Sylph equipment component balen values

I wanted to write an analysis of the Lucky Rabbit to help you decide whether to open or exchange, and if exchange, for what – but first, I needed to determine the value of some new items. Below is a loooong boring analysis with numbers. If you don't want to read that (I wouldn't) here are just the balen values I came up with.
Golden holy water: 1 balen
Glint of magic, magical moonlight: 1 balen
Divinity soul: 50 balens
Blessing of god, gift of god: 10-12 balens
Will even try to add a few pictures later to make this post look nicer :) But now it's pretty late.

Based on this, I try to finish the analysis tomorrow (I hope it's still in time).

Gold value: Since a long time, I say 50k gold worth 1 balens. This is based on gold spent on astrals which increase BR. Since a while, I have astrals maxed out, so I checked if this value is still valid. Right now, I can use gold to refine the astral slot which I use for Determination. I need approx. 800M gold to get +1% determination, which is +0,8% ATK. I have 100k MATK so this will give me +800 ATK. 800M gold for 800 ATK means the gold value is rather 100k gold per 1 balens now.

Sylph equipment stats: When I started this blog, I said never pay balen for an item when you get +1 BR for more than 10 balens. With the late bigger and bigger promotions, we can safely say this limit has decreased, but for consistency, whenever I calculate BR into balens, I still use the 10 balen : 1 BR ratio. But! a sylph equipment stat does not always increase your BR directly. HP does, but ATK and DEF works only in awakened form. (which is still important, since battles are decided in this phase.) Also, a sylph equipment's value decreases greatly when you give it to a secondary or tertirary sylph. So in case of sylph equipment, I rather use the 5 balen : 1 BR ratio.

Sylph equipment shard: Although Wartune tries to sell you this item constantly, it worth NOTHING! Anyone will have enough in no time to fully equip 3 sylph. So the only value of these is when you sell it for 5000 gold (ie. 0,05 balens).

Golden holy water: The most convenient way to get these is during Cloud adventures. Usually, you need to buy a magic dice to reach a boss. It will yield you 45 golden holy water (or 30 + will crystal/crystal shard) and 3x glint of magic and magical moonlight. When you buy a magic dice for 180 bound balens, depending the roll you have to make the boss, you get 1-1.7 extra roll also at the end of the Cloud adventures, which worth 120-200 balens. Based on these 2 equations (cost of magic dice – value of final roll, and comparison with will crystals / crystal shard) we can say a golden holy water worth 1 balen at most, even when the +stats you can gain by them worth more.

Glint of magic and Magical moonlight: The best balen buy for these were the „buy 100 of each + 500 bound balens for 2k balens” was (which was still very expensive). Since you can use them to get some more, the average value in this sale was 5 balens. You need an average of 164 of these and some 20M gold to level up a blue equipment to lvl 10 and gain +753 stat (4,6 / stat). You need 344 more and 100M (?) gold to make it a maxed out purple with 1859 more stat (5,4 / stat), and 524 more and 300M (?) gold to make it epic increasing its stat by 1493 more (2,8 / stat). The gold cost is not so great (/stat) for blue and purple, but for orange, it is significant. Calculated from this data, a 1 balen is realistic price for each these items AS LONG as you use them to develop your main sylph, and increase your own BR. After you start using these for your 2nd and 3rd sylph, their value diminish greatly.

Divinity soul: Yet another item where determining the value is very difficult. Let's suppose you always make lvl 3+ divinity gems only during events. So a lvl 2 needs 4, a lvl 3 8, a lvl 4 16, and a lvl 5 32 divinity souls. A lvl 5 divinity soul +610 stats (or 3660 HP, which is about the same), so it's +19 stat / divinity soul. Unless this is HP, it applies only to your sylph, which works only in sylph form –based on this, it's value is approx 100 balens. Please note 2 factors: sometimes you will use more than 32 lvl 1 souls to make a lvl 5. And, after a while, you will make souls for your 2nd and 3rd sylph – then it will be much less useful. So I would say a 50 balen average value is more realistic.

Blessing of god: It's very hard to determine the value of this, since it does not increase BR directly, just let's you use additional resources. When you upgrade an item, the basic stat increase comes from using glint / moonlight, and the cost is already calculated there. The same is true for the additional divinity soul slot: there, you pay for the divinity souls to gain BR. So direct benefit of blessing of god can be the extra refine slot, the increased stat of all the refine slots. The stat gain here can vary greatly, but you will get at least +500 in refine stats, compared to a blue item. Of course, to refine you still need to spend bound balens and golden holy waters, so 10-12 balen is a realistic price for each blessing of god.

Gift of god: The average stat increase can be a bit higher here, like +600, but you will need more bound balen to for the refine. So in average, the value of this item is the same as of the blessing of god.

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