Astral refining guide

Upon reaching lvl 80 in Wartune and completing class advancement quests, players are able to refine astral slots. Okay, everybody knew that, I guess, but how to do it is not trivial.

Here you do the same trick I use all over in my blog. You have to calculate how much BR you gain at the expense of a given amount of resource (in this case, gold).

Let me show you a few examples.
You have a lvl 9 red MATK astral, giving 2592 ATK. It costs 737K astral points to level up to 10. You need approx. 368M gold for that. So 368M gold for +288 MATK: 1,27M gold per MATK.
OR you can refine your 3% astral slot to 4% at the cost of 128M gold (actually a bit less,like 100M  due to lucky refines). So you win 1% more MATK from your astral: 2592 x 0,01 = 25 ATK. So here you gain +1 MATK per 4M gold spent.
Obviously, improving your MATK astral to lvl 10 is a better deal.

In general, refining astrals slots where you instert red astrals help you a little. 10-40M gold for +25 stat is ok,but at 128M gold it gets just too expensive.

However, the green astrals (goddess blessing, determination, guardian angel) are cool to refine. Because here, the refine slots work differently. For every refine, your determination gets +1%, so it's +0,8% ATK. If you have 80K ATK, then its an equivalent of +640 ATK. It's even a good deal to refine to level 7 for 686M gold, since you get +1 ATK per 1 million gold!

So here is the strategy I suggest:
1.) When you begin refining, hopefully you have at least lvl 7-8 astrals.
2.) Improve all slots to 2% first (it cost nothing anyway).
3.) Build up your astrals - ATK astrals, Determination, goddess blessing to lvl 10, the rest to lvl 8 at least, if you didn't do it earlier.
4.) Improve all slots to 3%, but stop here, and improve only 2 slots further, to 7%, determination and goddess blessing. (guardian angel to 5% ok too). 
5.) You can now play around with improving snipers edge, enshieldment to lvl 9 or 10.


  1. You are using Guardian Angel astro as a mage?

    1. Yes, I use it in PVP. It can reduce the damage I take by a LOT. It does reduce the crit heal rate too, but honestly, I don't need much healing lately in pvp, and even when I do, taking less damage is more important than healing more.

  2. Thank you. It's a lot easier to read than COSMO's astral analysis. I follow both blogs.

  3. Me too. I liked the total gold projection in the other blog. Billions!! heh heh

  4. Thanks for always being the source that explains things instead of just putting an unjustified answer out there. I loved this post.
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