Love thy mount

Today we get a love thy mount event in Wartune with a decreased reward - and additional lvl 1-3 gem pack (worth about 0.3 balens) instead of the usual 5 soul crystal (worth about 2 balens). Well, that is, if we suppose there will be useful a soul crystal event ever - if not, the gem pack is of course better :) 

But this poor man's love thy mount is still great - since everyone can claim again the stable rewards. I'm still not sure this is just some laziness from the programmers or an intentional feature, but honestly, I don't care - we got 10k free whips, yeee :) that's all what counts. And not only whips, but about 100 turkeys. I opened all, got 3 skeletal dragon cards, exchanged 2 back for drumsticks, and now I evolved my Apollo - for completely free! So yes, I'm happy today :)

Some people said Wartune is actually just a casino, and this seems true. For a very long time, I had no luck with the free chests, but some time ago I pop 5 blazing taurens from one series, and now this. If you play this game long enough, eventually you will be lucky, you will find some free mounts and other rare treasures from the free boxes, and it always feels good. 

At least my regret over my blunder during HoF is gone... I followed all my own instructions to increase BR (converted block/crit gems to mdef/pdef, switched sylph points to endurance, used all hoofs, soul seals, converted non-BR astrals to BR astrals, made all temp mounts). I reached some 372K BR this way. I entered Necropolis and used a Warrior's call, and I saw it could bring up my BR to 394K. (without potions/scrolls of which I knew for sure will not work). 6K more BR is pretty tough, if I use all my sepu and whips could have made like 3-4K more. Since the mods on forum said clearly WC will not work, I did not bother spending balens to get the final 3k (would have been expensive anyway). I did know there will be at least 50% chance that WC still does work, but would have hated to waste money if not. A few days later, during the tailoring event, I realized I never refined my weapons (since they give almost nothing to a mage) so that could have been the 3k BR is was looking for, so I missed the +100 mount. 
And to be honest, this is why I like this game so much still: because it is difficult enough that you can make mistakes and bad decisions. And you can best others by making less mistakes than they do. 


  1. Hi Im new @ this game, is it wise to conv block/crit gems to pdef/mdef gems...as it is the highlight of a battle......so your saying that converting to mdef and pdef will be stronger than theatrical crit and block chances....

    1. Said player only did it because of HoF event to boost BR temporarily.
      It is up to you how to present your gems

    2. At the higher end game (lvl 80+) crit and block is better than mdef/pdef (but only to a limit - 8-12k of each). And yes, as Dylan said, above suggestion is only to bosot BR.