Wild shop strategy

Wild shop is an awesome addition to Wartune. Free players / low cashers can now get items which were out of their reach previously. With 1500 million useless daru stocked up, I run to the shop, refreshed a lot and bought everything with joy on the first day. However, like everything, this can be done smart, or stupid. I will show you how to do this smart.

You can buy in the wild shop for the following resources:
  • Mystery stone. This is the most commonly used resource - and the most scare as well. Use it to buy highly useful items (see later), because you don't get much daily.
  • Insignia. Insignia is a limited resource (see this article). You have to be wise what to buy.
  • Kyanite. Kyanite is a limited resource too, but you need it only for rolling the wheel daily. So it's okay to spend it: as long as you have some.
  • Gold. Gold is a virtually unlimited resource. Visit the wild shop only when you have plenty of gold (after WB / Dragon Invasion), so you don't have to skip a good offer.
  • Daru. I have 1500M daru, and earn 10M+ daily. Even when I have to save up for some future troops, this commodity I considered unlimited, so I buy even stamina potions for it.

Wild shop has the following commodities:

Total trash:

seeds, luck stones, bounty scrolls, divine light, energy cores. These items you can get for free and much cheaper other ways, and/or don't give any BR.
Don't buy these, regardless of the cost. Ever.

Almost trash:

roses, crystalloids, legend stones, star tear. I wouldn't buy these, but I know there are some rose-fans out there... And some low-levels might go for the crystalloids/legend stones too.
Don't pay anything but daru or gold for these, though, the other resources you need more in the long term.
Star tear is supposedly a rare, and sold only for mystery stones. Some people need it desperately, it's their luck if it shows up.

Marginally useful:

level 3 gems. These worth only 2 balens, and you get millions in events for free.
stamina potions. I don't consider XP a value, so to me, a stamina potion worth only a few balens (and only because there is has like 10% chance it can give you a crypt key for a skeleton key).
I buy the above only for daru.


Soul crystals, runestones, mount whips. fate stones, single fashion core, good luck charm.
It's okay to buy these for gold, daru, insignia and kyanite, but NOT for mystery stone. If you have maxed out SC and/or fate stones, you might consider spending only gold and daru on those.
Fashion cores and good luck charms are a specialty, because they are very expensive. You should start refreshing shop with a lot of gold so you can buy these if they come up for gold.
Please note that the developers made a mistake: good luck charm should be 1500 insignia, but it is only 150 currently. So it's the best value buy :)

Highly useful:

Mahra, resist crystal, will crystal, sepulcrum, lvl 6-7 gems, clothing, and rare packs of the „Useful” items.
These are the must-buy packs, save up mystery stones to buy only these.

Here is a table to summarize the above. I ordered items by balen / mystery stone value, and marked which are must-buy, buy only if you didn't max it yet, and buy only if you have plenty of the resource you are buying for. Balen value is based on this article.

You strategy should be visit the Wild shop after each automatic refresh, but refresh for daru only when you have plenty of gold. And do multiple refresh-until-I-get-a-rare cycles only if you have enough mystery stones.


  1. Great article. I'm fighting the temptation to hold out for the 150 star tear shards for 133 or even 222 stones...growing impatient to evolve my first sylph. Not the smartest idea, I know. Otherwise will crystals, mahra/sep packs, and core packs are the only things on my immediate radar.

    So far I've only refreshed with daru. Out of curiosity, any idea how much it costs to fully refresh the shop with balens?

    1. I think it's 15 refresh... but don't do it :) have patience, eventually you will have more daru you can spend.

      And star tear, you get it eventually, you just need patience. This is the most difficult, when you either wait for something to get for free in 1 month, or pay to get immediately :)

    2. I think I can resist the urge to spend stones on the star tears, but at the rate I get star tear shards from my four daily horns...could be more like three months before i get my herc. I just want to start clobbering wb with those purple gaia skills lol

      All in due time :D

  2. Replies
    1. Fortunately, it's pretty common :) I hope it stay that way :)

  3. You can buy mounts for half off in the regular shop too.

    1. Yeah, those are good buy, but they are default items, don1t run away... So buy them only after you have the mystery stone free mount, and still have a good spare stock of mystery stones to buy any nice rare coming up.

  4. My favourite buy:
    1 myst stone => 10x soul crystals
    2 myst stones => purple or orange farm seeds

    Personally, I only used refresh till it cost more than 80k daru.
    I did had some luck getting rare items: a lvl 6 gem and 100 soul crystals
    And a friend in my server managed to get clothing for an amount of mystery stones
    It would be nice to use shadow crystals in wilds shop exchange.. but I don't think it will ever happen :(

    1. Yes, I agree that, I have more and more shadow crystals each day (even when I don't fish them, and use them on daily quest), at 2k now...

  5. i disagree with the seeds though , because if the seeds are offered for the same currency the seeds themselves will yeild when harvested ,it's usually a profit, i bought 3 l3 ultimate gold seeds(12hr) today for 120k gold, it gives 50k gold per seed, thats 150k gold in total, so i make a little profit the same happens if kyanite seed is offered for kyanite and so on

    1. 9 lvl2 gold seeds in the shop cost 27k gold, and yield a total of 135k gold, that's a total 108k gold profit in12 hours.
      Another example: 3 lvl2 kyanite seeds in the shop costs 9k gold, and yields 9k kyanite in 12 hrs. In wild shop, one elite kyanite seed cost 100k gold, and yields 10k kyanite in 12 hrs.
      So I still think seeds are not a good deal :(

  6. Any thoughts on Fashion core x10 for 333 mysterystones or good luck charm x5 for 333k kyanite?