Super spender analysis

We see some big promotion in Wartune today: super spender, big spender, one-time bag at the same time... You would think this is the perfect time to buy, right?? Well. They are smarter than that. So do the math BEFORE you spend a cent. It's pretty complex, so I made a table for you.

You see the amount of balens spent, the bonus items you get, and their value. Please note that I did not list items like gold, daru, dragon soul and gems since these are items you get for free in such an amount that they do not represent any value. Mount hoof is a questionnable commodity as well, for me, I will max it out for free in 1.5 months. 

Next to each amount spent, you see the total value of bonus (including wheel of prosperity, where I found the average value of a roll was 70 balens), and how much percentage bonus is this compared to what you spend.

Please note that you can copy-paste this table into your own excel or google docs, and modify item values where you think it is different for you. (For example, you have whips maxed or hoofs close to max, so you set them to zero.)

As you see, the bonus is a bit better than previous big spenders, but not so great that you should buy items you otherwise don't need (like whips and hoofs for sale today). The average bonus is 50-70%, which means if you buy something which R2 sales for "just" double of realistic value, you got no bonus at all. And, usually, they sell for 3-20x of realistic value, so you have to be very careful. 

My advice for the first day: the only thing you might consider buying is some divinity souls. It is sold for double of realistic price (99 instead of 50), but you can't get it for free (yet). And let's hope they add better deals later. Mounts and cloth you still miss can be still a good deal, but don't jump on anything what you can get for free in large amounts.

Please note my table goes only until 500 USD pack, although there is even 1800 USD pack. This is because I think whoever spends that much is a real whale, who don't care about optimize spendings, just buys everything Wartune sells - so they don't need my table anyway.

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