December big spender analysis

We have a big spender + sylph upgrade + mahra base pack sale combo coming tomorrow in Wartune, so here is a quick analysis.

If you look closely at the picture, you will notice immediately the problem: you get the same weapon cloth with all 3 packs. Hopefully they correct it by tomorrow.
Other than that, these packs are pretty focused, just useful items. If you buy for 100 USD, the approx. value is 4000 balens, if you buy up to 200 USD, the approx. value is 8200 balens. So the bonus for 100 and 200 USD is about the same, if you spend less, the discount is much worse, however.

What you should buy is obviously either the mahra or the sepulcrum pack. This packs looks very, very similar to the crystal shard pack, so we can assume the drop rates are the same. Cosmos blog has a nice statistics on this, so based on that, we get an average of 80 sepu / mahra per pack.

The above combo with the now-permanent feature, prosperity wheel, and the sylph enchant / upgrade feature.

So, if you spend 10.000 balens (buying 10 packs):
 you get 800 mahra, which, when used, gives an additional 200 mahra (worth a total of 5000 balens) you get items worth 4000 balens value from big spender, and you get an average of 900 balens value from 10 prosperity wheel rolls. The same math works for 20.000 balens.
If your main sylph is far from maxing sepulcrum, then you should buy sepulcrum instead, it's even better BR gain for the same amount of balens.

So this is an okay deal, green light if you wanna spend :) Just wait until they correct the clothes.

Just two precaution notes:

  • 10 (or 20) pack is very little for the average value work. It can happen easily that you got 10 packs with 30 mahra :(
  • This is big spender I. So maybe something even heavier is coming for Christmas :) Also don't forget, sylph equipment is coming too, so if you have limited financial resources, you might save balens for those.


  1. um miklos how does growth affect sylph i really dont understand it

    1. Growth is just a number based on how much mahra spent on your sylph. It determines the maximum amount of sepulcrum you can spend on your sylph. The more mahra you spend, the more sepulcrum you can spend as well, and the more stronger your sylph will become.