The perfect VIP wheel

Getting lvl 7 gems from the rigged VIP wheel is quite impossible, but still, there are better value wheels than others. Here is what I think the perfect VIP wheel is:
What you need to look for is the 500k gold, two mount whip x 5 (it is important that you get two! if you get only one, that will not be rolled) and mount whip x 2. If you have these 4 items, you can roll, it is a very good value wheel. An additional whip, and 20k, 60k gold can augment it even further. So after the roll, it looks like this:
So 560K gold (worh 11 balens) and 8 mount whips (worth 16 balens).

Long ago, I was happy with skeleton keys x 5 too, but since I got like 1200 skel keys in an event, I'm good with those for a year or so. If you low on skel keys, you can go for skel key x 5, 2 x whip5, 1x whip2 too.

Another good value board is 500k gold and extreme stamina potion. You see, the extreme stamina potion's 2.5 blitz gives 2.5 chance to convert your skeleton key into a crypt key. But thats a very, very rare board, you have to roll for a very long time, so I suggest better go for the above.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the extreme stamina potion. I accidentally blitzed all my stamina before doing DI. Used the VIP tokens. Worked like charm!

    1. Cool, I'm glad the hint was useful! For a long time I farmed stamina potion from VIP wheels but since my level is maxed I go for the whips usually.