class advancement info

I made a description of class advancement, prerequisites, quests, and all the advantages of you got. I put them on a main page (see above) so it's easy to find. Will update the info as soon as I get more. Class advancement is really cool, and I recommend everyone to do it as soon as possible. I really like it, Too bad that the game is unplayable at the moment: team arena not working, bgs not work, lag is terrible, wild is totally bugged... I hope they correct these soon :)
Also don't forget, whip event tomorrow! Hope you saved up enough :) I have 25k. Ah, and don't spend it on armor! Either ATK or END. Will write about this later.


  1. Yes, I'd definitely love to hear why we shouldn't spend whips on armor o.O

    1. here you go:
      The point is, armor is no longer that useful in high-end pve content (from where we get 90% of our rewards).