Clown mask analysis

Here follows an analysis of the current event item in Wartune, clown mask.

First, here are some samples of what did we get so far by opening these:

As you can see, the expected value is pretty good. This is mostly because of the high value of coin of ancestry: you can exchange 4 for 80 vulcan packs, which is a decent deal.

Now let's see if you exchange directly, what can you get:

The best value exchanges are fashion core / good luck charm, and will crystal / crystal shard. 

Comparing the 2 tables, I would say, you should open the masks, not exchange them. There are some exceptions, though. 

The resist crystal synthesis event running now gives nice extra rewards. For this event, it is advised that you make at least one lvl 5 resist gem each day. But for that - unless you are a casher - you need a lot of crystal shards. In this case, you should get some crystal shards from the exchange. I do not recommend will crystals (although they are supposed to be the same value) - since resist crystals now have an extra use for reducing dimensions, and you can synthesis in the event much cheaper using crysal shards than will crystals.

And about fashion cores and good luck charms: if you can't make at least a level 5 of each cloth during each cloth event (ie., you have difficulty to launch the cloth synthesis machine because you lack resources) this is a good opportunity to stack up on munitions.

1.) If you are a free player who lack fashion cores / good luck charms, grab them so you can start harvesting more of these and event chests during cloth events.
2.) If you okay on clothing, but don't have 5+ lvl 7 resist crystals yet, jump into the crystal synthesise business and get crystal shards.
3.) If you are a veteran player, go for the coins and get vulcan packs.


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    I think box analysis posts are pretty straightforward so they don't necessitate a lot of discussion. But they are extremely useful and appreciated.

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