Wartune: Million USD profit

I read somewhere that Wartune generates 24 million USD income per month. This includes the Chinese and other versions as well, and might be out-of-date. So this game is really profitable, but there is even more potential - which can benefit us players as well. I want to give some advices to the Wartune owners here on this subject (even when I know none of them will ever read this blog).

1. Recharge. I bet you noticed that it doesn't matter how much you recharge in Wartune, a balen always cost the same. You don't get bigger discount with bigger recharge like in Doomlord. When someone pays 5 USD via paypal, the seller gets about 2.5 USD. When someone pays 100 USD, the seller gets about 92 USD. So if I pay 20 x 5 USD, or 1 x 100 USD, I get the same amount of balens - but R2Games gets 50 USD instead of 92. 

Well, they do give some bonus packs, which are supposed to be bigger and bigger  with each recharge. Maybe these packs were good when the game launched, but not now. Bounty scrolls, lvl 1-3 gem packs, some gold, daru - these worth nothing at all. So right now, I always recharge the absolute minimum needed to buy something, if necessary, in multiple small amounts, where they lose money. If I don't have unspent balens, I can't spend them accidentally on sylph upgrade, mount training or all the trillion other hidden balen-traps.


  • give more balens for bigger recharges
  • give better packs which include sepulcrum, mahra, mount whips and other useful items
  • have recharge promotions where you get a huge bonus pack upon recharging a significant amount (like with merges - but some servers don't merge for a year)

2. Useless sales. 98% of the sales are hugely overpriced (like 5-20 times realistic value), or are a gamble (which are not only overpriced, but leave many unlucky players frustrated). 


  • The players are no fool. Make good value sales. It's even okay to reduce prices slowly.

3. Bad timing of events. Right now, they first have a spender event (with useless items in the shop). When it's over, they add some useful item to the shop. When it's over, comes the recharge event. They think this way they can milk more money, but it's quite the opposite.


  • Synchronize recharge and spender events with good sales, have them at the same time.

4. Customer service. Let's face it, R2Games does not have a working customer service currently. You can send in tickets, you get an automated response in a few days, but after that, when you request further help, usually no answer for a long time. I know that they have no access to game data or logs, checking anything and compensating is very difficult because it have to go through several parties, so it's easier to reject everyone. But when they lose this way tons of customers who spent 1000+ USD and would spend even more in the future, it's a big loss.


  • Have a professional CS team who have access to game data and logs, knows the game and can actually help players like in Doomlord.
  • I'm sure they get 1000s of tickets daily, they have to filter them. Let the pro team handle tickets from paying customers with high priority, free players will understand better that they have to wait.

5. Lack of trust. Having a great product is sure one way to make profit (that's what's happening now), but having faithful and trusted customers is the way to multiply it. Right now, players have very low trust towards R2Games. This is because the game problems are not corrected, player's don't get advanced info, and CS can't help people. People often don't make payments because they are afraid they can lose everything easily.


  • Have at least ONE member of your staff who is up-to-date with information, and have direct contact to the developers. Let this staff member post regularly on the forum, give precise, first-hand information, address the player's needs and feedback, and show us that our opinion matters.
  • CS must make high priority that paying customer's who can't login due to bugs have their access restored asap, and paying customers who suffer massive losses due to a bug, hack or poor implementation are compensated accordingly and quick.


  1. Gr8 job man, you always take time to analyze and provide ideas to solve the issues but those greedy bastards will never listen until the game dies, they will just relaunch another game and continue making money, hope ppl understand how this work and stop paying to them...

    i have almost 150k+ br without paying any single penny and wont pay ever those greedy bastards... when i feel i cant progress my char without paying, i will just leave the game and find another.... Runescape, Rappelz, Shaiya, LOA and now wartune... Will find another game which is under beta =P

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    2. True story. Since the wartune had such a great potential, game publishers realized that they can generate Passive Income from this game to invest in other markets. Thus compromising and player's game experience; not fixing the game lags, bugs and definitely the game server timing (too fixated). A few peeps requested to have their hero character either transferred to another server timezone or have multiple game events of amethyst, guild battle.. etc. I feel for them bcos I'm also a victim of game time synchronization.

      Here's what I was able to do so far:
      * hehe.. I really do know how to get the moderator's attention *