New balen sink: underground palace

This article will analyse the new addition to Wartune, "Underground Palace". I will first write a few no-so-obvious facts, write about what's good and bad in Underground Palace, and finally, will give you a simple mathematical calculation to help decide if we should spend balens here or not.

Things you should know about Undergroumd Palace

  • Always try to move to a square which have 3 neighbours you have no info about. This way you maximize your chance to discover something new.
  • The map is always build from roughly the same elements, only their positioning is random.
  • After you have found enough objects, you can move to the next level, where each object gives double amount of items and points (supposedly there are further levels, with 3x (4x?) etc. rewards)
  • When you move to a square where have already been, it costs no steps.
  • Using the 30 free moves you start with, you can always get at least 100 points (and claim the first chest) but 500 points (second chest) is impossible.
  • You can use the key (bottom of screen, center) for 3 moves when you step on a square where "you have a strange feeling". Possible rewards: vulcan's stove, underground chest shard, underground mount shard and a nice chest with some decent treasure.
  • You can exit the Palace and reenter and continue later on the same day.

Pros and cons of the Underground Palace

Underground palace is an activity based on "Erebus", similar activity from another similar game, League of Angels. Unfortunately, they failed to copy a few key features:

  • In LoA, there is an object named "Radiant light" which removes fog of war from the entire map. Would love something similar here too.
  • In Erebus, the 50 or so moves are more than enough to explore the entire map usually. Here, the 30 moves are not enough to get access to the exit.
  • In Erebus, you get item rewards for battles as well, here, you won't.
Despite those, this is a nice activity, you can get some cool items, like 1-day Spirit covenant or 1-hour VIP card. The sylph skill chest is fun too, although it sounds like a message "we keep the sylph skill replace-gamble in the game, collect random skills from Underground Palace to play it". 
Do not buy items in the "black market"! Despite what they say (40% discount) there is no discount at all, it's the same price as with usual sales (3-5x more than realistic value). Do not even move on those squares.

Should you spend balens on additional steps?

You can buy 5 extra steps for 99 balens, so +1 step cost 20 balens. Let's examine how much balen you can earn with 1 step. I collected info from a few runs. Also, I did one "balen-run", where I spent bound balens until I get enough points to claim the second chest. It wasn't cheap, cost 700 balens, so this is a much more expensive mini-game than jewel hunt.

As you can see, the average value of a step was 7,3 balens from 6 runs. There is a new item there, underground chest shard. When you have 5, you can synthesise it into a chest (on the left).
With the balen run (second one) I was able to reach the second floor. There, every object gives double loot and points. The problem is, the points needed for the next chest is increased as well. And the chest values play a heavy weight in determining step values. As you can see, I had the worst step/balen value with this run.
So, when you buy new moves, it cost you 20 balens / move, while it yields only 7 balens on the average. This is a very bad investment.
DO NOT SPEND BALENS in this event. It's so bad, even whales will not spend much here, so don't worry about them gaining an advantage :)
Still worth doing each day for free, you can earn goodies worth 200-300 balens in 10 minutes.

(I try to update this article when I have more information)


  1. cool! what im wondering though is those map shards(it says get 5 of them to get a chest) if we get 25 of them im wondering if that will give us the 5/5 chest so that we can get that chest at the bottom of the rewards column that gives, mahra sepulcrum and either 50,100 and 300 bound balens, and where do we get mount shards???(dont confuse maps hards and mount shards lol)

    1. Someone wrote on a forum that when he used 3 steps on a square where he had a "strange feeling" he got a mount shard, but I think he got a chest shard instead (I got that too). So maybe they just forgot to add it? who knows...

  2. An awesome event: underground palace
    To keep me and many of my online friends going as they need sylph materials
    This will further compel me to camp even longer at lvl 48 till my BR reaches 45k after max bless from wheel, as I farm even more sylph materials (mahra and sylph sepulcrum).. like a boss XD

    1. Delve into the depths of the Underground Palace and discover where your bravery lies while uncovering secret treasures and monstrosities. See below for the servers who will be able to participate in the event from October 15th - October 26th!

      so it mean that will only be possible for 11 days ?

  3. Alright, thank you so much for the information. It´s helpful know that extra hints (moreover for me that i got to save the most balens i can for real investments), keep going like that. !!! (thumbs up) :)