Sylph secrets

Everything you wanted to know about the sylphs... but were afraid to ask

I'm not going to list skills and statistics of sylphs. There are plenty of sites which do those. I try to tell a few secrets about them which some of you might not know. Hope this will help you to develop sylph more efficiently.

 Passive sylph form.
While the sylph is in passive form, it deals damage based on his OWN statistics (int / str). Opponent's defenses (mdef, pdef) does not reduce this damage.

Awakened sylph form.
When the sylph is in awakened form, it deals damage based on the total of its attack and YOUR.The basic formulae is (your attack + sylph attack - opponen't defense) / 2 * multipliers. In more detail, see this article.

Resistances modify the damage, each 10 points by 1.2%. If you have +100 light resistance, you take 12% less damage from Apollo. Even when your opponent is not awakened, his apollo is only in passive form, and he is using a lightning bolt! Just test it out: one player equip a Gaia. The other equip a Gaia first, then an Apollo later. Use just the basic attack with the later. You will deal a lot more damage with Apollo, since Gaia has negative resist vs it, and positive vs another Gaia. Resistance can be reduced with will crystals, even to negative, but you will not get a bigger multiplier than 1.2x to your damage this way.
Please note that when you fight a monster, your highest resistance is used, not the one of his element. So in general, with a gaia of electro resist 200 you will take less damage from a light monster, than with an apollo of light resist 100.

 Sylph stats.
Sylph's armor stats (mdef, pdef) do anything only in sylph arena. Sylph HP, on the other hand, is increasing your HP. Sylph attack is important both in fights and in the sylph arena. For these reasons, when you distribute points for the sylph, you should focus on your attack, except when a BR event is running: then you should switch points to HP to increase your BR.  You can switch for 100 balens.

Leveling a sylph.
Leveling a sylph efficiently is pretty straighforward. Always equip your non-maxed sylph for MPD, TOK, solo dungeons, spire, bounty quests, Tree of Ancients since these give the most xp, and advance the sylph. Equip your maxed sylph instead for MPD/TOK only if it is not possible with your weaker sylph. Make sure when you are not doing the above activities, your put your sylph to the farm. Even when you have 2-3 maxed out sylph, you should grow a spare one, in case you get some new nice sylph, like  Hades.

Sylph roles.
  • Apollo. Due to the heal and AE capabilities and the extra HP, Apollo is best for sylph arena, group arena and guild battle.
  • Hades. Hades is great almost everywhere where you do not race against time. Also best sylph for mage cw.
  • Gaia. Best for WB, and any other place where you have to maximize damage (spire, catacombs, etc). Not so good in sylph arena,and whereever you face multiple opponents.
  • Amazon. Same as Gaia, but slightly weaker. If you are a mage, you should prefer it since better for mage cw.
  • Iris. Whereever you need healing: group arena, guild battle, MPD. Use for sylph arena if you have no Hades.
  • Pan, Pan is currently considered the most useless sylph. However, after the sylph "refine" is introduced, Pans get very strong skills after evolution, opposite the others. You should not throw away your purple Gaia for this but if you building your first sylph, it worth a try.

Enchanting sylph with sepulcrum.
The real question here is, which sylph to improve with  sepulcrum. Sepulcrum should be used first to strenghten your sylph arena team, so you can win more sepulcrum. So give them to Hades or Apollo. If you have multiply of these: one very strong Apollo and 2 weak is much better than three average. So focus on one sylph first. Once you have a very solid sylph arena team, you should build up the sylph you are using in WB, battles, etc (gaia usually).

