Gem event & big spender

First of all, I would like to say Wartune a big thank you for the current gem event! Last gem event, I said this can be only a mistake, they can't be that generous. But they can, the event is repeated, this time they even add war packs. Often we complain about the lag, the bugs, and the greediness of the sales, but this time, I have to say, as long as they have such events I will keep playing. Because getting a truckload of treasure is real fun, we all enjoy it :) I not only made a big heap of lvl 8 gems, but also got 500 war packs, which gave me 5 blazing taurens, so I ended up with all clothes and a huge amount of will shards.

Please note that right now, everyone have lvl 8 gems, even free players on S400+. So having level 8 gems means really no advantage. The only question is if you should make level 9 (or even level 10) gems, or wait for a future gem event where we get rewards for making those.

First of all, let's examine what's the probability of such an event happening. We have seen already this in the past: the first cloth synthesiser event gave rewards for level 3-5 clothes, and now they give for level 6 too. Also, first gem synthesiser events gave reward for making level 4 gems, but not for level 8. So yes, this is quite possible. Still, it can happen maybe in one month, maybe in 4 month, maybe never.

Second, let's see what's the advantage of making level 9 gems. Personally, I made lvl 9 HP gems. This made possible for me to defeat sky trial 3-5, and earn +2 horns per day. Also, now I can survive second world boss 3-4 times in a row, so that's like +1.5M gold daily. 60 horns and 45M gold monthly, not to mention the advantage in combat. If they add reward for level 9 gems in a month, it wasn't a good deal, if in four, I say it worth it. To be honest, I even consider making the lvl 9 MATK gems, thats a huge advantage everywhere.

What I recommend here is a strategy used by financial experts: diversificate your portfolio. You can make some lvl 9 gems, which make a real difference for you. But still, save a good deal of lvl 8 gems, so in case they add a reward for that, you still can grab nice loot. 


Please also note that a big spender event is running currently. I do not make a detailed calculation here, just rough numbers: if you go until 5k it's 25% bonus, if you go further, you get approx. 30% bonus. The previous big spenders were much much better. Please note that this is not only because the prices of gems and mount hoof has dropped, but also because the war packs included we already got for free by hundreds, also who needs lvl 80 legend stones? And the dragon souls, I get like 50 for free daily, and need 2000 for next level, so I wouldn't pay for them. Seemingly this big spender is targeted towards beginner players, it's better value for them than for veteral players. I bought my monthly spirit covenant pack and claimed the 1k bonus, but that's it. 


  1. What do you recommed to take for War Remains? I will go for Will Crystall shards.
    Thank you!

    1. Will crystal is the best value item, but I got so many shards, 815 in total (from 600 free box + exchanged back 4 tauren cards) so I couldn't resist to buy the clothes+wing as well :) Also exchanged for about 6500 will crystals.