Reaching devotion 300

It seems reaching the 300 devotion in Wartune is possible for a free player, I could do it in the past days. But you have to do literally EVERYTHING. Fall asleep for the 10 seconds while the world boss is alive, or engage in guildbeast a monster before you reach the boss, and likely you are not going to make it. You have to do 5 bounty quests, 5 circuit quests, 5 duels, nether forest cross-server and many other things you prolly didn't do before. Also it sounded cool that I have to do tok, spire, DI, BI only once per week: but actually, I still have to do them each day for devotion! Okay, in DI, BI, tok do only the first monster, and in spire run it afk, but still, this takes time. Add to this that you have to check voyage every 20 minute to refresh for orange trips, and we end up playing more hours daily than before the patch. Getting +40 devotion from being VIP can help, you can have the luxury of skipping 2-3 things, but for me it's still not a good enough timesaver to spend money on it.

Another disappointment for me is the voyage shop. It seems this shop only have a few items, and most of them are as useless as the items you spend to get the coins. Who needs vulcan stoves, blood of zeus and normal henna? And this is 90% of the goodies you can buy there. There are also the gift / blessing / compliment of god series for upgrading sylph. Well, I got the 6 red equipment for free in the past events, but sure can spend a bit more time collecting a set for my secondary sylph. But that's all, the end of this failed experiment called "voyage". Some say there are wraithstones too, but I haven't seem those since a week, and that's also an item we get for free anyway and will need only a limited amount. If you have seen some unusual, rare item in the voyage shop, please let me know so we can post it here!


Wartune Patch 5.7 & 5.8

Finally we get a Wartune patch which brings positive changes to the game, yeee :) It's still not so earthshaking so it would compel anyone to pay money for this game again, but still, I appreciate their attempts, even if the features are ridden with bugs which will never be completed. So let's see what are the good and what are the bad changes.

Good changes

ToK, Spire and DI once per week
These 3 events were always the most trouble, because you needed a full party to do these. Either you had a fix party (which is still trouble to organize together), or beg every evening others to help. After this patch, you have to do this only once per week, freeing up a tremendous amount of time! This is a great change. However, the implementation is far from perfect. You get 7 chest for your run, but you do not get 7 times more shadow souls. Getting even less beast souls is always sad. Still, this change is good in total, I hope they fix this problem eventually.

Another great addition. I spam forums since like 2 years for some events where we can put to use all the hoarded and useless resources. And finally our pleas were heard! Now you can exchange all the crap for something useful. Anyone else besides me saved the 100.000 soul crystals in mail from the 3-year old events? :) Of course, like any other events, this is not bug-free. You can "upgrade" your ship, so the trip lasts for 2 less minutes. Sounds like a quite useless feature, since you can do only 5 trips per day anyway. But of course I was curious and clicked it, wrong move. Upgrade lasts for 10 hours! Kindof kills your chance to do voyages for the day. There is an option to ask help from friends to speed up the process - to bad this feature is bugged and not working :)
About the tasks, you can refresh then every 20 minutes, and there are 3 options, so you should be patient enough to get an orange one, which requires real trash resources.

Kitten club
Now its okay to do the few clicks in the kitten club. One furniture costs 10k gold, and you get back like 30-60k. You also get a lot of components, so using premium furniture and getting even more gold is easy.

Spirit Covenant additions
Spirit covenant was a useless feature lately, now it has 2 more features. Circuit master helps making circuit quests faster by auto accepting them. Although the circuit quests have been made easier, it's still too much time for no reward imho, so this covenant features is useless for me. The Archeology auto-path function does not really reduce the time to do archeology. To me, the ideal spirit convenant for these would be where I just click one button and I get all the rewards, then I would buy it :) Still, some might be happy with these.

Titans can be rearranged
Titan skills can be rearranged or even removed. Great feature! You can get rid of this bugged feature where you don't need it (for example World boss), or use the heal / rune skills a bit later when you need them more.

Don't have to click on treasures
Drops from monsters go directly to your inventory. Very good feature, again. We lost so many treasures due to DC, team moving to the area too fast etc.

Misc. simplifications and improvements
Any sylph can wear red equipment, don't have to roll the academy each day, you keep even temporal titles, greater farm output etc. All these small changes are very positive. There is one thing only which is either not working or misworded. "You can now double click eudaemon mark shards to exchange for items." I was excited first that I can exchange these useless junk for something useful, but double click allows nothing else just claiming an eudaemon.

Outland contest
I'm afraid of this one, all multi-player events in the game are bugged and laggy beyond repair, and take up too much extra time, my guess is this won't be different. But we shall see soon.

Bad changes
Maybe first time in Wartune's history, a patch has less bad changes than good :) Actually, I found only one feature which I did not like:

The devotion system have been completely revised, to make it much worse than before. The devotion system was good as it was, the only changes it needed was to add devotion for a few more activities, so we can use this feature as a checklist for daily action. Unfortunately the devs ruined the system instead. First of all, they put activities in many sub-menu. Previously, I could see with a glance what I sill miss. Now I need to do endless clicking to learn the same. While previously you could get 3 chest with just 85 devotion, now you get the first chest after 100! And while you would think you can get waaay more devotion now, the truth is, they actually removed activities which gave devotion, like astral and fate. Previously a free player could get the fashion core, now you need to be a casher to get anywhere close. And to top it off, they again require manual clicking of checking. One step backwards again.