Jewel hunt exploit

Since a few weeks our jewel hunt ranking looks pretty funny:

As you see, at the end of the week, I have 3770 points, by doing 500-700 points each day, and I can rank only 71th with this. While we have a bunch of people (most of them from the same guild) who score above 9-10k pts. First I thought all these people (many of them non cashers) went crazy and spend 5k+ balen each week on the Wartune Jewel hunt because they are in desperate need of refinement locks and level 1 gems. 

Then I found this topic:

So yeah, there is a nice exploit to jewel hunt, not corrected by Wartune since a very long time. Exploits are good only if they are corrected quickly, or are known publicly. Otherwise, things can get out of control easily.

So the question is, how does it work? Anyone knows? Anyone cares to share it? Do you think it will be corrected soon? How many people were banned for this?


  1. I have enjoyed your blog for a while so i will share the bug. If you go into jewel hunt and send a lucky star request to someone as soon as it show that they logon, it sends the request but they haven't finished loading the game. When the 10 second countdown is over you make any move that creates a chain of 3 or more and you will get the points from the lucky star. So you can get 20 lucky stars a day. 21 actually because you can do lucky star after you 20 moves are completed in the way in was intended. Or even more if you want to spend balens for more attempts

    1. Dear Jeff, thank you very much for sharing this info, I really appreaciate it! Also thx for your comment about my blog, I will try my best to keep it running and add useful articles.

    2. i tested it and it works but not 100%. Sometimes i got 20,80 or 200 points. Do you know why ?

  2. you get points just as you would from normal lucky star. Better rolls get more points

  3. OK, here's the dilemma: to exploit or not to exploit in game bugs.

    These bugs are part of the game. They were put there by wartune developers. However, R2 says we are not allowed to use them. They threaten to ban players from the game if the players choose to exploit these bugs.

    Three problems:

    1. There are SO MANY bugs in the game. We have to suffer through many of them, lag, disconnection, game freezes... Plus they regularly introduce new bugs with every patch, some they eventually fixed, some they never fixed. Most recently the time change bug that caused players to loose daily rewards, dimension rewards, etc... So aren't they exploiting us?

    2. They are inconsistent in enforcing their own rules. They also say login sharing, multi accounting, selling toons, etc.. are against their rules, but they don't ban anyone for that. 80% of the people on my server share logins. It's really a necessary thing because otherwise, the game requires you to be online 12 hrs aday.

    3. If 80% of players exploit some kind of bugs/violating some rules, a competitive player will also need to exploit the same bugs/break the same rules to level the playing field. Otherwise they would be at a disadvantage.

    If R2 want us to follow their rules, they need to fix all their bugs both the benefical and non-benefical ones. If they fix the bug, we can't benefit or suffer from them. It's pretty simple. Second, they need to be consistent about enforcing the rules. They can't ban on one rule and ignore another. I've heard that they are unfair about banning casher vs. non-casher too.

    While of the subject of exploits, did you also know about the Fishing bug, the Alchemy/Daru Alchemy bug, the Sacred Temple bug as well? Do you know about any other bug that you want to share?

    1. The normal procedure should be this: even if an exploit is discovered, no one use it. Those who still do it, can be detected via log files, the exploit is usually quickly corrected, any advantage gained is removed (at least, this is how they do it in Doomlord when a bug happens). In extreme cases ban players for a given period.
      In Wartune, there are several problems with it. first, we are not playing directly at the developers. If there is an exploit found, we have no way to let the developers know, and often they dont care.
      Second, there is such a sheer mass of players, its very difficult to undo gains from exploits (and banning people who would pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future is not a solution either).
      Thirdly, the game focuses on adding new content at a rate which programmers cant keep up. They can make new things - but they have no time to correct the bugs associated with. This leads to more and more problems.
      The main issue is, if there are too many exploits, people who want to play honest get frustrated and quit.
      For this reason, Wartune should focus on correcting these bugs before adding new content. But a hindrance can be Chinese thinking. They have a different ethics, for them tricking a business partner is part of the deal, exploiting copyrights is okay, and exploits are part of a computer game. I would even dare to say Chinese players expect and enjoy these exploits, thats why they are not removed.Even R2 grow out of an exploit company: R2 chief worked as a WoW gold farmer previously.

    2. The fishing bug is pretty public as I know. The Sacred fire exploit, you mean when people undress and enter at lvl 80 BGs with lower players? I wouldn't call that a classic exploit, its just using bad rules to your advantage. The alchemy bug I didnt here about, how does that work? Not that I wanna spend balens on those.

