Christmas events

Hey guys, I think Wartune offers a really cool series of events, people can be happy. This is the third day of their 7-day (?) series, each day with a different sale, different mini-"bug"-spender, and different hot event.

The first day was about mount hoofs and whips. The sale was still too expensive, and these items have limited use, so it was unwise to buy anything. Still, you could use your hoarded hoofs to get some bonus. 

On second day, they added a dream-event, unlimited gem synthesis up to level 10. I collected 58 lvl 10 gems and 1100 soul seals, so I was very happy with that. 

Today is the third day, again a great event, a clothing synthesis which again rewards from level 3, so it's good for newer characters, and it gives free chests! So I finally got my frost leopard. I had a level 6 hat and armor saved up from previous cloth event, so I combined them with the ones I was wearing, and could claim immediately rewards for lvl 3-6, a nice hoard of treasure. With good luck charms anf fashion cores free from wild shop, I did not have to spend anything here either.

Tomorrow is a resist crystal day. Will and resist crystals for sale, and resist synthesise event. Actually, this one is pretty interesting. Because, as you should be aware, resist crystals are pretty useless now. Even if you have 5 lvl 5 resist crystals, and you have the proper sylph equipped, you will take maximum damage from the same sylph, not to mention others. This is because will crystals are easier now to upgrade than resist crystal, and even dimensions give a heavy bonus on them. So the only use of resist crystals is in pve situations (god's descent, sky trial etc) and in dimensions, where they reduce movement cost.

For this reason, you probably don't really need 3 separate resist sets, so you are free to combine your complete collection into a lvl 7 resist crystal, a lvl 6 and some lvl 5. 

There are 3 reasons against this:
1.) The reward is not THAT great. 
2.) There might be future resist events (even unlimited ones!!) where you will regret not having plenty of material towork with.
3.) The resist decrease in movement at higher resist is neglectable. The more is your resist, the less is the effect of extra resist. That is, if you make an extra lvl 7 resist crystal to replace a lvl 5, you gain 1 additional movement in dimensions.

I have a lot of will crystals (3 x lvl 5, and 53 lvl 1), for me maybe it's better not ruin my resist crystals, and just combine will crystals. If you don't have much will crystal, you can make resist crystals, just keep in mind the above. (Please note that the final reward is impossible, you can't make lvl 8 resist crystals).

Please note that in Holy Set Fragments exchange - if you have a lot like me - after the cloth, the best exchange now is prolly the resist crystals, can be useful in this event.

So again, after 4 days, still nothing I can spend balen on, but I'm not particularly worried :) And I'm very grateful for these evens, now Wartune really have some good events. I miss only a useful SC exchange (100 SC and 10 whip for 3 SS was not a good one).

In the last days, I expect a mahra/sepulcrum event, maybe something with runestones, and let's hope some mount sale too :)


  1. Resistance crystals are very important for the new dimensional treasure hunting activity. :D Happy new year! Thanks for all that you do!

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