Anniversary packs value

There are 2 new packs in the shop, available for only 1 day, so here is a quick evaluation:

100 SC: 50 balens, 100 whip: 200 balens, 100 fate: 1000 balens (if you didn't max it yet) 100 runestone 200 balens, 10 gem pack: 15 balens.
Total value: 1465 balens.

I would recommend buying this only if a spending event would run parallel. Do not buy.

100 mahra 1000 balens, 100 sepu 1000 balens, 500 crystal 200 balens, 200 will crystal 800 balens, 10 gem packs 100 balens.
Total value: 3100 balens.

This is a good deal, athough pretty expensive, 150 USD for the 5 packs, but all of the content is highly useful for everyone.

So now we are happy since we finally get a good deal, but unhappy since have to spend a lot of money again to keep up with those who buy it as well (and as such, we gain advantage only vs those whom we could one-round kill already without it).

Here is a quote from Wartune forum, from Kread999:

"There was once a game online many years ago , where your character was a frog, it ate stuff it grew , it jumped.. some people paid hundreds of dollars to make their frog jump the highest, it did nothing else just gave them the highest jumping frog... people will pay a fortune to be the best , even at something totally irrelevant and trivial seeming.

All R2 and most other online games do is tap into this.. in wartunes case with a complex set of systems to make you stronger, but really....your just a jumping frog....."

When the resist system came out, I said that this is not going to change anything, first they add resist crystals to reduce the sylph damage, but then they add will crystals to negate resist crystals - so we are back from where we came from, at the cost of a lot of money... You can see now how true it is, we are just jumping frogs :)


  1. Miklos,

    One area where I would love to see you write about is starting Wartunes. I always wonder at the start if I have made correct decisions. I was thinking what to use 2000, 4000, or 10000 balens on when you get a character started.
    As usual a phenomenal job with the blog

    1. From what he wrote on this blog, I would say:

      - VIP
      - Power healing (?)
      - Mounts - direct buy from shop - you can spend a lot here.
      - Jewel hunt additional attempts
      - Orange maps until resistance crystals are lvl 3

      I would also say

      - Wings
      - Clothes
      - Skills for sylph

      The rest you have to do your own calculation based on his Balen Value of Items. He uses1 BR = 10 balens, but you may use your own value. You'll have to do some work, but part of the fun is to figure out things on your own, right?

  2. Tracy
    I was actually thinking about the initial server activities and how to maximize balen use from level 1-39. A new server has a different activities for a month, and how to use those was the question.
    Thanks for the response.

  3. When I started playing, I made a knight, and it was a mess. One of my friend was more experienced, and we started together on a new server, both mages. We started from the first moment, were VIP from the first moment, and did ALL possible activities. That was it, VIP only. At that time, we spent money only on 2 more things: a set of lvl 1 clothes and a lvl 1 wing. The only thing I spent money on in addition was a few mounts. That was enough to be in top 3 in WB and other ranking lists (there is always a big spender you can't compete with). We hoarded soul crystal, mount whip and everything else from the first moment to maximize gain. Later on, I always did this math 1 BR per 10 balen, and made decisions accordingly.
    Will write an article about starting strategy later on, but really, this is it.
    Btw, my friend has quit since. And now, months later, he restarted on a new server. He never bought balen :) But he does all activities. He is top3 in WB, and now he is doing lych nightmare.
    I think not spending balen is an over-luxury, because in that case you can never be competitive cross-server. But you can be top player in your own server, just need patience.