Free divinity shards

Wartune's new gamble, Wheel of Prosperity is a huge failure imho. In Big Spender, you get a fix bonus pack after the balen you spent. In Wheel of Prosperity (which replaced Big Spender now), you get only something random, which is mostly useless or of little value. Also players had a concern: what if they win a mount which they already have? Well, you shouldn't worry about that, since no one wins a mount. But in case someone does, there is an exchange event under hot events, where you can exchange this mount into event shards. 

And here comes a trick (which is prolly unintended by the designers) which can get you some free (or at least, cheap) divinity shards:
  1. Buy phantom yeti card for glory crystals.
  2. Exchange phantom yeti in kit exchange II for kit's supplement.
  3. Exchange kit's supplement for divinity shard.
If you make it to the finals, you can buy 1 yeti for free, saving yourself 6240 balens (cost of 80 kit's supplement). But even with buying glory crystals via wager, it's much cheaper than buying chests.

*** UPDATE: It seems you can buy the yeti card only if you don't have it. So another feature limited to those who spent only very, very limited balen on the game or started recently. ***

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