The sole purpose if this page is to show you how to build the strongest character in Wartune using only the minimum amount of balens.

To build a strong knight, mage or archer you need 4 things:
1.) Start as early as possible.
2.) Do every action each day.
3.) Spend balens.
4.) Play smart.

1. Start as early as possible.
Start a character on a new wartune server, and play from the first moment. This way you can be a top character on that given server.

2. Do every action each day.
Do all bounty quest, use all stamina, do the multi-player dungeon, the world bosses, the crypt, etc. Don't miss anything that gives a significant bonus (more on this later). If you can't do everything, you have to be smart what to do and what to skip.

3. Spend balens.
You must spend at least some some money/balens to be successful in Wartune. If you decide not to buy anything, you are just a punchbag for those who pay. In some games, like in Doomlord, you can be successful even if you don't pay. Here, you must buy at least a few things for balens. Wartune VIP, if nothing else. More on this on the balen section.

4. Play smart
Wartune looks a simple game at first glance. But even in such a simple powergame, there are different strategies. Collect level 60 legendary set or go directly for the level 70 set after buying the 55 pvp set? Which astrals to improve first? There are many tricks which can get you ahead of the others. I will teach you these.

Lets start with the basics!

Click on this article, and I show you how to determine if a deal in Wartune is worth the balens or not