A good Wartune deal

I would like to call your attention to a good deal, which is pretty rare lately in Wartune. They run a mini "big spender" event, with a not-so-great bonus (worth about 20% of what you spend). But they also have in the shop two mounts for 5995 balens (packed with 150 mount whips). I hope no one bought these mounts yesterday, when the event was not running.

What I recommend, buy ONE of the mounts, and claim all 3 prizes from the event. This way, you get a +30 mount, 150 mount whips, 100 sepulcrum and some other goodies for 5995 balens. So you get approx. +1 BR per every 8 balens spent. Please also do not forget, that with the recent whip+gem combo events, you can get a LOT of whips. I spent about 30-30k free whips in August and September, and have over 50k now. So maxing out mount whip is a reality now, and that increases the value of new mounts which increase the number of whips you can spend. (Although these are crappy ones, only +5 mount stats, but still something).

And referring to the article I posted yesterday:
If Wartune should have run these two 2-day events at the same time (mount sale + big spender), then

  • people who bought the mounts yesterday wouldn't be frustrated (+customer satisfaction)
  • people would buy BOTH mounts, not only one (+extra income for them)

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