Wartune banning players

Lately, I have seen many forum topics on R2 forum about people getting banned from Wartune. In these cases, people say they did nothing wrong. So far this seemed just a distant noise of war, but yesterday one top player from our server got banned too. We can't be sure of the reason - R2 gives out no information - but it seems the ban is based on just something told on a public chat.

So let's walk around this topic: you play this game, for let's say, 2 years, several hours a day. You also spend a large amount of money, several thousands of dollars. Then one day, you say something on a public chat, a gm sees that, and bamm, you are banned. You begin a long and painful process of communicating via the customer service. We know how that works - you get an polite refusal first, you respond, no answer for weeks, you give ticket number on forum, or open a new ticket, then they answer something etc... In best case, the ban is lifted after a few weeks and you get no compensation. 

I am the only one who feels this is... just not right? Wartune is not a game which you played for a few days, spent a few bucks on it, if you get banned, you just look for a different game. Wartune is the hobby, the life for many of us. It's still a cool game which I like to play, and willing to spend money on. But what if I know it can get lose all in any moment?

I know ToS states that they can ban you anytime, for any reason. But still... there is too much at stake here. Anyone lives in a coutry where you can be headshot on the spot without trial just for stealing a candy or complaining about the government loudly?

I understand where this comes from. There are constant complaints on the forum from people who think that everyone else above their BR is a cheater. Complaints about hacks, cheats, scripts and R2's inability to do anything. But let's face the truth. There are no hacks. (Any site which offers you one is a scam and will put malware on your computer instead.) The game is fairly built and protected. There are no real exploits either, if a major one pops up, they correct it relatively quick. There are scripts around which automatize some parts of the gameplay, but this can be solved on serverside as well, by making these humanly (and only humanly) doable. 

So the situation is, when you see someone with a high BR, he is not cheating - he just spends an incredible amount of time (and prolly a lot of money) on the game. These are the people who keep this game going, so hunting them down is like putting a knife into your own heart.

And not going into details about collateral damage: when you ban someone, you effectively banned his teammates too, helped dig his guilds grave as well. And people will begin accusing each other for reporting him, the issue comes up who cheated and who didn't, envy and hatred builds which results in more people quitting.

I think players must see that people breaking the ToS can be penalized, but at the same time unjust or too severe punishments are not good. If there is problem with someone, give a warning to them first. I remember the wild shop bug - when someone did it, a gm warned him if he does it again, he will be banned. The guy was scared like hell, never did it again, and told this everyone - which withheld others from doing it until it was corrected. There is just too much at stake, we invested to much into this game. A warning will usually do. If not, go as far as do TEMPORAL ban like they do it in Doomlord. But a permanent one? Show the player the evidence, and give him the chance to defend at least.

Please R2 understand, the players are NOT enemies. They just behave like players while continue loving and upkeeping your game. Control them, but DO NOT shot them.

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