    3. i heard about much exp bugs. Does anyone know what it is

    4. Here are the bugs at I know of.
      1. Three fishing bugs. (1) You can pick which row of fish to fish from by catching that fish then repeatedly close the fishing window. (2) If you catch the wrong fish, close the game and you wont loose the attempt. (3) If you caught the fish that is moving in the same direction as your spear, you can spam click when you reel it in and you will get multiples of that fish, attempts will be used.

      2. Alchemy/Daru Alchemy. If you are a VIP, have at least 50 unbound balens, you can hit Alchemy and Daru Alchemy once per day for free. It wont use up your balens. (I'm pretty sure I told you this already in another comment)

      3. Sacred temple. As you described, unless you're VIP lvl 9 then it doesn't matter to you.

      4. Sylph Arena. Sylph arena attempts supposed to reset at midnight. But if you don't use it, you can use it after midnight. Sometimes around 12:30, it will actually reset then give you 10 more attempts. I use it in this way... I have 10 attempts a day, or 70 attempts a week. If I do sylph arena 70 times a week, I only get into gold group. If I do sylph area 60 times a week, I still get into gold group. So one week I do 60 attempts, and save the 10 attempts on Sunday until after midnight. Then the next week I actually get 80 attempts, putting me close to top of diamond group.

      5. Mount refining. When the mount starts out with 0 stars, spam click the refine 10x. When you gain 1 star, it will only use up another 10 hooves to gain another star. This helps if you don't have that many hooves but want more stars. However, if you have too many hooves, you actually want to use up those hooves for hot events. So don't use this if you want free boxes from hot event.

      6. Free action when blitzing. I'm not sure exactly how this is triggered, but it happened so many times. I set blitz, close the game, reopen the game. Blitz runs in background but it's not on screen. I am free to do anything in the game.

      7. This jewel bug.

      These are all I can think of right now. I think there are a couple more small ones; just don't remember right now.

      Your turn.

    5. Alcemy - yes prolly you did but it avoided my attention, thx for the hint, I tried it and its working! Prolly this is not a real exploit, just a bad translation. In Loa, first alchemy is first too, I guess same in Chinese Wartune, they just didnt bother to translate this info into the English version.

      The "free action" I consider a bad bug, not an exploit. Sometimes when it happens (unintentionally) I lose the stamine but wont get xp or loot :(

      There is one thing which is kinda exploit too: in team arena, if you refresh, you wont lose your attempt. So if you see you gonna lose, you can escape. But this is only for maximalists, the arena is pain enough and takes a lot of time, and if you lose, you still get some rewards anyway.

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  5. I want to know all these bugs. i think there are many bugs which running for months. Yesterday my friend invite me to lvl 80 dungeon nirvana . I didnt have any profit more but i got exp from the bosses and materials for the 80 set. i dont know how this bug works but there must be a trick. I tested it today again my friend invite me with non profit but it didnt works again :(((
    May someone can share some bugs! Sorry for my english -.-^^

  6. They fixed the jewel hunt bug. It's been around for months but once it made it to your blog, it got fixed in a week.

    Almighty powerful Miklos, would you please work your magic on all the other bugs that we have to suffer through?
    - Lag/cache issues
    - CSGB freeze and black screen
    - Wild teleport freeze
    - DI disconnect, especially when collecting treasures
    - Arena default match, then freeze
    - After some group runs, it kicks you out but you appear to be in the room

    Improve game play
    - Hide player button in wb, guild tree, guild boss
    - Exchanges for dragon soul, fate stones, and all the other maxed out stuff
    - Make everything sellable like sylph exp scroll, star tear shards
    - Make everything stackable to 9999
    - Increase reward for CQ, purgmaze, solo arena, DA...
    - Sell gem synth formula
    - Blitz group run for spire, mpd
    - Drop more crypt keys and drop purgmaze keys

    Why do they only fix the beneficial bugs, but ignore all the other bugs we've been complaining about?

    1. Haha :) It's flattening you think my blog did it, but I don't think so :) But it is true moderators do read my blog. Recently I got some negative repu on the R2 forum (ofc I cant be sure they did it but who else can drop my repu by 30 points?).
      But yeah, maybe we can start boast the lag can yield some very nice exploit, and in that case they will correct it :)
      Btw, nice bug/suggestion summary the above. They should hire you!
      Anyway, if anyone out there is posting on R2 forums regularly, pump up my repu pls, thx :)