All secrets revealed

For a long time, scientists believed that the Earth is flat, and Columbus had a hard time to convince them about the opposite. About a month ago, I stated that sylph's attack stat does nothing during awakened form. It seems something went wrong during the tests, but I found my Columbus, Tihh, who is a real testing-expert. With his help, we were able to learn exactly how the combat works in Wartune, to the point where you can your and your opponent's attack and other stats, and I can tell you exactly how much damage you will deal. (Or, say your stats and how much damage you dealt, and I can tell the stats of your opponent).

Having the exact formulaes can help us to tell what's the best strategy, which astral is better, how does crit, dodge work, which sylph is best versus which. Also there are some interesting details we learned:

- Brutal edge (the one you improve from fate stones) is not working as written. It says "20% chance to ignore 5000 defense" (in case of brutal edge level 20). What it does actually is "20% chance to deal 2500 more damage". The programmer was either too lazy, or did not know well enough the original code, so he did not modify the defense value in the formulae when the 20% is rolled, he just adds 2500 to the damage. Which is a pity, because in the round 50% when your delphic crits, it could be +20.000 damage instead :)

- Your equipment's "ignore opponent's 1000 mdef" abiliy is not working when you awaken your patk sylph (like Hades). Not a bug, but I bet you didn't think of it :)

- Crit increases the damage exactly by 50%, regardless of your crit rating. Each level of your determination astral increases this by a further 5% to a maximum of 100% crit bonus.

- Block decreases the damage exactly by 25%. In case of both crit and block, the damage is x 1.5 x 0.75.

- The mage Thunderer skill's QTE adds only +10% to the damage instead of the 25% written. Other QTE bonuses seem to work well.

- The damage has a multiplier of 1 - (opponent's resistance - your resist reduce) * 0,0012. (Probably you have known this). But I bet you didn't know that this multiplier has a maximum. It can't be more than 1.2x. This means if your opponent has already -100 resistance versus your attack, your will crystals past 67 wont help you at all :) An example: For a while, I thought about making a powerful Apollo and beating all Hades in CW because no one will have light resistance. But this plan is failed, since in this case my resist crystals will be useless, so I would lose the edge I hope to gain. So Hades is still the best in mage CW :)

With this knowledge, I updated the articles "Sylph secrets" and "How combat works" (see the exact formulae there) , many thanks to Tihh!
Now only 2 tasks remain:
1.) Have to figure out how crit rate works.
2.) Have to make a program where you can input your combat stats and the program tells you how much damage you gonna deal :)


  1. Awesome , as always :D. How about damage reduction from "talents", "passives" (as knights) , apollo shield (knight skill), any other damage reduction buff (like that from shadow trasher talent). I take they dont add up to a single figure , else you could reach over (theorically) 95% damage reduction, if you include astral...

    1. For example knights' 7% tenacity passive skill gives a 0.93 factor to the formula, while a lv10 maxed iron wall talent (14% reduction) gives a 0.86 factor, if he has a lv10 orange goddess blessing astral, too, (30% reduction) it is another 0.7 factor. So they give a total 0.93*0.84*0.7 ~ 0.56, i.e. a ~44% total reduction to the main damage. (The are differences between these effects, all of them affect the main skill damage, but not all of them decrease the extra damage coming from set items, or brutal edge lvl). If the defender dodges, then the damage he receives is 0.93*0.86*0.7*0.75 ~42% of the normal damage, i.e. 58% reduction in total. All in all, different reduction effects are not additive, but multiplicative.

    2. So any new "stuff", gets added as a multipliying new factor (on the left side , before the last fixed added terms : set items, brutal edge , etc).

      Regarding resistance and elemental. You mentioned the maximum damage caps at 1.2 (the multiplier cant go over 1.2), but how low can it get? I mean, lets say i have uber resistance, and that attacker has no resistance lower crystals (no will crystal), how low could the "elemental" drop?

    3. I am sure there is a cap for that too. My guess would be 50%. I will reach that soon with gaia+electro resist, and will see :) Btw this is an important question, since sky trial monsters cannot be slowed anymore, so beating 3-5 for example requires to reduce damage as much as we can. Will write a detailed article on this.

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