Divinity soul combo

Tomorrow in Wartune you can buy divinity souls, the gems you can use to enchant sylph gear. A level 1 gem cost 99 balens, and you need 4 to make a lvl 2, four of those to make a lvl 3 etc. They also immediately start a synthesise event, where you get a lvl 1 divinity soul for making a lv 2, a lvl 2 for making a level 3, and a lvl 3 for making a level 4 (once per day each).

Looks like this event last only for 2 days, so there is not much room for a combo. You have the following options:

1.) Don't buy (always the easiest and wisests).

2.) Spend 400 balens on the first day to make a lvl 2 gem, and spend another 300 on day2 to make another level 2.
So you spent 700 balens, got 2 x lvl 2 gems, one lvl 1 gem, and can claim he smallest one-time goodie bag.

3.) Spend 400 balens on the first day to make a lvl 2 gem, and spend 1100 balens on the second day to make a lvl 3 gem. 
So you spent 1500 balens (actually 1300, if you have your 200 balen discount), got a level 3 and a level 2 gem, and can collect the second one-time bag.

4.) Spend 1500 balens on the first day to make a lvl 3 gem, On the second day, you spend 3900 balens, and make a lvl 4 gem.
This way you spent 5400 balens and got a level 4 and a level 3 gem and can collect the 4000+ and the 1000+ one-time goodie bag.

There is even option 5 where you make 2 level 4 gems, but I think even option 4 is too expensive. We gonna get plenty of these gems for free very soon. You wouldnt pay 5000 balens for a normal lvl 3 gem either, right?

Personally, I will choose option 3 so I can use the coupon.


  1. where do you buy these from

    1. It's in the shop, under hot items. There are now 4 pages of items, so not easy to find :) It's on the second page.

  2. You know how the coupons expires in 24 hours? You can make them last 31 days!!!

    Before you open those bags (or collect coupons from hot events, recharge events, etc) make sure your inventory is full. The coupon will go to your mail. When you need it, take it from your mail. You get 30 extra days.

  3. If you got 4 of lvl 1 divinity souls, you can convert them into the same type for synthesis.
    Then you have considered participated in the event and just collect this divinity soul combo rewards :)

  4. is there a solo or mp dungeon to collect divinity soul?

  5. is there a solo or mp where i can collect more divinity soul?

    1. You can get divinity souls only from sylph expedition.