Third big-spender in a month

Hi all! It seems Wartune has a financial problems, since they run the third big spender in a month... I'm happy to spend some money on the game, especially if I get a good deal. But I can't cough up 500+ USD each month just to keep up with the others. Anyway, here is the susual analysis.

You will see at first glance that the prizes are decent, maybe even better than last time. But remember what I said in this article: each month, there will be better and better offers. If you skip one, it just means you get an even better offer next month for your money. Getting good BR for your balen is one thing. Staying in the monthly limit you set for yourself is another.

So we have a big spender now, there is also a sylph enchant event. It seems we have to hoard mahra and sepulcrum as well from now on besides soul crystals, mount whips, resistance crystals and who knows what else. Great news :) As a coincidence, there is sepulcrum for sale in the shop, for a neat 20 balen per piece cost. A sepulcrum worth only 10 balens max, so this price is pretty steep. But combined with the slyph enchant reward and the big spender bonus, it can be worthwhile if you still have some money left from your monthly lottery win.

Let's suppose you spend your money on sepulcrum (nothing else worth it), see what bonus you can get compared to the +1 BR / 10 balens value which can get any day.

Please see this guide for item pricing. I definitely value mount hoof to 20 balens now, since we are getting so many in promotions and in dragon invasion so it's only a matter of weeks until I need 100 for +10 stats. Also, I consider old-fashioned pack worthless - anyone who needed these already and had the option to recharge, bought enough for tailoring/cloth identify, so all you can do with them is now get duplicate clothes. Also I no longer count balen value for gold. Earning like 20M a day for completely free, and in need to spend 200M+ to get any improvement in astral, I would simply not pay any balen for a few 100K gold, not even one.

Spend 1,000 Balens to receive: 100,000 Gold, 50,000 Daru, Insignia x40, Mount Training Whip x10, Old-fashioned Pack x1

You buy 50 sepulcrum, use it, and get 10 more. This worth a total of 600 balens. Also the above pack worth 20 balens (the whips), nothing else has value. So you get 620 balen worth of goodies for 1000 balens. -38% negative bonus, BAAD deal.

Spend 2,000 Balens to receive: 200,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Fashion Core x5, Mahra x5, Sylph Sepulcrum x5, Mount Hoof x5, Old-fashioned Pack x1

You buy 100 sepulcrum, use it, get 25 more, use them, get 5 more. Total value 1300 balens. Also the above stuff worth 5x200 (cores) + 5x10 (mahra) + 5x10 (sepu) + 5x20 (hoof) = 1200. So you get a total value of 2520 (I included 20 from prev. pack) for 2000 balens. 26% bonus. You get this in any sale or better, so it's nothing special.

Spend 5,000 Balens to receive: 400,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Good Luck Charm x5, Mahra x20, Sylph Sepulcrum x20, Mount Hoof x20, Old-fashioned Pack x2

So you buy and enchant to get sepu worth 3250 balens. The previous 2 packs worth 1220, this one worth 1800. You get a total value of 3250+1220+1800 = 6270 balens. 25% bonus, same as the previous one, not too good.

Spend 10,000 Balens to receive: 800,000 Gold, 400,000 Daru, Fashion Core x10, Mahra x40, Sylph Sepulcrum x40, Mount Hoof x40, Old-fashioned Pack x4

You buy sepu worth 6600, previous packs 3020, and this one is 3600. 32% bonus, it's getting better.

Spend 20,000 Balens to receive: 1,600,000 Gold, 800,000 Daru, Good Luck Charm x10, Mahra x70, Sylph Sepulcrum x70, Mount Hoof x70, Lvl. 6 HP Gem x2, Old-fashioned Pack x6

You buy sepu worth 13250 balens, prev. packs total value is 6620, this one is 5824. That's a total of 28% bonus.

Spend 30,000 Balens to receive: 3,200,000 Gold, 1,600,000 Daru, Fashion Core x25, Mahra x100, Sylph Sepulcrum x100, Mount Hoof x100, Lvl. 7 HP Gem x2, Old-fashioned Pack x10

You buy sepu worth 19900 balens, prev. packs total value is 12444, this one is 13096. That's a total of 51% bonus! Same as with last big spender, the first worthwhile pack is at 300 USD. Sad news for low cashers.

Spend 50,000 Balens to receive: 4,000,000 Gold, 2,000,000 Daru, Fashion Core x40, Mahra x150, Sylph Sepulcrum x150, Mount Hoof x150, Lvl. 8 HP Gem x1, Chimera Card x1

You buy sepu worth 33200 balens, prev. packs total value is 25540, this one is 26144. That's 69% bonus, the first time in Wartune's history that the 500 USD pack is a better deal than the 300 USD pack.

But there are a few things to notice: if you are considering to buy an 500 USD pack, prolly you already spent thousands on this game. Then your sylph is in the several star purple (or even orange category). In this case, mahra worth far less than 10 balens, since you need a LOT for a tiny upgrade. Also, you prolly refined all clothes. When refining a 2 or 3 star cloth again, you win much less BR for the same balen, so a core worth much less for you. So the above bonus refers to a "wartune virgin's" purchase bonus. For veterans, who actually buy this, the real total value of the above packs (1 BR / balen-wise) is more like 36604, so your bonus here is only 39% (and it is less for previous packs as well).

Anyway, the bonus is nice, there are 2 things I don't like:

1.) I get in the pack a lot of things I don't need. Some gold is okay, but sylph xp scroll, daru, insignia, old-fashioned packs? C'mon...

2.) This is just too much in one month. 5-600 USD, I would like to spend it in 6-12 monhts, not in one.


  1. I opened the Distintergrating Boxes also, the ones that cost 25 balens to open. I don't know the probability of the drop, but it's either:

    2 mahra
    2 sylph sepulcrum
    10 will crystal shards
    99 roses
    999 roses
    100 mahra
    100 sylph sepulcrum

    I opened about 20-30 boxes so far, and got only the top 3 on the list. This puts mahra and sepul at 12.5 balens a peice (better than buying in the shop), will crystal shards at 2.5 balens a piece (better than your value of 4 balens a peice). Combined with events, it's a pretty good deal.

  2. Yes, you are right! Most of these boxes are crap, lately I just sold them immediately after I got them so I don't open accidentally. But this one is decent. Too bad I already destroyed them :(