Sylph equipment guide

Wartune added sylph equipment to the game. The design is pretty complicated, and includes a lot of random factors, so players might have a difficulty to see it through. The focus is, as always in my articles, to spend balen or not? I try to help now.

To make one sylph equipment, you need 400 sylph equipment shards. Each sylph can use 6 items, and you have 3 in your sylph team, so in the long term, you need to collect 7200 shards.

How to get sylph equipment shards?
  • You get 20-40 shards each day from sylph arena, depending in which team you are in. Also, you get a weekly reward from the arena as well, depending on your ranking, this is an additional 150-250. So you can collect for free approx. 400 shards weekly, 1600 monthly.
  • Obviously, some hot events give sylph equipment shards. This is pretty unbalanced currently. A character who forgot to spend whips last event, got 2400 shards and have all 6 items now. People who have either maxed whips, or used whips last event, got almost nothing. Event chests also drop now equipment shards. So from these gambles / events, you can get another 0-2000 shards for free monthly.
  • Of course you can buy equipment shards for balens, and they are expensive like hell. When you can get like 2500 per month for free, you probably don't want to pay 1000 balens for 20 more. It would make one item cost 20.000 balens!!!

So, you will need 3-4 months to collect enough equipment, after that these items will become worthless and will just gather the dust like soul crystals, fate stones, dragon souls etc. So think 3 times before you spend balen on these.

What's the real bonus of these items?
4 items give +650 HP, 1 gives +650 MDEF/PDEF, 1 gives +650 ATK. You probably immediately notice the flaw here. ATK is 5 times more valuable than HP (both in BR, and in game terms) so I don't really get why these items give 650 HP instead of 3250. My sylph has 100k HP, and in the sylph arena damages of 20-40K are not uncommon. So 650 HP is a big nothing.
How much these items worth? The 650 ATK is good, but certainly not worth 20k balens - 5k at most. And the 4 HP items worth like 1200 balens maximum each. So I would say, one equpment shard worth an average of 3 balens (1200 / 400).

How fast I need these?
Please note that you need only one set of items for your main sylph, to add to your BR/stats. Your second and third sylph will use these in the sylph arena only. Due to the nature of the sylph arena point ranking, equipping a 2nd and 3rd sylph with these items will make little difference in your reward. So you SHOULDN'T rush to make items for them - just to make items 1% faster which you don't need anyway :)

Equipment enchanting
After enchanting my ATK equipment to level 10, it gives my sylph +753 ATK. Fortunately, the items needed for the enchant - Glint of Magic and Magical Moonlight - were completely free from hot events, I hope it remains so. I don't understand why they are 2 separate items, since I always find them together :) Took my about 140 of each to enchant the item to level 10. So if we want to assign some theoretical value to these, it's 10 balens per pair (giving an average bonus of 1500 balens for 140 of them). I suspect that further levels will cost more, so this value will decrease.
The trick is here that they added an enchant event. So if you want to use it, you need an equipment - and you need it right now. That can make people spend - even when it's unwise. Good sales strategy, I have to say.

Equipment upgrading
Of course you can upgrade your level 10 enchanted items to purple and then later to orange. Purple upgrade requires blessing of god x 100. 10x of them is a rare (1%?) drop from current chests, you can also buy 3x at some dimension merchants for 80 balens, and you can get 1x for free sometimes on „you feel something strange” dimension squares for 50 energy. Some is included on the biggest big spender packs, and no doubt, eventually it will be sold directly at roughly the same price as 100g gold bars on kithco.
About orange upgrade I don't know anything, but seems to need „gift of god” (reward for current sylph rank event).

Sylph arena
As you noticed, sylph arena has been changed significantly. Now it's not server-only, but cross server.
I don't like this change for several reasons.
1.) being in top 3 on my server sylph arena gave me a goal. Took me 6 months to get there when we got merged and I week after I was 3rd, I was down at the bottom of the ladder again. Then, 6 more months, I climbed up to 2nd - and next week, it's replaced by cross-server sylph arena! That IS frustrating.
2.) I'm sure a lot of people spent a lot of balens and efforts on building strong sylphs (not only primary, but 2nd and 3rd) to be good in sylph, and get the TOP3 reward buff besides the +50 sepulcrum. Now it doesn't matter anymore how strong you are, even 60k BR teams will make it to the gold group by clicking mindlessly 10 attacks each day. And the reward is just sepulcrum and equipment shard, the later one will become obsolete just in a few months.
3.) The point system is pretty messed up, you rank is not determined mainly by your team's strength, but when during the day you make your attacks.

Don't spend gold on refresh, it makes no difference, it's just a money sink :)


  1. nice post miklos as usual, miklos i need some advice.. im a free player and i have 1 purple sylph thats 4 tear shards from evolving, how do you think i should manage my mahra after it evolves should i use it on 2 of the other sylphs i use in sylph arena and get them purple, or use on my main and go for gold cuz i heard gold sylphs are required for second sylph evolution

    1. Yes, after you evolve your main sylph, you don't need mahra for a very long time for that sylph.
      Is your 2nd and 3rd sylph already maxed out on sepu? If not, you should still save up mahra for your main, since you are gonna spend your sepu on your evolved sylph anyway, so spending mahra on the little ones wont help you much.
      If your 2nd and 3rd has maxed sepu and you think making them stronger can help you in arena, then you should make them purple and then evolve, yes. Especially if those are sylphs you can use outside arena (like Triton).

  2. one question please how do i get rid of the equipment so i can upgrade me sylph?

    1. Double click on sylph equipment, and it will go to your inventory, so you can do the upgrade.