November big spender analysis

We have plenty of big spender events in Wartune, and most of them are very bad. Now there is a variation, which deserves an analysis:

You need to spend 10.000 balens to claim the whole package. The best value sale is the sepulcrum pack II. It's still very expensive, selling sepulcrum at 20 balen apiece, where a sepulcrum worth only 10-12 balens, but maybe it's an okay deal combined with the above bonus and the option to get +5 sepu whenever you use 20. Let's see what we get for 10k balens:
700 sepulcrum   value: 7000 (8400 if you have evolved Hades / Apollo)
gives +170 sepulcrum during event: +1700 (+2040)
100 mahra         value: 500
gives +25 mahra during event: +75
14 pumpkin       value: 420
200 soul crystal value: 100
50 mount whip  value: 100
gold / daru: we get so much for free so it doesn't represent a value (but if you insist, the 1.9M gold+daru is approx 76 balens), Same for the gem packs, total worth is like 8 balens.

So we get a total value of 9.895-11635 balens, if we spend 10.000. So, if you have an evolved Hades / Apollo which gives increased BR for your sepulcrum, even then you get only 16% bonus. We have seen much better events lately, with 30-50% bonus. 

As usual, if you are impatient, you can buy for money what you can get for free in a month anyway. It's your decision, I gave you the numbers :)


  1. hey milkos are you gonna make a post about the announced hall of fame?

  2. Mikos As usual excellent article