Crazy wartune events

I really don't know whats going on in Wartune, but it's really weird. Some sales are crazy (look at the old-fashoned packs, was very good value), some you say, what the hell? They sell eternal heart as a "promotion" for 89 balens, when normally, ingame it's 25 balens (which is still 6x of realistic price).

And here is this gem synthesis event. I like to hoard stuff. I had enough gems to make 100 lvl 5 gems - which, if I combine until I can, could make 2 lvl 8. Also if I remove all lvl 6 and 7 gems from my equipment, I could have made another 7 lvl 8 gem from those. And now, with the gem synthesis event, I ended up with 50 (!!!) lvl 8 gems! So I got over 400% bonus to what I had already (not to mention the gem packs and the 32k mount whip I ge as an extra). No wonder even free players are full of lvl 8 gems now. I seriously doubt this was intentional. Maybe they wanted to give only a lvl 4 gem for making an 5 etc, but someone made a mistake.

Although I always love some beef-up, this was a bit too much... First of all, now everyone have lvl 8 gems. So I have no advantage here anymore from being smarter than others. (Okay, I could make 15 lvl 9 gems, but currently saving them up, maybe there will be a future event for those).

Secondly, gems got devalved by 80%. When you upgrade a lvl 8 gem to a lvl 9, you need 24576 lvl 1 gems, and you will gain +300 stat which worth 3000 balens. So it's 0.12 balen per gem - opposed to the previous 0.5 balen per gem while people collected lvl 7 gems.

This has several consequences:

  1. You shouldn't spend balens in jewel hunt, even to reach chest 3.
  2. You shouldn't use crypt key in catacombs. Better save them up and use in the Necropolis (you will run out of signet trainings anyway, since they no longer drop).
  3. No one will ever buy any gem packs, even if prices are reduced by 90%.
  4. Now anyone can have a crit of 10k+ very easily. Enchanted will destroyer is no longer an option, not even in class wars. Feel free to convert it into something else.
  5. Converting gems (like making all pdef into block for a sky trial boss) is now a really expensive hobby :)

But, people were really pissed of with the bugs which are not corrected since weeks, and the lag which imho will never make away. So it was an awesome compensation for those and serves well to keep players. I look forward to sepulcrum and mahra given out by thousands :) Btw, did you ever think there will be a hoard-event for those? I remember I saved them up for 3 months, but then I gave away, had to keep up in sylph arena. What comes next? Mount hoofs maybe?

Finally, some short comments of the currently running events:
Sylph Taboo - One Time Goodie Bags: the bonus is not even 20%, not so great compared to the previous big spender's 50% bonus.

Sylph Taboo Chest: Although it have useful stuff inside, if you already have Hades / Apollo, this pack worth only about 37 balens, we have seen much better sales lately. If you need Hades or Apollo, and either you missed all the great sales and events this month, or still have a lot of money to spend on these, this is your opportunity to get them.

Personally, I miss the opportunity to exchange the Taboo Illuminations for divinity shards.

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