Christmas events part 3 (clothing and gem synthesis)

These crazy events continue, and the designers can still surprise us with their creativity. A mega-recharge pack is up, you can recharge for up to 1000 USD, and receive bonus items which worth approx. 500 USD. Such recharge promotions were pretty rare in the past (I remember only one or two besides the server merge promotions) so if you plan on continuing to play for a long time and send balens this is a good opportunity. But be careful - the balen you have is much easier to spend :) Especially since there are many "balen traps" where you can spend balens unintentionally.

Tomorrow big spender event gives back bound balens, and in a large amount: if you spend 10k balens, you get back 6k bound balens. Combined with the above recharge event, this can generate some nice income for Wartune. Tomorrow is sepu/mahra day, with the usual sylph enchant/upgrade, and some monster sale packs, like 1000 sepu+mahra for 22000 balens! Insane, isn't it? Since you can get a large amount of sepu and mahra for free and everyone will have orange sylph in 1-2 months, this is the last attempt to sell these resources for money.

Currently a clothing and gem synthesis is running parallel. The gem synthesis is the usual generous unlimited event. Too bad we didn't get ton of free gems lately - but still, it's cool. However, do not buy gems in the sale. There is a 3k balen gem pack for sale which looks appealing: still, with all the combines and bonuses, it will net you only a lvl 8 gem. When you have like 100 lvl 10 gems, spending even 3k balen on a lvl 8 is not a good deal.

The clothing synthesis was repeated a bit too early as well - at least, for me. I did not have the time to hoard a large amount of good luck charms. I already wrote about the maths of cloth synthesis here. The point is, you have to be careful with not spending more than what you win. For example, previous cloth event I had lvl 6 cloth ready, both in inventory, and on me. So I just combine them to level 7, and get all the previous rewards as well. If I make them eariler, I get only half reward. So be patient, don't rush to buy trucks of luck charms (they cost more than what you win!)

To top it off, we have a gamble chest collection event running. You can get a large amount of free chests in clothing synthesis. Please note, that the chest's contents are mostly crap, so you shouldn't pay balens for them. But if you collected enough clothes, cores and charms, you can get plenty of free chests as clothing synthesis rewards. 

What's the best deal in the free fruit exchange? See the 3 items to the right. If you can somehow collect 200 Reindeer's gift, and did not win a Reindeer from a chest, do this exchange. Otherwise, if you do not have plenty of intermediate dimensions, grab the intermediate dimension shards. If you have several int. dimensions already, choose the weapon.

In the reindeer's gift exchange, prolly everyone will choose the clothes first to be able to identify for the tailoring event. My 2nd favorites are the good luck charms, they are never enough. I wouldn't choose the int. dimension shards (get them for fruits) and hoofs (you get for free more than you can spend, eventually). The blessings of god is an interesting choice. Really, you should upgrade only your artifact to purple, because attack is the only important sylph stat (which worth the 200M gold the purple upgrade will cost you). So if you have a purple artifact already, go for the luck charms, otherwise this is an ok choice too.

Finally, I would like to thank R2 staff their efforts on sorting out the problems with Hall of Fame rewards, it seems they sent out rewards to those who might have missed them due to the warrior's call problem. So they really try to help, which is great, thanks!


  1. do you think the 1000 and 1000 sepu pack worth it? and the big spender event returns bounded balens. what else should i use it on? I don't find anything that i can use bb worth it and it can be earned easily

    1. I don't think these packs were very good, I did not buy them. Only the 22k was an okay price (22 balen per mahra+sepu) but paying 220 USD for one pack, would have been scary. Also, I have a 5-star purple Hades now, max sepulcrum, so I need only mahra now to make it orange. And not gonna spend sepulcrum to feed my secondary etc. sylphs, they are only good for sylph arena, where there is little difference between rewards.
      About the BB: there are only a few useful things you can spend them on. The new socketing rod for sylph equipment (but you need only a few), extra moves in dimensions, extra move in jewel hunt (but jewel hunt got nerfed again, it's no longer worth spending there). Nothing else useful comes into my mind :(

    2. i would spend on some mahra pack if you think it's good deal. but since you said it's only OK deal, and i think base mahra pack offers much better deal than this 22K pack. so i'm gonna back out on this one.

      regarding bb, can probably spend it on crypt keys for necro because we all need high level transposers now. never pay extra move in dimension and JH. IMO, dont' need to pay balens to buy time.

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