Enchanting with mahra.
Mahra looks more valuable than sepulcrum since you get much less. But, actually, one mahra worth the same as one sepulcrum in terms of BR gain for your sylph. Even so, the more stars/color your sylph have, the more expensive it become to get the same BR from mahra, while sepulcrum will always give the same BR. So when you have one or purple sylph, you should ask for sepulrum in events instead of mahra. It is more common, but your sylph gains more from it.
Sylph farming. You can farm sylph in sylph atoll for 2 reasons: to find a green or blue sylph, and to get sepulcrum. Gather essences, turn 60 into a sylph, and either be happy that you found your blue sylph, or sacrifice it for sepulcrum. Chance for green sylph is approx. 5%, chance for blue, somewhere 0.2-0.3%.

Sylph arena.
If you win in sylph arena, your sylph gets double xp, compared to when you lose. So you should do this to maximize sylph xp: at the beginning of the day, replace your team with one lvl 1 white sylph. Later on, when some people defeat you, restore your team, and fight your way back to the top, winning each time.

Complete freedom in altering sylph arena points. I will tell you these as well, if enough people read my blog (share it, follow it, and feel free to comment as well :) ) and some of you even try my other favorite game (which, imho, is as good a game, as Wartune - not as much animations, but no lag either, and the staff is helpful and not greedy), Doomlord.

Sylph tricks

 Double attack during World Boss.
Sometimes you can do multiple attack in one round with sylph. When you pressed space to awaken, immediately start clicking the first sylph attack. If after awaken, the skill icon blinks above your sylph's head instead of showing a static icon, you can use a second attack. Start hitting the hotkey of your second attack. When the previous attack triggers, start hitting the third etc.

Rune use after awaken.
  Click awaken, then wait until the moment when the awakening begins. In this precise moment, use your rune (preferably bleed). Commonly used in class wars and in battlegrounds.

Amnesia rune.
  Amnesia is a pretty useless rune imho, since even at level 10 (which costs either several years or a lot of money) it blocks only 5 skill out of the 8, much worse than a chaos. But in awakened form, a sylph has only 5 skills, so you can block all. So when you know your opponent has high level amnesia, be careful transforming before he does. In the future, players will be able to use HS and runes in sylph form, so these amnesia runes will lose values then.

Chaos rune.
The sylph delphic is a devastating attack, in player vs player, it usually kills an opponent if already in the 50% phase. However, you can use chaos rune to have the player kill himself, if he still have a troop alive. If you have a decent chaos rune, you can use the following trick (works for mages only since they can heal): just keep healing until your opponent transforms, don't harm his troop. When he uses delphic, use chaos.


  1. Awesome post,.. I really learn alot from you that other players don't even have knowledge about...
    Right now, I'm only camping at lvl 48 (playing as mage) trying to resist completing quest from gaining exp and raise my stats first.
    Mage is one of the best classes around since they can heal and deal AOE matk dmg to wipe out multiple targets.
    The problem about sylphs is the atoll.. that never drop mahra or sepulcrum from slaying 60 sylphs just to get one sylph scroll.. and it has a high chance to only give a common sylph.. which isn't really worth the time. Wartune should rethink about this.. just before I level up to 50 :P

    1. I'm glad you found the post helpful. Fortunately, there are a lot of players who don't read those, so those who do, will always have an advantage :)
      Sylph atoll farming is actually a pretty mind-numbing feature, you might spend there a month until you see a blue sylph :)

  2. How many mahiras needed to upgrade a blue sylph to purple

  3. Where does one get the Divinity Shards needed to refine light and dark sylphs? I have asked around and don't seem to get any concrete answers. It takes the star tears, star sands and then 500 of the Div. Shards to refine.

    1. Sometimes you can get divinity shards by exchanging event shards from chests. But it was months ago when you could do it last time. But you can buy them for balens as well, when there is a sale of them, like tomorrow, in shop.

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  4. How many mahras to upgrade from white to blue?

    1. White to green is like 15 or something, from green to blue it's 150.

  5. How Mutch Mahara for

    Orange 1 star > Red

    1. No clue, all I know is that 2-star needs 1000 points (so approx. 800 advanced mahra) and after 5 star you still need to do 5 more levels. So I guess a LOT :)