashers.

With my character, I was in top most of the time. Not 1st always, but in top3. There is an amount of money you can't counter with skills and time invested. After each merge, we got a bigger spender, but each time I was always able to catch up with him, slowly. The game is all about patience, and I envy those who spend only 10-20 USD a month, or even nothing, and can find the fun. I always used to say, if you don't spend anything, you will be just a punchbag, and wish for things all the time you can never get. Also, I think it is okay to spend on a hobby, which is fun for you, and you spend a lot of time on it each day. The amount you can spend on this game should be something you can afford, and something you are not ashamed to admit to your friends and family :)

Character stats
When building my character, I always prioritized ATK. Thats the first thing to be maxed for holy forge and stables, and thats the stat which I always pump with at least an MATK scroll, using my never-ending stockpile of crypt tokens. The game is all about damage.

The second highest priority stat for me is defense. Since we reverse-engineered how combat works in Wartune, the reason is obvious. Hit points, it's importance is lesser, although it gives now the highest BR - due to a bug with eudaemon BR calculation (if it is still around). Critics and blocks, I always keep saying the effect of these are capped, and there is no point in improving them beyond a level, because the gain will be only almost invisible. But I also know a lot of people don't believe me. Well, everyone can find the fun in the game his own way, be it colorful mounts, cute clothing or high crit, I will not argue.

About resists, I have all level 12 gems. I do not believe that there will be a level 12 event ever, and they give too much advantage anyway to wait. I use a mixture of all 6 resists, dark and light prioritized a bit more, since Hecate/Odin is more common as the other sylphs. The stats could be higher if I would bother more about dimensions, but usually I have only 2-4 (one expert and the rest int). Please note that now you can play around with resists to get higher BR - if you have an expert dimension for fire, equip 6 fire resist gems and you will have a lot more BR.

As you know, I have the Odin (thx again to those who donated). Took me a lot more time collect than for others, since I get all the materials for free, and saved up adv. mahra and sepu for 8-10 months. But now I have a 4-moon Odin. SA friend asked if I didn't collect the materials in advance, what sylph I would make now. And I answered, Frigga. Odin has some higher stats, but since it was first, people have higher resist against it. Also, I consider the Frigga skills a bit more versatile: aoe heal, aoe awaken drain, and aoe absorb shield, cool stuff, while Odin have only one skill which affects ALL opponents. 

But now I have Odin, and I'm happy with him. I'm already collecting materials to make red equipment when I have finally enough adv. mahra to make my Odin red (still a lot of time).
My current sylph is far the top on our server, also I made the furhest in sylph expedition (boss 47).

My top eudaemon is an archer, since that was an obvious choice for a mage at start. Leveling up and building war emblem is not a problem for eudaemons, but equipment takes a lot of time, if you don't want to spend balen there. Wind ranger is better now that archer, but I just don't want to build equipment again for it. Too bad you can't switch equipment here like with sylphs. But I don't give so much importance to eudaemons anyway, they are just "chaos rune magnets", often it's  just easier to leave them home.

For me, the top priority was always to get as many mounts as I can. This is the thing where I spent balens mostly. Everything else, from soul crystals, sepulcrum, eudaemon items to cloth sets, I never spend balens, because you can get them for free eventually. But the mounts are still mostly casher-only items. And that's why I was a bit sad when I read that with an exploit, some players could get all mounts for free.
Mount whip is one of the very few resources which is designed well. You can get a fair amount, and you can spend an unlimited amount. So ToK is one of the few events still worth grinding daily.
Of course I try to collect cloth as well, especially sets which give title. Fortunately, most of these you can get for free.

Battle Rating
As you can see on the above screenshot, my current battle rating is 6.73M, this is without any buffs, just academy bonus. 

That's it, I guess... about the future: I'm not too optimistic. I decided to stop spending, and I don't think anything will change that. The devs can't fix the cache since a half year, the game keeps reloading everything, it's at the edge of being unplayable. They keep nerfing everything. Just check the late resist crystal event, I couldn't do even two level 11 crystals, using all I collected since last event.
And now they moved all main championship preliminaries to Tuesday - the day, when I can't be in front of the computer. I will not stop, no worries. I keep grinding,  just while I do dimensions, archeology, arena  - but meanwhile, I just play something else on my second monitor, like Doomlord or Hearthstone. I still hope one day they at least turn caching back on, that would help a lot :)


Opponents in tower of kings

Hello all. I did some testings with Odin today, but it goes damn slow, need a lot of data. So just a short entry until I'm done, about Tower of Kings opponents, which are from the top players. 

Lately I know I was heavy on critics towards the game devs, but with a reason. They did a lot of effort to ruin our fun. But actually, some players have the power to make the game even more miserable for all others. And these are the top players, who are chosen as ToK shadow opponents.

With the recent changes, ToK became really much easier. Even when all 4 sport Odin, we can streak through it easily, at least with our BR. But when someone have Frigga... then its impossible, or takes so long time so its no fun at all, so we do hard instead. But lately, hard is Frigga-infested as well, and when there are 2, hard is impossible too.

So here is my message to Mennoly, Darkdayz, Iceade and anyone else who think it is fun to park a Frigga in ToK. Most of you top players think the goal of this game is to have as high as BR as possible. But you are wrong. The goal is to have the respect of others. You can't achieve respect by spending truckload of money and behaving like an ass. You can have respect by being strong AND being nice at the same time. 

If you spend 100.000s of USDs to be hated by everyone, then you just wasted all that money. So don't be like Mennoly who is always with Frigga in ToK. Be like Quorax who is always nice and brings Odin.