What do to with the clown chests

Sorry for lack of entries lately, I'm traveling to Paris for a week, and need a lot of preparation. I will be more active when I'm back, I promise :)

I think there is one thing I owe to my readers: what do to with all the clown stuff. I already wrote an analysis of the clown mask, but not the rest. So here is what I did and will do:

1. Clown masks. My original suggestion was to open all, because of high expected value from coin of ancestries. But the vulcan exchange is no longer available, and multiple people reported that the coins became more rare (or, we as a community, became unlucky). So I will exchange my masks for crystal shards.

2. Clown Bowtie. Change all for good luck luck charms, don't even think about it. It's far the best deal.

3. Clown Smile. Of course if you can get 150, go for the mount. I wasted some of these on divinity souls because I did not have enough for the event, but the vulcan pack is a bit better exchange.

4. Clown Cake. I got a lot of chests from clothing sysntheis, so I decided to buy some more for 4k balens so I can get the +50 mount for 100 of these. If you have extra, I do not recommend getting advanced mahra / sepu, they are just a super-expensive version of normal mahra or sepu, but nothing better. Rather, open them, divinity soul as common drop is a nice loot.

That's it, I hope helped some. Cya soon!

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