The marriage system

Marriage could be a really nice role-playing addition to the game. The implementation is really cool, the ceremony, the guests, the ability to send gifts, the ring etc. But, of course, this is something which gives +BR to players, and profit to Wartune.

I usually analyze things from the viewpoint of how much BR you get for your balens invested. This article is supposed to be no different. You know, if I have to choose between two pets: a small green cube which gives +100 to all stats, and a magnificent, sparkling badass dragon-unicorn with huge wings which give only +80, I would take the cube without hesitation. But marrying another guy just because we do mpd together and this way I benefit more, was even too much for me. So I married a girl instead, and I wish this would be an excepcional game feature with only role-playing aspects, so I don't miss the extra xp :) Maybe I'm too old-fashioned, but to me, a wife must be a women.

Anyway, see here complete description of marriage system, including benefits and BR/balen optimization.

And by the way, eternal heart is currently on sale for 89 balens apiece... What kind of promotion is when something is sold for 4 times it's normal price (where even the normal price is outrageously expensive)...

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