August big spender

I wanted to write a full article about class advancement and how does that work, but there is something more urgent, a big spender - it's analysis follows. As usual, Wartune adds big spender 2 days after you had a lot of things to spend on (marriage, etc) so a lot of people spent balen already... I know it was coming, so I delayed marrage etc... :)

39+20+0+0+2 =61 balens (6% bonus)

50+200+39+0+50+4+61 (previous)=404 balens (20% bonus)

200+300+78+800+200+8+404=1990 balens (39% bonus)

400+150+156+1600+400+16+1990=4712 (47% bonus)

700+3000+1024+234+2800+700+32+4712=10682 (53% bonus)

2048+600+390+4000+1000+1000+64+10682= 19784 (66% bonus)

320+6000+1536+1500+780+1500+128+19784= 31548 (63% bonus)

The current bonus is pretty decent. Please note that the high value comes from hoofs counted for 40 balens each. 50 hoof upgrades a mount by +10 - and a +10 mount costs 2000 balens, so this is correct so far. But you should know, that once you complete class advancement, you can earn like 40-45 hoof per day in Dragon invasion. So, one aspect is: you earn a +10 mount worth 2000 balens each day... the other is, why pay 40 balen for something that I find every day by dozens :)

Also, only the first star upgrade is 50 hoof. The second is 100. So as long as you have unrefined mounts, hoof worth 40 balen (and I have  lot). But as soon as you refined all to star 1, hoof will worth only 20 balens. All in all, this is a decent bonus. If you didn't do marriage yet, you miss the mounts they sell now, you need sylph skills etc. I recommend to SPEND.

But buy only stuff you would buy otherwise too, and only if you get at least +1 BR per 10 balen spent.

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