Christmas events part 2

The Christmas events continue, every day new sales and hot events, so if you don't want to miss anything, put down family and Xmas on priority list, and focus on Wartune :)

In the past days we have seen a sepulcrum/mahra day - the sale was even worse than the previous one. I could have bought 1000 mahra for 150 USD, and with all the bonuses, make my sylph orange finally - but don't spend money on something you can reach for free, and especially not this much. Especially since they drop the one-time goodie bag which was a good combo with the sales.

Yesterday, on 24th, they put up sylph gear / divinity soul day. The gears you get for free, but the divinity souls are available for money only, unfortunately. It is funny that the 2-year old glitch is still in the game, you could claim the one-day gem-synthesis events once between 1 and 5am, and once after 5am :)
The sylph gear enchant is a funny event, you never run out of the enchant pieces, but you run out of gold. I saved up 38M gold from the previous day, and besides my normal earnings (2xWB, DI, AB etc) I completed 2 campaign maps for 25M gold SSS reward. Also sold like 3000 luck stones, removed all gold from my mail, opened all gold chests, including atoll boss chests. Still, it was a fart in the wind. Spent well over 100M gold and still had 200+ enchant pieces remaining. So from now on, saving up gold in every possible way. Not opening gold chests, AB chests, etc. because next sylph enchant will be expensive too :)

Today's events are pretty defective. Offering mega-rewards if you happen to make your legendary gear today - not yesterday, not tomorrow - is kinda mission impossbile. Unless 
1.) you have nothing and decide to cash bigtime now (I hope very few did it)
2.) you saved up a crapload of crystalloids, and lvl 70 and 80 legendary stones.
It is quite sad when an event requires you to hoard items which you don't need anymore. I do have lvl 80 legend stones - just in case - but get rid of lvl 70 ones and the crystalloids. Well, now starting to save up those as well :(

Tomorrow is mount whip /  hoof event agan, same like a week ago, nothing special.

Btw, with latest patch, we got a "surprise" for Christmas: jewel hunt chests were changed again, this time, to worse. You can't find Vulcan's packs anymore in first 2 chests. Well, at least don't have to waste my bound balens there. 

I find particular fun now in dimensions. I do the sick strategy of just running in a big S shape through each level, ignoring everything but +energy. This way I can conquer dimensions super fast. Since I'm not VIP, I used 1-hour VIP card to be able to start more dimension. now each step cost me only 10 energy, which is pretty crazy :) Explored all 5 levels of a basic dimension using only 1000 energy, I like game features where you can gain huge advantage with thinking and without spending money. I will write more details on dimension advanced strategy if anyone is interested.


  1. Will you still have more than 2 dimensions open when your VIP expires?

    1. Yes, you do not lose dimensions when your vip expires. Actually, I'm not VIP, still I have 5 dimensions constantly. When I need a new dimension, I use a 1-hour VIP card.